Ten magical effects of toothpaste

Ten magical effects of toothpaste

Everyone has toothpaste, which is usually used to brush your teeth, but do you know?

Toothpaste has other magical effects, don’t believe you!

  First, wipe the faucet with a cloth dipped in toothpaste, and the alternating faucet is as bright as new.

  Second, use a sponge to remove the toothpaste brush to insert the detergent, the effect is very good.

  Third, after using a cotton cloth to remove the toothpaste, gently wipe the yellowish white furniture to restore the color of the furniture.

  Fourth, use a warm wet rag to soften the scorch on the cooktop, then use a nylon dish cloth to rub the toothpaste and scrub the dirt, then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

  5. If you still have a fishy smell on your hands after cooking the finished fish, you may want to squeeze the toothpaste on your hands and the fishy smell will be eliminated immediately.

  6. If you have oil on your hands, such as oil, signature oil, car wax or oil, etc., wash it with toothpaste.

  Seven, the cuffs and collar of the clothes are more difficult to wash. Apply the toothpaste to the stains and wash them repeatedly. The effect is extraordinary.

  Eight, white shoes often wear yellow after wearing for a long time, first with a special cleaning agent, then brush with a toothbrush, rinse with water, the shoes can be clean as white.

  Nine, the flashlight’s reflective screen will turn yellow when it is used for too long. If the toothpaste is applied to it, after 3-5 minutes, gently wipe it with a silk cloth to enter the light as new.

  Ten, if you inadvertently burn your body somewhere, you can apply some toothpaste to relieve the pain.

Mulberry Silky Chicken Soup

Mulberry Silky Chicken Soup

[Source]Folk medicinal recipe[Materials]30 grams of mulberry seeds, 10 grams of comfrey, 30 grams of rehmannia glutinosa, 5 grams of paeonia arborescens, 10 grams of Platycladus orientalis, and 1 black-bone chicken (about 700 grams).

  [Production]Remove the hair, skin and internal organs of black chicken, and wash them with other medicines. Put them into the abdominal cavity of black chicken, tie them with a thread or a rope, put them in a pot, add water to a proper amount and cook until black chickenCook and season. Just eat chicken in soup.

1 serving daily.

  [Effect]cooling blood nourish yin.

For yin deficiency blood heat white hair, hair loss, etc.

Vinegar Soybean Postpartum Weight Loss

Vinegar Soybean Postpartum Weight Loss

If you look at the people around us, you can see that some thin people do n’t eat fat whatever they want, and some fat people have eaten very little, but they keep gaining weight.Explain that this fat, thin and eat less eat less.

  Fat is fat and thin is hot.

Skinny’s fire can burn aunt so much, so how can I not eat fat, and where is the fatness of the fatness?

  There are three types of fat. One type is fat from an early age, the second type is female, and the child gains weight after having a child. The third type is fat after middle age.


Obese from childhood, I found in obese children that obesity in children is caused entirely by parents’ incorrect methods.

Especially in child 2?
At the age of 3, the dish made of meat and fish is particularly fragrant. Children love to eat it. Parents take these oils and water very heavily. The salty dish is used for bibimbap. The child eats less vegetables naturally. The diet is mainly rice.Mainly with oil and water, over time, naturally will gain weight due to imbalanced nutrition.

  If a child eats meat and eats vegetables at the same time, this kind of child is strong and strong. When he goes to high school to develop, as long as he strengthens exercise, the child will grow up quickly, and he will not be too fat.

However, some children are very meat-loving, but they rarely eat vegetables. Such children are also prone to gain weight. When they grow up, they do not easily lose weight when they grow up. This is caused by an unbalanced and unreasonable diet.

Children know that gaining weight is not good-looking, others will gossip, and they will lose weight by reducing the amount of meals. This is the peak period of physical development. At this time, dieting will directly cause the imperfect development of internal organs.And deficiencies.

Such children will leave malnourished handprints on their hands when they grow up.

  To prevent the emergence of “fat chubby”, the focus is on the diet of children after the age of two. Alas, the ratio of vegetarians must be 1: 1.

Some parents see fruits as a substitute for vegetables.

Remember, fruits can never replace vegetables.

As long as the amount of vegetables is ensured, and the ratio between vegetables and meat is taken into consideration, the child is comprehensive in nutrition and naturally healthy, and will not become fat and stunted.


The fatal birth of women after giving birth to children is the direct damage to women is blood loss and kidney deficiency, “three buckets of blood for one child”, the child is nourished completely by the mother’s blood, the process of giving birth to a child will be bleeding, the same as feeding after the birthIt is also blood consuming, and many women will have back pain and backache problems after giving birth to children. This is caused by kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency.

In addition, in order to feed the baby after giving birth, the mothers eat a lot of water every day, which is one of the reasons for getting fat.

  After the baby is weaned, the mothers who have not recovered in time should pay attention to eat blood and kidney foods, try to eat less or no fruit, and ensure that there is enough possibility in the body, which can warm the kidneys and help burn your aunt,In this way, each month, the weight will slowly lose weight.

  The corresponding dietary method is to often eat sea shrimp, catfish, eat more solid paste and black rice paste, angelica powder, you can make up for blood in time.

Another method is a special method for weight loss postpartum, is to soy vinegar.

Take one pound of soybeans and soak it with half a catty of good quality vinegar, and keep it for one and a half years before eating. The weight loss effect is very good.

Newly pregnant mothers can do the same, wait until the child is almost one year old and start eating, twice a day, 8 capsules each time.

After eating these 2 kg of soy beans for almost half a year, the body will fully recover.

This weight loss effect occurs without your knowledge and without dieting.

Remember that it is best not to eat fruit when you are vinegared beans, and wait until your child is weaned before starting.


Excessive blessings in people to middle age are very harmful to people. For example, a large amount of micro-deposits in the abdominal cavity lifts the diaphragm muscles and hinders breathing. The slight increase in tissue in the lungs will affect the ventilation function of the alveoli.Too much body fluid increases the demand for blood supply, which increases the burden on the heart. There are many fat aunts, just like wearing a “big skin jacket”, which is not easy to dissipate heat. It is prone to heat stroke and heat stroke in the summer; due to weightThe arch of the foot disappears, and it is easy to become a limb. Although not walking much, it is also prone to backache, leg pain, foot and heel pain; too much and increase the body’s oxygen consumption by 30% -40%; too many people are activeLater, it is easy to have panic, shortness of breath, tiredness, and sweating, so some people often use “puffiness” to describe obesity.

  Since the source of fatness is “virtual”, it can only be solved with supplements.

There is a saying “blood deficiency is afraid of cold, qi deficiency is afraid of hunger”.

People with little blood tend to get cold, while those with qi deficiency tend to be hungry and always want to eat.

For this kind of appetite fat people, the best way is to qi, let them often drink a dozen slices of astragalus in water, eat less each night, use 10 longan, 10 red dates (this red date is fried black dates, cookDrink on water bubbles) so that you do n’t feel hungry because you ate too little at night, and red dates and longan supplemented blood.

In addition, usually eat more shrimp, is also the best way to qi, kidney.

When the fat person fills up his qi, he will find that the amount of food can be well controlled, and he will not always be hungry.

At the same time, it can be supplemented with angelica powder, which can timely replenish blood. If you continue to prolong, your weight will gradually drop.

  Other fat people are not easy to be hungry, or do not know they are hungry, they always eat very little.

Such people are often deficient in blood, so they need to eat more catfish, Guyuan cream, black rice paste, and shrimp, and eat more beef at the same time. Naturally, they will be energized, and their blood will be replenished, and the excess meat will naturally disappear.
  You can also use the massage method to lose weight. After waking up every morning, rub the arm’s lung meridian back and forth slowly 100 times, and then rub the stomach and spleen meridians on the thigh 50 times each.Function, and can promote defecation, timely discharge of toxins and wastes in the body.
  Rub the heart meridian that hurts the bones at noon, rub it up and down slowly 100 times, and then rub it 100 times at the kidney Shu point of the waist, because at noon is the strongest time for yang, at this time it is the best for kidney and strong kidney.opportunity.

In addition, rubbing 100 times back and forth on the trifocal meridian in the middle of the outer side of the arm before going to sleep at night can effectively reduce the fatigue of various organs throughout the body and improve your sleep quality. Good sleep is also the key to human blood.

  Through the above diet therapy and meridian massage, one’s own immunity has greatly increased, and excess toxins and toxins in the body will be transferred to the body, and the healthy figure of the old days will soon be recovered.

How to use ginseng to maintain health

How to use ginseng to maintain health

Shengmai San is the ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra.

  A better use of ginseng is to make wine.

You can use two raw sun-dried ginseng, put it in 50-degree white wine, and drink it in two months.

The ginseng’s potency will continue to dissolve, and after the wine is finished, you can add some more wine.

  Ginseng wine is suitable for people with qi deficiency. This kind of person always feels no strength, white complexion, suffocating, easy to sweat.

If the yin deficiency is obvious, put 50 grams of Ophiopogon in it to correct the medicinal properties of ginseng.

Ordinary people can also drink ginseng wine as a health drink.

  Drinking is good for health. Many centenarians drink alcohol, but they only drink a small amount every day. They don’t drink much every time. They only drink a small amount and insist on it for a long time.

This shows that wine can promote blood circulation and collaterals, which is good for people’s longevity.

  Another usage of ginseng is a simple recipe called Shengmaiyin.

Shengmaiyin, also known as Shengmaisan, is in the Qing Palace. Since Emperor Qianlong, the emperors of all ages have taken ginseng, of which Qianlong took the most, sometimes almost every day.

  However, the average person taking ginseng is easy to get angry. Why does Qianlong serve ginseng every day without getting angry?

It turns out that Qianlong is very particular about taking ginseng. The recipe he uses is Shengmai San.

The group is ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, and Schisandra.

  Shengmai San was founded by Li Dongyu, one of the four members of the Jinyuan.

Li Dongxuan used ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra in many prescriptions, especially in the drug addition and subtraction of “Spleen and Stomach”. He said: “Heat injury, ginseng, Maimendong, Schisandrapulse.

The pulse, the vitality, the ginseng’s sweetness, the vitality, the diarrhea and the heat; the bitter cold of Maimendong, the source of hydration and clearing the dry gold; the schisandra acid to purify the fire, make up the gut and lung gold.

This passage explains the original intention of Li Dongjun to create this formula.

  After the creation of this formula, it was widely spread.

Now, in many pharmacies and hospitals, you can see Shengmai Oral Liquid and Shenmai Injection.

In some treatments for heart disease, Shenmai preparations have a great effect, which can quickly replenish the heart and stabilize the condition.

  This medicine is not just for emergency use. When Li Dongzhen founded this recipe, he thought that if the summer days are too hot, it will hurt people’s heart and heart, and it will be both yin and yin. At this time, use this formula to supplement qi and yin.Body recovered.

  Therefore, in the hot summer days, if you feel upset and thirsty, limbs are weak, sweating is not limited, you can go to the pharmacy to buy a box of Shengmai drink, drink a little according to the instructions, can have a good health care effect, usually the symptoms will soonRehabilitation.

  Need to be reminded: there are two kinds of Shengmai drink, one is made with ginseng, usually red ginseng, the drug is slightly larger, the effect is better, mainly when the symptoms are serious; the other is made by CodonopsisIt will be marked on the kit, and the medicine is gentle and can be used for health care.

  In addition to heat injury, in addition to summer, in other seasons, if the labor is excessive, the heart is hurt, the heart is upset, the mouth is dry, the limbs are weak, the sweat is sweating, the complexion is white and other symptoms, this is also the heart of the yin and burnedLarge, many are caused by excessive labor. At this time, you can also take a little Shengmai drink to replenish it.

  The Emperor Qianlong may also be like this. He is very diligent. He gets up very early every day and has a lot of things to deal with. So the doctors gave him a new pulse in time. Among them, Ophiopogon japonicus is cold, causing the heat of ginseng. Schisandra canConvergence, while filling the lungs and large intestine.

After Qianlong took this formula, it worked very well and was taken all the year round.

Sometimes, he used the recipe to remove the Schisandra, using only ginseng and Ophiopogon.

  According to Qianlong’s doctor, this prescription is not a cure or a health care. According to the Qing Archives, Qianlong has been adopted all the year round, especially when he is old, and he is taking it every day, becoming the longest-lived emperor in history.

Although he has many reasons for longevity, he did do a certain job in health care.

How do you choose a formaldehyde fan to enter the market?

How do you choose a formaldehyde fan to enter the market?

Recently, the Benxi police in Liaoning destroyed a black processing point for a poisonous fan. The degree of dirtyness on the scene is horrible!

The fans were soaked in a pool filled with formaldehyde, and the police also seized a large amount of industrial chemicals.

This black processing point has produced 20 tons of poisonous fans.

As a must-have fan of hot pot, its quality and safety must be recognized, and for consumers, how to buy safe fans?

How do you choose a formaldehyde fan to enter the market?


Choose the distance from the supermarkets in shopping malls and shopping malls to buy large-scale stores, and the stricter the purchase.


Pay attention to observe whether the packaging is strong, neat and beautiful packaging should be marked with the name of the factory, the site, product name, production date, shelf life, ingredients and so on.


From the appearance of the product quality beans fans, the mung bean fans the best quality, its color is white and smooth, silvery under the direct sunlight, translucent; corn, sorghum made of cereal fans, vermicelli, colorLight yellow; potato vermicelli nostalgic color, dark and opaque; sweet potato vermicelli color strips yellow, dull, unfiltered gray rust; potato fans slightly yellow; cassava fans grayish white; hawthorn fans are natural light gray.

  Feel: Good product feels flexible, elastic, uniform thickness, no draw, no crisp.

Smell of smell: Take the smell that the sample smells directly, then soak the fans or vermicelli in hot water for a while and smell the smell.

Good fans, the smell and taste of the noodles are normal, without any odor.

For poor quality fans, the noodles often have musty, sour and other exotic flavors.

Taste: Poor quality products have a “gum” feeling when they are chewed, that is, there is sand.

250 ml of milk a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer

250 ml of milk a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer

250 ml of milk per day can prevent colon cancer, but drinking too much may cause prostate disease. Milk can be healthy and has many benefits. Recently, American scientists have found that reducing 250 ml of milk per day can also reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  Scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School surveyed 500,000 people from five countries and analyzed their daily intake of milk, cheese, yogurt, and other foods high in calcium.

It was found that women who took 250 ml of milk a day were 15% less likely to develop colon cancer than women who did not like milk. For men, the figure was 10%.

However, this anti-colon cancer effect is only obvious when drinking milk, cheese and yogurt are not very effective.

  In the course of the research, scientists also found that the more milk you drink, the better.

They said that when a person drinks more than 1 liter of milk a day, it will not bring anything to health. On the contrary, it is harmful because excessive calcium may cause deformation of organs such as the prostate.

  Therefore, experts recommend that calcium should be considered in its overall physical condition.

In addition, if the accidental intake during normal meals is generally high, then you must exercise more, otherwise, even if you drink milk every day, you may still develop colon cancer.