Deepen ideological and political leadership to condense taxation

Strengthen ideological and political leadership, unity lead women’s cadres to listen to party Chinese and party, is the political task and political duties of the Women’s Federation, and is the weight of the women’s team.

The State Administration of Trends, the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau, the Women’s Committee, earnestly fulfilled the work responsibility of the grassroots organization, under the strong leadership of the party committee, the central government, the central government, working around the tax center, find the entry point , The service overall, relying on all kinds of practical activities, deepening ideological and political leadership, and actively expand the work of the Women’s Committee, and condense the intensity of taxation. First, the intensive theory leads, firm women’s cadres listen to the party Chinese, and the ideals and beliefs of the party.

The Ministry of Women’s Committee always includes the ideological construction of women’s teams in the primary task, combined with party history education, using the rule of tax work conference, organ assembly, theoretical center group, the party branch "three sessions", special lecture, A variety of platforms such as a private document processing system, an internal website, a party building propaganda bar, agency Women’s Work WeChat group, and conscientiously organize megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload. The National Women’s Federation, District Women’s Federation, District Direct Work Committee and other important documents and conference spirit.

On the basis of studying theoretical knowledge, in the women’s cadres, we have widely carried out patriotism education in the women’s cadres, and maintain national unity of patriotism, strengthen the ideal belief education and party style and honest government of women’s cadres, and guide women’s comrades firmly establish "four awareness". Strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", further enhance party spirit and post dedication. The second is to promote the character leadership, guide women’s cadres upwards. The Ministry of Women’s Committee successfully coordinated and organized the convening of the Women’s Federation of Tibet Autonomous Region and the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau "Gusang Hua" Towel Construction Conference. The General Assembly commended 10 units and 26 female tax cadres of "Genzaja Towns" in Tibet Autonomous Region, "Genza Towels".

At the same time, actively establish typical demonstration, extensive development of towel and create a successful service, emerged as "National Women’s Civilization Post" Financial Management Office and Women’s Committee, the national leader is far away, "the most beautiful family" in the country "Ren Zhenzhuo family," The Most American Women’s Committee "Organ Women’s Committee," The Best Volunteer Service Organization of the District " , Qin Yanling, "The General Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation", China, China, etc. The third is to promote social practice and guide women’s cadres’ new era. Around the assistance of poverty, the Women’s Committee launched the "Sisters Hand Hand Hand, Women Helping Poverty", organized the Women’s Committee in the village of Village to visit Lhasa to visit the experience of grassroots women’s work reform, expand the vision of all the business, and firmly believe . The village female cadres actively play the advantage to send policies, send funds, send projects, send skills, send services, and help the poverty. In March 2020, an epidemic prevention immunity was produced, and the Women’s Cadres of Hubei Tax Systems were sent to the care and concern of the Women’s cadres in the snowy plateau, and condolences to the Turquetarriors – Third People’s Hospital medical staff, police officers, sanitation workers . The Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau organized the day-on-day duty mission is assumed by the woman’s comrades, which is an epidemic prevention, and maintains stability contribution.

In 2008, the "Tax Officer Love Foundation" was established. More than 100 women’s cadres volunteer donation funds were 146,816 yuan, helping the difficult person 550. The 2017 "Tax Officer Love Foundation" officially included in the Tibet Autonomous Region Civilization Volunteer Association, was selected as the best volunteer service organization in Tibet Autonomous Region in 2018. It is recommended to be the best volunteer service organization in 2021 Civilization Committee.

In addition, "Beautiful place to bloom – Tibet" theme photography competition, "Shu Shan March 8" reading, "The Sixth Yixian, Family and Length" parent-child public welfare reading activities.

Carried out the creation of towel, actively striving for "five good civilized families", "the most beautiful family", and the three eight red banners (individual) and other honors. With the main leadership of the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau, under the correct leadership of the party committee of the district, with the help of the District, the city’s two-level Women’s Federation, actively play the bridge role of the party committee to contact the women’s cadres, adhere to the ideological and political leadership, leading Do work well, strengthen the lead in work, guide women’s comrades to firmly listen to the party Chinese, and we will continue to follow the party, contributing to the new era of Tibet, contributing the power. (Sending the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau) (Editor: Once you have Zhu Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.

All the standard! Changning 10 Street Town has been on the list for five consecutive years!

Xinhua Road street pays attention to building "two major relations": harmonious labor relations and good supply and demand relationships, providing a good environment for the resolution of employment contradiction. Jiangsu Road street insisted on the service, as a good company "Mother", "Smart Bad Team" offers the weekend "Don’t fight" "all-day" office consulting services, so that the company and the masses "first" first "can find people, ask Incompetent. Tianshan Road street builds "T3 Dream Park" – employment service space, relying on "AI employment system platform", focusing on college graduates, business district white-collar workers, high-end talents, etc., to create a new position of employment entrepreneurship . Xianxixin Village Street wounds around "15 minutes of service circle", set up an employment service work site in the jurisdiction, which is convenient for job seekers to find a suitable job at "Door". Zhoujiaqiao Street created by the streets, "Sunflower Xueang" on the entrepreneurial brand project, providing policies, professional guidance, special training, etc.

Chengjiaqiao Street establishes the employment service WeChat group, using Shanghai to vigorously implement the "one network", the big data leading government service platform, guide the employer and the job seeker without seeing, online office, and carry out the online recruitment fair. Xinjing Town Vocational Guidance Stations have always adhered to the development of public employment services in different groups, paying attention to employment opportunities, job positions, service resources, and realizing employment services to win a joint share.

Hongqiao Street has carried forward "Embroidery Spirit", often face-to-face communication, communication, talks, understands their basic situation and family status, and carry out targeted in different situations of each person Employment assistance work.

Huayang Road street combines young employment "launched" work, a large number of visits to the building park, excavation of enterprise resources, and launched a series of policy promotion activities according to different audience groups.

In the process of promoting employment work, North Xinyi Street, insisted on the implementation of the facts and works, and regards the relevant core indicators involved in employment as the main line of the start of the work.

From January to October this year, there were 29,177 new jobs in the district to complete the% of the indicator tasks.

As of the end of October, 4911 registered unemployed in the whole area, always stabilized within the target range of the city. Next, the District People’s Social Security Bureau will further implement relevant policies, increase publicity, and promote key group employment such as college graduates and unemployed people in the district, realize the "zero-employment family" dynamic clear, woven security net, stable Live the basic dish to ensure the stability of the regional employment.

(Source: Shanghai Changning) (Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

Award collection! 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week micro-class collection activities start

People’s Daily Network Xi’an September 6 (Li Zhiqiang) by the Central Propaganda Department, Central Net Truna Office, Ministry of Education, Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, China People’s Bank, Radio, Film and Television Administration, National Federation of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League, National Women’s Federation, etc. The 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week, held by the department, will be held in Xi’an, Shaanxi, from October 11th to 17th. As a national network security publicity week, the "Network Security Micro-Cateury Collection Activity" will officially open the work collection channel today, and publicly collect network security microssice works in the whole society, and the collection time will continue until September 30th. This micro-class collection is based on "network security as the people, the network security relying on the people" as the theme of "improving the awareness of the people". Reporting works should be tight to network security promotion, focusing on publicizing network security regulations, improving network security awareness, popular network security knowledge, and guiding young people objective rational Internet, actively promoting network positive energy and other content.

A group that pays attention to network security promotion weekly activities across the country, and individuals can participate in this work collection.

This event collection covers the three categories of pictures, video, and H5, including but not limited to the following genre: short video, anime, mv, comics, illustrations, posters, etc. After the collection, the collection will be displayed in the 2021 network security publicity Zhou official website "Network Security Micro Category" collection activities, and accepted the full network on October 1st to 10th.

In order to create a good network security atmosphere, it attracts more netizens to actively participate in Netan activities. This micro-class collection activity special settings, second prizes, each set up 10,000 yuan, five thousand yuan bonus, set up three prizes, excellent participation Award, each set two thousand yuan, one thousand yuan bonus or equivalent prizes. According to the full network voting results, dozens of "Excellent Participation Award" award-winning works, and finally combined with netizens voting and expert score, respectively, in three types of works, one, two, and third prizes. Among them, the expert review link will accept the supervision of the notary office.

Netizens can understand the specific requirements and awards settings of the works in the official website and the official WeChat platform "Network Security Micro Category" event page through 2021 national network security promotion, download and fill in the microaceous work collection registration form and the original commitment book, participate in the collection.

Excellent winning works in this collection will be displayed in the 2021 national network security publicity week official website, will also be recommended to the national mainstream network media and business website, social platform, making it better Demonstration leads.

Alpine area grows "small forest"

  "I have never seen the tree before I came here.

"The 32-year-old West is the villagers of Gaqing Village, Tibet, Tibet, how can he think of a cold hometown? In 2018, we went around Naqiu High-altitude high altitude technology tree planting test demonstration base work Responsible for seedlings. Today, the seedlings of the base are full. Is it difficult to plant a tree? In that song, the answer is: It is very difficult. "That song market has more than 4,500 meters, frozen soil thick, wind is cold Only two months each year, only more than two months, long wind and snow and soil freeze period, which will lead to frozen saplings, it is difficult to root, and the degree of new branches is low.

Hao Wei, general manager of Naqu City Yili Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., even if it is difficult, it is necessary! The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has the "Asian Water Tower", Tibet is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is an important ecological safety barrier. As early as 1998, That Lu Forestry technicians built the first planting test base in the local area, with only 2 acres in the area, specificallys high mountain willow, boiler branches, seabuckthics, but the effect is very small.

  In 2007, forestry technicians once again introduced spruce, alpine willow, etc., and finally lived 14.

These 14 trees are now the longest tree in the city.

  In November 2016, the Ministry of Science and Technology’s "13th Five" typical fragile ecological restoration and protection research focused.

Among them, the "Demonstration Demonstration of Key Technology R & D and Greening Model of Urban Towns in Naqu Area" project was taken over by Jili Group, which is a Juri Group, which is in Inner Mongolia Ku Bu, jointly launched a joint research.

  In that song, it is difficult to survive in conventional afforestation technology. How to attack hard, scientifically plant trees, become a problem in front of the research team. "In the seedlings, we use large data technology, wide-ranging germplasm screening and comparison. Try nearly 50 trees, eventually only 8 kinds of survival.

"Hao Wei introduced that the research team established the climate monitoring station, relying on the ecological big data service platform, fully collects the indicators of temperature, humidity, wind speed, light intensity, soil conditions and species growth characteristics, and formulates the implementation of a number of windproof and cold measures. Ultraviolet, limiting plant growth, using atomized spray mode, increasing air humidity, avoid burns of the sun to trees. For the case of low temperature in the soil, the water is infertile, and the water is treated with polymer materials. , Sun protection, can also absorb solar radiation to convert to heat, tune the roots of the trees.

  Kung Fu pays off, the team finally cracks the technical problem of planting trees in more than 4,500 meters above sea level.

"After more than 5 years of hard work, we have studied a practical and feasible high-altitude section of planting trees, planting 400,000 trees, survival rate of 75%, so that the people can see the ‘small forest’ at home.

Wang Wenzhao, Chairman of Yili Group, said.

  This technological achievement has been promoted in some units and places of the song.

In 2020, Nagu City Science and Technology Bureau, Mirror Lake Park, Child Welfare Institute, Nursing Home, etc., carried out greening work of urban gardens, roads and park green spaces.

  In the city nursing home, spruce, cloves and other trees in the sun.

"I can see the tree in the house, and the birds are in the tree, I feel good every day.

"The 72-year-old Teni District, Kongmaxiang residents said.

  "We will keep in mind and practice ‘green water Qingshan is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan’, through all kinds of technological means, speed up the results of promoting the scientific plant tree, and make greater contributions to protect the Tibet ecological environment, so that the high-altitude sea area The people lived on ecological livable happiness.

"Wang Wenzhao said.

  "Our children are very happy, you can see the tree from a young man." The West said, "I have to take care of them."

The 7th China Campus Drama Festival kicked off in Shenzhen

In the survey, please wait.If there is no response, please refresh this page (Reporter Li Dan) On November 17th, the 7th China Campus Drama Festival, Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District Youth Drama Invitation Exhibition and 20 Drama Festival of 2021 Nanshan Drama Festival,It is about to open in Shenzhen Nanshan Ming.

This session is divided into the "Tong" as the theme, divided into "The 7th China Campus Drama Festival" "Yue Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District Youth Drama Invitation Show" "Forum and Lecture", "Outdoor Performance" 4 large sections, selected The 38 drama performance teams from all major universities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Shenzhen, and the mainland have participated in the performance.

From now until December 2nd, 25 exhibitions will be staged, and the wonderful drama of the half-month will make the drama fans to play. This event, by the Chinese Players Association, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Shenzhen Literature Arts Association, Hosted by the Nanshan District People’s Government of Shenzhen Nanshan District, the CPC Shan District Committee Propaganda Department, Shenzhen Drama Association, Nanshan District Cultural Radio, TV Tourism Sports Bureau, Nanshan District Literature Arts Association hosted. China Campus Drama Festival settled in Nanshan China Campus Drama Festival in 2008, a national-level campus drama event, held in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, this time is the first year of Shenzhen Nanshan.

The Chinese Campus Drama Festival selected 16 campus drama teams from major colleges and universities in the country participated in the exhibition. During the period, it will also be held, and the drama home enters the campus lecture, the "Star of Campus".

  The 7th China Campus Drama Festival will stage 16 works such as "Lei Jingtian" "Hamlet" "Forever Wah". Among them, the opening ceremony "Lei Jingtian" is the original drama from the Youth East University of Political Science and Law, telling the Chinese Communists and the people to enach a new contract, a contract story of a human equality.

The stage space of the multimedia background showed the old appearance of Yan’an Loess Plateau and the old appearance of the Shaani Ganshen Higherian District Court. With the development of drama scenes, Huaxian teachers and students, the Lei Jing and revolutionary youth, Yan’an people’s three groups compared to a distinction Rendering, showing historical texture, writing a spiritual core of the history of the new Chinese law. This drama festival is a new innovation attempt to focus on the "same" theme, meaning "wind and rain, like-minded, cooperative cooperation", and construct the human fate community. The form of drama repertoires include dramas, dance, tide opera, mask, children’s drama and musical, etc., let Shenzhen’s drama fans are full.

What is excited to make drama fans is that the Chinese Campus Theater Festival will settle in Nanshan. The invitation of the singer, exploring the future of the Drama, the invitation show of the Youth Drama of Guangdong, Macau is the first time the Chinese Players Association is held, and the drama exhibition activities of Youth Drama people in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau.

This exhibition invited representative 9 denominations from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the mainland to bring a wonderful performance. During the period, it will also hold a discussion, drama, interviews, etc., aimed to promote the exchange and cooperation of young drama people in Daxu District.

  This year’s drama invitation exhibition includes "Excellent Drama Excellence between the Cross-Straits" and "Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macau Regional Forum".

"The four-strait four-way ex! The Macau Mall Experimental Struggle Troupe "Nine Sound", on the "Rings", etc. of the theater drama.

"The Drama Forum on the Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macau" will invite experts from the two sides of the sides to discuss the crisis and response methods that the play may face in the future, bring a drama with the theoretical height and topic. Thoughts feast, help Chinese drama development. Outdoor drama interaction, let the public and drama are close to the Nanshan Drama Festival is the local drama brand founded in 2017. In the past three years, Nanshan Drama Festival has adhered to the core concept of "everyone is the drama +", with creative expression, attracting more than 60 domestic and foreign teams, thousands of outstanding drama workers participate. This year, the Nanshan Drama Festival will rely on the national drama platform resources. While cooperating with indoor performances, it will continue to invite professional drama team to hold a multi-player carnival performance. During the Drama Festival, there will be 13 outdoor block columns of several outdoor drama activities, Latin Jazz, National Wind and Flashing, and Top Sports, Content, Content, Diversome, Diversified Drama. And in public space in non-traditional theater.

Paragrances, Chinese famous dramas, and extrusive animation armaments and other drama image patrols, interact with modern public spaces, interacting with the audience, this imaginary "drama adventure", unconsciously Incorporate it. In order to wake up Chinese traditional opera memory, fixed one small stage, the drama of the Cantonese opera, the drama and the drama, the drama Skill, etc. In puppet, shadow, modern hand, robot, non-down performances, etc., audiences can contact the performers, even with performers, breaking the audience and stage performers. Barriers, let visitors integrate into performances, create infinite interesting dialogue. The Drama Festival fully considers young people, with "online + line" show, launched live broadcasts, the distance between the drama and the young people, combined with the form of the drama, create a different difference in the film and television drama , New experience in other art forms such as games. In order to guide art consumption, vigorously support the development of China’s drama, this drama ticket trial public welfare gift + low ticket ticketing method, the ticket price will be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the performance of the epidemic prevention and control.

Students receive a ticket for free from the student ID card, first come first served.

2021 Liaoning Province Bohai Economic Biochang Diendal Outdoor Challenge

  Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, 24 oktober (Reporter Zhang Yifei) op ??24, 2021 Liaoning Province Bohai Economic Biochang Diendal Outdoor Challenge en Liaoning Province Coastal Six Cities Regisseerde Off-Road Challenge in Dandong, Liaoning Dandong.

Deze competitie trok 25 teams naar 270 atleten, waarvan de mountainbike ori?ntatie als een nieuw project en een hoogtepunt werd van de serie.

  Volgens rapporten is deze competitie verdeeld in "Wulongshan-Tiger Mountain" en "Iron A".

Onder hen, de "Iron Auda" voor de eerste keer dat ik in de daadwerkelijke gevecht belegt, wordt de game-missie van de mountainbike-racing en de mountainbikesregeling uitgevoerd.

Deze track heeft de kenmerken van hoge vegetatie-dekking, complexe terrein, handig vervoer en minder motorvoertuig en is ideaal voor het organiseren van gerichte off-road, mountainbike-ori?ntatie, mountainbike racing, bergland en andere bergterrein buiten professionele concurrerende sportevenementen . "De natuurlijke omgeving van de concurrentie van vandaag is zeer aangenaam, of het nu een zonnig koel weer is of een prachtig landschap, het is zeer gunstig om op een hoger niveau te spelen.

"Dandong microblue-teamatleet" vertelde verslaggevers. Qi Li Li is enthousiast over de marathon. Na het begrijpen van de ori?ntatie, werd hij verliefd op deze "Wijsmarathon" -beweging.

Tegenwoordig is ze betrokken bij de richting van de mountainbike.

"In vergelijking met wandelgerichtheid is mountainbike-ori?ntatie langer, uitdagingen en brengt me meer voldoening.

"ze zegt.

  Er zijn bijna 70 studentensporters van het Liaodong College. Zhang Xiaolong, directeur van de sportafdeling van Liaodong College, zei dat Sunshine Sports College-studenten kan vermijden om te genieten van netwerk- en mobiele telefoons, culturele leren en lichamelijke oefening geco?rdineerde ontwikkeling bevorderen. In de afgelopen jaren heeft Dandong District van Dandong zich snel ontwikkeld in de focus van de sportafdeling van Liaoning-provincie, en heeft vele malen nationale en provinciale wedstrijden gehouden en is een van de nationale beroemde hotspots in het project geworden.

Het relevante evenement blijft in de toekomst worden gehouden en de landing van de eigen sportmerkevenementen van Dandong en Liaoning worden georganiseerd tijdens het bouwen van Dandong in het land. Editor: Zheng Jin, Yu Shui, Wang Haoyu +1.

The big project continues to continue Jiamusian battle in the fourth quarter.

"The 19 million square meters of film glass has created the fastest production of China’s entire float glass industry. The quality of product quality is first class. For many years, the support of the Municipal Committee of Jiamusi Municipal Party has made us warm and comfortable.

We expect to build high value-added deep processing glass next year, investment amount is expected to be around 200 million yuan, and the profit can be achieved after investment in production, and more than 100 people will be driven. "China Building Materials Jiaxing Glass (Heilongjiang) Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, General Manager Wang Zhongliang is full. Jiaxing Glass is planned to build a new production line in the factory in order to improve the production capacity of enterprise capacity, planned to build a new production line in the factory. Many times To the Headquarters of China Building Materials, the headquarters also learned that Jiamusi’s good business environment and overall industrial atmosphere, decided to fall into the high-tech zone to the high-tech zone.

While putting it is positive and hot, we will build it. In Jiamus High-tech Zone, the building materials produced 100MW of cadmium telluride and weak light generated glass project workshop, machine roar, human head, and workers are tightly drums for transmission line laying, laminating machine, laser and other equipment installation. "Strive to complete the equipment installation and debugging before the end of the year, and have the underline conditions.

"Project manager left Shouqiang introduced that in order to keep production, SWD, the construction staff conducted a nucleic acid detection and struggling to win the second" decisive battle for the fourth quarter ".

The city of Jiamusi City is firmly striking confidence, maintaining a strong fight, decisive battle in the fourth quarter, in the "14th Five-Year" opening ceremony. In order to promote the implementation of the annual target task, October 9th, Jiamusi City held a "Decisive Fourth Season" mobilization meeting, blowing "Decisive Battle of the fourth quarter" charge number. "To keep upside around the annual target mission, go forward, to compete for the second, to grab the awareness, the consciousness, the consciousness of the consciousness, can never negatively wait and see, delay the opportunity, and go to the fourth quarter, fight for 100 days "Wang Qiusong, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, asked for the city members and cadres, and drums. It is understood that the growth rate of total production value, fixed asset investment and total foreign trade import and export in the first three quarters, and 7 major economic indicators in the province, especially in the region. The growth rate of GDP jumped to the first half of the ranked 9th in the first half of the year. The number is exciting, and the charge is never relatively.

Completion of the annual target task to achieve a decisive battle, there are still a lot of customs to overcome, and many risks should be dealive. Based on this consideration, Jiamusi City Development and Reform Commission organized 14 major economic sectors to analyze the economic operation in the first three quarters of the city, find the problem, and sentenced the annual economic operation. The "National Economic Indicators Four Quartrate Target Task Decomposition Plan" in the city will be issued in the city’s ninth economic operation monitoring schedule.

Through the metrics, Jiamus City has changed in the realistic indicators, grasping the inner logic law, puts the color of the eye and quenching high quality development. The main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee took the lead in the first. In mid-October, the municipal party secretary Wang Qiusheng affected the investment team to Beijing, Zhongshan and other places to carry out investment negotiations and project advancement, with the high-rise and Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee, the main leaders of the Zhongshan Municipal Party, and the municipal government, and actively contact Interacting, with the "staple" spirit, we will do a good job in tracking and implementation, ensuring that the signing project has started working early, and the cooperation project has been signed early, continuously expand its cooperation, and expands the results of central enterprises. The big project continues, and the new growth point continues to emerge. On October 24, Jiamusi City key project was concentrated, and the drums were sounded, and thousands of sails were ranked. Jiamusi City Cultural Center, Songhua Street Shed Reform, Water Department, City Southern Road Network, Knowing Middle School, Eastern City Urban Update and other projects, total investment reaches 100 million yuan, and more than ten projects are synchronized to start centralized construction.

The boom is running thousands of waves. Jiamusi City strongly carries out cadres’ work style construction, executive improvement action, party members and cadres to change the style, improve the implementation force as an entry point of the opening office, constantly inspire new state, and achieve new. All counties and districts, departments in accordance with the "52 key breakthrough work operation schedule" task objectives in the fourth quarter of the city, in-depth analysis of the short plate weakers in the study, closely combined with the actual development of specific "Decisive Fourth Season" plan. The main leaders of the county are in depth, focus on the construction site, coordinate the difficulties and problems of the project promotion, and go out to investigate the "attracting" results of the promotion.

All departments have established accounts, refine indicators, inverting time, wall chart operations, and lock the target with key breakthroughs while consolidating the results, strive to turn the road map, the task book to the development of transcripts and investors.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the city is expected to be completed by 153 yuan or more projects, and the total investment billion yuan. It has been investing 100 million yuan in 2021. As of the end of October, accumulate investment billions of investment, 131 %. In the fourth quarter, 17 were expected to start in the new starting project, total investment billion yuan, and 2021, the investment is completed.

(Ding Zhao Yong Wang Dong reporter Liu Dawei Liu Yikin) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Qinghai Taxation Service in the Factivation of Epidemic

Recently, the State Administration of Taxation Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau resolutely implemented local government’s epidemic prevention and control command deployment and the party committee requirements of the Taxation Administration, both of the taxation service venues were controlled as heads, and the taxpayers pay the fees. Payment, implementation of tax service mechanisms, smooth channels, active, and ensure national tax safety.

Respond to the epidemic, ensuring the smooth service mechanism. The Party Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau pays attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the first time is deployed, leaning on the front command.

In terms of tax and fee services, the Xining area tax service site is intended to improve the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Plan" "Emergency Response Plan during the Epidemic Bureau of Qinghai Province", set up an epidemic prevention and control volunteer service team, party members emergency commando, to ensure tax and fee Service services and epidemic prevention and control are both incorrect. Establish and improve the direct security system of the taxation service space in Xining area, and master the operation of the first-line tax service department in real time. On time, on time, on time, the focus is adjusted in time and response initiatives. In this entire, the principle of maximizing the flow of people, pay attention to the opening of people’s mobile veneis, and the opening of the taxation point, the rational monitoring system, the implementation of the elastic work system, and vigorously compress the tax department at the front desk of the Office of the Office, Coordinate the relevant security personnel such as tax collection and management, service, information operation and maintenance, and ensure that the entity tax payment is in place, the operation is uninterrupted, and the service is continuous. Actively guide the "non-contact" tax payment. Strengthen platform management to ensure service channels.

Invoice distribution "Do not fight", guided taxpayers adopt "online application, mailing distribution" to use invoices.

The staff of the Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau invoice distribution center, on the basis of completing 3 rounds of accounting test, adheres to work, and quickly deal with the application application for the taxpayer invoice in Xining area, and "Do not fight".

At the same time, according to the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic control, the business process of the invoice centralized distribution center is reined, the tax department staff, the postal department is distributed, the car delivery personnel adopt the "non-necessary non-contact" workflow, try to minimize the intersection, reduce the epidemic situation risk.

Since the epidemic, the invoice centralized distribution center has treated the application of taxpayer invoice application for 1048, issued by the VAT special invoice Six Edition 22,942, value-added tax ordinary invoice five joint version of 18,660 copies, VAT regular invoice According to 1207 tickets for motor vehicles, 1228 quota invoices.

Rationally equipped resources to ensure smooth tax payment channels. Rationally distribute the use of existing human resources, establish a team of home office, through third-party call, etc. Insufficient, ensure that the tax payment service hotline is open.

At the same time, the 12366 center has carried out remote business learning through video training, online training, and help the seats in the manufacturer’s small and medium-sized enterprises to delay taxes and fees in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the Normative reply calibration is accurate. Online counseling "all-weather".

Relying on the Qinghai Provincial Electronic Taxation Bureau to strengthen the operation and maintenance of intelligent knowledge base, increase the human resources deputation of network consultation sitting, actively guide taxpayers pay the fees to use online online consultation and intelligent consulting services to give full play to the network consultation "one-to-many" and Intelligent consultation "All-weather" advantage.

At the same time, through the production of vivid promotional products such as image, small video and other visual promotion products, take the initiative to promote the policy and promotion, and enjoy the directivity of the tax and fee policy, should enjoy, optimize network consultation and intelligent consultation services. Definct adjustment measures to ensure that the service is stable. Optimize adjustments and implement policy dividends. Combined with the actual work, emergency coordination, adjust the function of the relevant declaration of the Electronic Taxation Bureau, ensuring that the newly introduced stage tax reducing policy is implemented. While the Electronic Tax Office increases the "personal information protection to inform the letter" signing, the taxpayer’s taxpayer’s signing permission is adjusted to ensure the strict implementation of the "Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" and does not affect taxpayers. Open the epidemic period "Green Channel" to ensure that the operation and maintenance problem reflected in the grassroots layer is resolved in time.

Optimize the initiative to keep the frontier of prevention and control. For taxpayers and payers who have arrived at the taxation, they will give priority to the way "off-site receipt, full-service help", help to complete relevant tax-related (fee) matters.

It is necessary to enter the implementation of the "three most stringent", that is, to implement the "two-yard double inspection", body temperature detection; with the most stringent measures to implement "one-meter line" queue; Strict standards carry out hygiene and epidemic prevention, cleaning and disinfection.

Willing "Information Supply Network".

Fully touched the resource all over the process system resource allocation, fully grasp the status of the available resources.

According to the type, traffic, etc. in November, traffic, etc. Organize information security checks to ensure that the core tube system has been stable and smooth, and the business is accurate, and the taxpayer pays the payer.

(Source: National Tax Administration Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau) (Editor: Chen Mingju, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The 7th China-South Korea Youth Dream Enjoy Microfilm Exhibition Works Collection

People’s Daily Online Beijing April 22, is affected by new coronary pneumonia, the global film industry is suffering from the unprecedented hit.

In many international film festivals, there have been extended or suspended, and China-South Korea’s young dreams enjoy the microfilm exhibition recently announced through the official website and the WeChat public number, and the 2020 microconound exhibition is opened as scheduled and started on April 15th. Collection. China and South Korea Youth Dream Enjoy the person in charge of the Microfilm Exhibition Organizing Committee said that the organizing committee made this decision is well thought out, the movie exhibition master is held in November 2020, according to the current situation, we believe in When the epidemic should be well controlled, the previous works of the film exhibition and the selection of the finalist will be achieved through the network or "cloud". In addition, it is also hoped to encourage youth’s movie people to create confidence by organizing the film exhibition. It is reported that the seventh China and South Korean Youth Dreams, the collection time of the microfilm exhibition is from April 15th to Ju.31, and then the first trial and the evaluation of the experts and the judges will be organized, and the exhibition activities and awards ceremony will be on November 16th. Hold in Beijing on the 18th.

China and South Korea’s dreams enjoy the microfilm exhibition is a cross-border cultural public welfare project jointly organized by the Chinese People’s Friendship Association and CJ Culture Consortium, China Friendship and Peace Development Foundation and Xijie (China) Consulting Co., Ltd.. The project aims to dig and cultivate youth movie creators to promote China and South Korea film and television culture.

So far, the film exhibition has successfully held more than 3,000 works, Wang Xiaoshuai, Jiang Dikui, Wusi Xian, Liu Jie, Li Wei and many other Chinese and Korean excellent filmmakers have served as the judges. Like the same, the seventh China and South Korea’s young dreams enjoy the microfilm shipping exhibitions for the majority of young movie practitioners and enthusiasts. The theme of collecting the film and the subject is not too limited, as long as it is completed after January 1, 2019, and has not been placed in the network and other channels, and the future is full of hope, courage to pursue dreams, and active works.

At present, the registration channel of the film exhibition has been opened. Participants can enjoy more details through China-South Korea Youth Dreams (http: //) or WeChat public account. (Editor: Yu Yang, Yan Yu) Sharing let more people see.

“Let him in”

The attendant opened the goalkeeper Wang She invited in。
“Uncle Gan,Wang She came to see you”
Wang She handed a few gifts,Not yet in the house,Shouted。
“Why do you think of coming to me today?”
Willing to raise his hand,The king’s house put the gift aside,Find.
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen:Arrived in Minglin,World trend
Fuming has changed into a suit,The face is still Ye Ming’s face,Waiting quietly in front of Wang’s door。
Wang She appeared outside alone,I saw Fuming when I went out,With a red crystal ring in his left hand,Take the lead,Slowly keep up。
“Mr. Ye,You don’t have to say anything,Just step on the teleportation array!”
Fuming nodded slightly,Came to Gan Xin’s office。
Gan Xinyi raised his head,And looked at each other with a calm face,Not going to see。
“Come with me”
Gan Xin leads the way,Take the two to a secret room,There is a person in the room with a strange light.