Then run the exercise,Try another part of a trace of life again。

With the transition of the energy of Li Hui’s silk,The painful trembling body of the Wolf King is not so painful.。
Taier The wolf king has reached out to Li Hui’s hand in the hands of Li.。
Just like a pug,Ambiguous,Wen Shun is uncomprising。
Li Hui also didn’t think that a wolf king will still show such a side.。
Immediately reached out and touch each other’s head。
“All right,Your body has no problem,And very healthy。”
Taier It seems to respond to Li with the wind.,Wolf kings also slowly got up a few steps,The more it is, the faster it is,The hair on the body is getting off.。
But the new hair is also growing.。
Sunshine is illuminated through the forest of the branches of the forest on the silver fur.,The wolf king seems to be like a shiny。
Taier With a wolf,The wolf king jumped directly to the treetops.。
Li Hui Looking at the other party’s bouncement is fast than he jumped.。
Xu Ruzhen saw this scene is also shocked.,She is also the first time I saw the wolf.。
“All right,Don’t call,I will go first without anything.,Remember that it is not allowed to hurt people。”
This is said,Li Hui is ready to take Xu Ru.。
But the wolf king is followed behind,The most important thing is the originally pulled tail actually mimic the dog’s tail.。
If you don’t look carefully,I really think that it is a dog。
Ignite Looking at the Wolf King wants to learn dogs, but how can it be learned?,Li Hui is also amused.。
You want to learn dogs and then go back to me.?”
“Taier” Looking at the Wolf King,Nod,Xu Ruzhen’s original fear suddenly suddenly a lot。
“Ok,But you are not allowed to go to the village.,You can help me watch the orchard in the orchard.,Those fruit mature have a bit strong,So you have to be optimistic.,Don’t let people steal,Of course you are not allowed to hurt people,Heard no?”
At the moment I see the wolf king agreed,Li Hui Rong is relieved to go to Xu Ruzhen.,Then kneel down the body, let the Ru 趴。
This time his movements are very skilled,And Xu Ruzhen’s movement is also very proficiency。
No pressure before,Xu Ruzhen also relaxed a lot,Feeling Li Hui’s strong back,There is also a unique taste of the man on the other person.,Let her feel some feelings.。
Every way, Xu Ru is trying to find a topic,Then say a laughter and laugh back to the orchard。
Li Hui’s directly put the wolf king in the orchard,Wolf king seems to be a feeling of good orchard.。
But Li speaks from the wind,Wolf kings should like those who have residual Xianquan。
“breeze,You have such a powerful massage method with medical skills,Why is it in the poor gusow??”
Xu Ru, who was sitting on the motorcycle, asked questions that he had always asked in his heart.。
“Hey-hey,My dream is to take out this poor hill.,But later my thoughts changed.,Why do we have to go out?,The mountain village can’t be created is better than the city.,For the mountain village, it will become a backward representation.?

“Go! Go! Go!Run the train,I’ll talk about it tonight”Chen Jiang lost his temper,Chen Feng can’t be entangled anymore,He glanced at Ma Xiaofeng unwillingly,Left dingy。

Chen Jiang just walked to Ma Xiaofeng,Gave her a glass of water,Then sit opposite Ma Xiaofeng and say:“Xiaofeng!My brother can’t speak just now,But the information he revealed to us,You still have to pay more attention”
“Oh!I don’t understand,Mayor Chen gives advice”Ma Xiaofeng said softly。
Chen Jiang glanced at the door,Found the door closed tightly,Then he said in a low voice:“I told you this Xia Jian before,This person can’t let him jump too high,Otherwise, the entire Pingyang Town will get out of control,You, the mayor, become an empty shelf”
“Not so much!”Ma Xiaofeng said in disbelief。
Chen Jiang sighed and said:“You are still too honest。Why did I arrange you in Pingyang Town?Just because Pingyang Town is a poor man,Not only is the town rich,And Pingyang Town is also a model town in our Pingdu city。Don’t forget,Ouyang Hong rose from Pingyang Town”
“I know this,But this Xia Jian is really not very good,He is most familiar with agricultural investment projects in Pingyang Town,And quite prestigious,It’s not just people in their village who respect him,Even people in other villages have a good reputation for him,So I think this person should be reused”Ma Xiaofeng smiled and said to Chen Jiang。She hopes her words can tell Chen Jiang’s prejudice against Xia Jian。
Unexpectedly, Chen Jiang’s face changed and roared:“Confused!This Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong are not an ordinary relationship,He’s big,Will affect us。Don’t you know the stakes here??“
“Didn’t you say that Qin Xiaomin came over to take care of the agriculture in the city??Even if Ouyang Hong has a good relationship with Xia Jian,She can’t reach her hand either!”Ma Xiaofeng smiled。
Chen Jiang shook his head and said:“Your foundation in Pingdu is still shallow,Some things are not very thorough。The last election in Xiping Village,Is a big failure。You just need to use your brain,I knew it was Ouyang Hong’s secret manipulation,Otherwise Xia Jian won’t appear in such a timely manner”
What Chen Jiang said,Ma Xiaofeng thinks carefully,I think it’s really something。But through this flood,Ma Xiaofeng’s opinion of Xia Jian has taken a 180-degree turn。
Things in this officialdom,Ma Xiaofeng understands a little bit。If Wang Youdao hadn’t had an accident with his brother Wang Youcai,,His position as mayor should be untouched,This is not as good as the sky。
Ma Xiaofeng was verbalized by Chen Jiang,She said she has no idea。She also wants to join forces with Xia Jian,To promote agriculture in Pingyang Town,Make yourself the second Ouyang Hong。This is Ma Xiaofeng’s recent thoughts,But it seems that her direction is a bit wrong,If she did,The first person who can’t get through with her is Chen Jiang。
From the city hall,Ma Xiaofeng went straight back to Pingyang Town。She just walked into her office,Secretary Wang from the town walked in。He smiled and said:“You said that Ma Chuntao should be the deputy head of Zhangyang Village. I thought about it.,As long as Xia Jianken will help her,She can do it”
“Oh!Do you want to wait for this?,Let’s have a meeting to study”Ma Xiaofeng began to waver at her original decision。
Secretary Wang has been in officialdom for many years,This attitude towards Ma Xiaofeng,He obviously felt that this matter might be going bad again。But there is a saying that ginger is old and spicy。
I saw Secretary Wang’s eyes rolled and said:“Mayor Ma,I have told some party members in Zhang Yang Village about this,Just hold an election meeting and it can be settled。Moreover,They heard that Xia Jian would be the head of Zhang Yang Village,Anyway, everyone is happy,No one asks”
“what?You already said it?”Ma Xiaofeng asked a little displeased。
Secretary Wang looked at Ma Xiaofeng’s expression,Can’t help but get angry,He asked angrily:“What do you mean, Mayor Ma?Wouldn’t you say you made me play?!”

At the beginning,Nalandeping every step,The waist is like a face bag,Almost the whole body is shaking。But this old man is strong,He gritted his teeth,Moved step by step and started。

Nalanyu was so happy that she didn’t know what to say,She shouted out loudly:“mom!My dad can walk,Come see”
Na Banyu’s mother ran in three steps and two steps,When she saw that the old man could really walk,There were tears in the old man’s eyes,These are tears of excitement and happiness。
Because it is the initial stage of treatment,Can’t be too tired for a while。Xia Jian asked Nalanyu to help her father walk around the room a few times,Let him rest quickly。
Nalande lay flat on the bed,Quickly said with a smile:“Quickly make tea for the benefactor,Cook a few more good dishes at noon,Yuyu will drink a few more drinks with Mr. Xia for me”
“I know daddy,I’m afraid my mother’s vegetables are all cooked now”Nalanyu said happily。
Really,Nalanyu’s voice just fell,Nalanyu’s mother came in and invited Xia Jian out for dinner。People treat him so respectfully,Let Xia Jian feel that it is not nature。
Restaurant table,Put several hot and cold dishes。Xia Jian is also welcome,Sit at the table,Eat chopsticks。Now,His stomach is really empty。
Mental and physical work,The most energy-consuming。No one else can see,Only Xia Jian knew about this。Nalanyu really brought out a good bottle of wine,Regardless of Xia Jian’s dissuasion,Opened the bottle quickly。
“What do you mean?Just think about me,Also dissatisfied with my wine?”Nalanyu said,Have poured two glasses of wine。
Nalanyu’s mother has to take care of Nalan Deping to eat,So there are only Xia Jian and Nalanyu at the table。Thus,The atmosphere is a bit awkward。
Xia Jian was eating vegetables,He said with a smile:“See what you said,What can i think of you?It’s just a lack of topics between us”Xia Jian almost said out,There is no common topic between us。This is the truth,But it hurts a bit。
“Come!Drink this glass of wine,The topic is coming soon”Nalanyu said,Raised the glass。Xia Jian originally didn’t plan to drink。But when I saw Nalanyu opened the bottles,He can’t drink。
Men in drinking,Should not lose to women,This is the experience Xia Jian finally summed up。So he raised the glass。
“it is good!Our first cup is dry”Nalanyu said,Raise the wine glass and eat it all。Xia Jian was dumbfounded now,This cup is not small,A bottle of wine can hold four glasses at most,That means Nalanyu drank two halves in this mouthful。I seem to be in trouble again today。
I drank Nalanyu,He has no reason not to drink。Xia Jian had to raise his glass,All come and die。As soon as the cup is put down,Nalanyu filled him up again。
First2065chapter Chat
Wine is indeed a good thing sometimes,It can close the distance between two people virtually。A large glass of wine,Nalanyu has more obvious words。
She persuaded Xia Jian to eat more vegetables and drink,Said with a smile:“Mr. Xia is really a strange man,You have such a good ability,You should sit in a big hospital,how?…”Nalanyu said,Hesitating。

One thousand one hundred and twenty-five chapters One party

Listen to what Xiao Ning said,Everyone in Red Willow City is still a little doubtful,After all, Floating Cloud City is a force,There are Liuyunzong masters backing them,Where is it so easy to beat。
but,Lu Menglin’s subsequent command,But let everyone’s doubts go away。
Because Lu Menglin ordered,The whole army strikes immediately,Go straight to Floating Cloud City。
Those two Liuyunzong children kneeling in front of the hall,Real Huyang and General Leiyun,The two know that the situation is over,Had to surrender obediently,Address of Liuyunzong,There are sectarian secrets,Tell all,Just for a chance to survive。
Subsequently,Lu Menglin gave the two to Liu Niu’er,After they were hollowed out of all their secrets,Will be sent back to the city of steel by the guards,After sealing the power, send it to the Heino experiment,I believe the scientists over there will be very interested in studying these two living specimens。
The Red Willow City Army is divided into two,Leave the city defense army to defend the city,Taking care of the Floating Cloud City troops outside the city,But Lu Menglin carried the Guards of the Steel City and the Black Blood Cavalry,Go straight to Liuyun City。
After half a day of raiding,This army came to the bottom of Floating Cloud City。
as expected,Floating Cloud City has been two hours ago,Was taken advantage of by an army under the banner of Day Gate,Captured。
The soldiers and civilians of Floating Cloud City had no idea,When their army embarked on a journey to attack Hongliu City,Less than half a day,This strange soldier appeared outside the city。
The number of soldiers and horses is not large,And the banner is very strange,Even the military uniforms are messy,But their combat effectiveness is surprisingly strong。
And these people are simply unreasonable,A large number of forty level masters directly crossed the city wall,Easily disperse the defenders,Go straight to the castle mansion and weapons depot。
There were originally some members of the Liuyun Sect in Floating Cloud City,Regardless of the number of people,Or individual strength,They are not as good as the army that smashed into the city,After a brief confrontation,Liuyun Zongmen were killed clean,Floating Cloud City Lord’s Mansion was also captured,The entire army and civilians can only helplessly surrender。
Most of them have never seen so many masters in their lifetime,Be the forty-level strong in rows,fully armed,When charging into battle,That kind of scene is simply shocking。

Xia Chenglong carefully recalled what the Great Elder and Elder Wang said,Make sure what they say is just take it,As long as it can be taken away,Move the entire pharmacy out。

In this case,Then he……
do not care,Go in first。
Xia Chenglong went to the first compartment,But want to open the compartment,Two things must be shown beside,One is the elder token,The second is to use dynamometer,Show yourself enough strength。
Take out his honorary elder token,Then freely release aura to the test machine,The compartment door is opened。
After entering, the fragrance of medicinal materials is blowing,Refreshing,See the medicinal herbs placed inside,Xia Chenglong smiled happily。
This is called getting it all effortless!
“Ephedra,Cordyceps,Hundred ginseng fruit……”
Although they are all relatively low-grade medicinal materials,But for practice“Tianyuan Index is just right。
Fortunately, he has a free storage ring,Otherwise, I really don’t know how to get so many herbs。
As for the amount,He is not the kind,People with no bottom line,All medicinal materials are directly divided into half。
One thousand beads of ephedra has disappeared in an instant,There are other medicinal materials as well。
Come out of the first compartment,Go to the second compartment,His principle is not to disappoint the great elders,Will be fine“Patronize”Medicine library。
Little change in the first two compartments,But by the third time,Xia Chenglong felt the difference。
As he goes back,The stronger the aura that needs to be injected into the door,of course,After entering, the grade of medicinal materials will be higher。
Hehe,He finally understood why the elder would ignore it,I know that the precious medicinal materials are not easy to handle,That’s why I feel so relieved??
It’s just that when you meet someone else, you may go back dejected,But something very embarrassing,The other party met him,Dignified dragon king!
In order not to delay,Xia Chenglong speeds up,Just one hour,Swept the medicinal materials in ten compartments。
(of course,I took them in half,Otherwise, the elder may be anxious,I went to Zhongyu to find him!)

This blow,Also let the supernatural power dragon king completely understand,Can’t act rashly anymore,If there is any more action,He really will die!

Because that hides in the dark,The enemy who uses mental power is too terrible,If I come twice,I wonder if I will be bombarded as an idiot。
If it weren’t for that mental power burst just now,How could he lose to a 37th-level guy in the duel?。
Just between the moments of Shenli Dragon King,The situation on the court has changed again。
Tu Shanming in midair,Suddenly a green light lit up above my head,Whole body wounds heal automatically,Complete recovery of strength,The body is refilled with a steady stream of light energy。
Except for Lu Menglin,Everyone present saw this scene,All stunned。
Because this is a miraculous scene,It’s definitely not a great healing technique for the Taoist profession,But the people of the gods,The most anticipated thing。
Level breakthrough!Yes,Only when the level breaks,God people will restore their full strength,All injuries are healed,This is the power of world rules,No one knows the principle,But for thousands of years。
“Haha!I am invincible!Tu Shanming is invincible!”Tu Shanming is full of power,Laugh with excitement,Laugh out loud。
He really broke through,A jump from the thirty-seventh level to the thirty-eighth level fighter,Who can think of his luck,It happened to be after a fight against the supernatural dragon king,Suddenly break through the level。
“Again!I want more!”At this moment, Tu Shanming even thinks he is a god protector,Fearless,Screaming,Waving the verdict,Smashed into the supernatural dragon king again。
He probably naively thought,The level breakthrough just now,It has something to do with yourself and the forty-two strong,So he wants to do it again,If you spell it again,One more level,That’s the miracle of miracles。
Seeing that the asshole actually rushed towards him carrying the verdict,Super Dragon King shocked,Subconscious retreat,Back again,Fly back。
Of course he is not afraid of a soldier of level 38,But afraid of the invisible and invisible mental power crit,I’m really afraid I can’t hold it again。
And he is not sure,Was the mental attack just released by the asshole?,That intensity,It’s almost the same as mental self-destruction,Who can stand it!

“come on,sit down,Have a potluck together。”Ding Kelan patted him on the shoulder and led him to the seat。

Xie Lisu’s heart is a hundred unhappy,But can’t show it,This will look too uncultured and rude,At least it must be a well-behaved lady and sensible in front of Ding Kelan。
I blame Lin Hai for breaking theirs“world of two people”,A little angry inside,Inconvenience,Greet with a smile。
Banquet,It’s all about work、Plan or something,It is a deeper greeting between each other。But Ding Kelan’s mind is not here,Wandering、Wandering,But no exit,Feel a little bored,Bite the bullet and eat with old friends。
Lin Hai is full of excitement,In front of Xie Lisu, the words are broad,I feel like I can’t finish talking。
Ding Kelan thought,I’m afraid Lin Hai liked Lisu。
They are talking with you every word。
Ding Kelan received a call from her mother:“Colan,Have you eaten,Mom will cook you some big dishes。”
“mom,What day is today,Why bother mom to call me to cook the big dishes。”Ding Kelan has a funny face,Eyebrows and nose move together,Said in a nasty voice。
“You kid,Nothing,I can’t call you home for dinner。”Chen Limu pretended to be angry,“how,Is there any time to come back?,Do you remember George from the Industrial Park,He came to see mom in Xinkai District,Mom wants you to come and have a meal with George。”
Mother’s“Yi Zhi”Can’t violate,Although Ding Kelan has eaten,Go back,It reflects a person’s cultivation。Unless it is urgent at work,Otherwise the call to mother,Not going back is a sin。
Ding Kelan deliberately answered her mother loudly:“In a while。”
Watch Lin Hai and Xie Lisu have questions and answers,But Xie Lisu looked at Ding Kelan from time to time。“That one,Our company still has an important thing to deal with,Lin Hai,Eat well with Lisu,Lisu,Get together another day。”
Haven’t waited for Xie Lisu to react,Ding Kelan got up and said:“I bought this meal,Eat well。”complete,The gesture towards Lin Hai made a dumb gesture that only two people understand。
For Xie Lisu,Ding Kelan’s departure was a bit sudden and uncomfortable,But in Linhai’s shallow inconvenience, I show my unhappiness。
Daxiakou,The assistant arrived at Tianqin Feast Building in a few minutes,Drive Ding Kelan to Banshan Apartment。

“Why did you take me out?”

Xiang Chen turned over and lay down beside Bai Lu,Both of them kept panting。
Bai Lu keeps moving forward with heavy burdens,And Xiang Chen is also because of Bai Lu’s wrong way of bearing,Now the injury is added to the injury。
Long journey,Both Xiangchen and Bai Lu are physically exhausted,This is also an opportunity for two people,Can take a short rest。
After a while,Bai Lu spoke:“Flee without you,Could it be that you were caught by the police??”
Bai Lu said something of course,Made Xiang Chen a wry smile,I don’t know if I should tell Bai Lu,The police were called by themselves。
“Where are you going to take me now?”Xiang Chen lying on the ground,Boringly asked。
“Where else to go,Of course to take you to the hospital!Can’t you see how badly you hurt yourself?”Bai Lu gave Xiang Chen a strange look,Knowingly,Bai Lu suspects that Xiang Chen was saving herself,My brain was broken。
“Have you ever thought about?Although it was troublesome for me to be taken away by the police,But in that case,I can get treatment right away,Just by your current state,I’m afraid there is no way to take me to the hospital at dawn。”
Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen a little at a loss,This is indeed the truth,It’s just an emergency,I didn’t think of this relationship。
Bai Lu was a little silent,Don’t know what to say,But I didn’t expect Xiang Chen to add another sentence,“I called those policemen!”
“You called the police?”Bai Lu turned to look at Xiang Chen in doubt,Some accident,How can a murderer contact the police??
“if not?Do you really think the police are supernatural,We are fighting here,They received the message?Think about it,Does it look like there are enthusiastic citizens around??”
Xiang Chen sighed,Get up slowly。
“Why are you hurt so badly?”
When Xiang Chen got up,Bai Lu let out an exclamation,Looking at Xiang Chen’s bloody back,Bai Lu covered her mouth,I do not know what to say。
“Next time you drag my hand,What is uncertain about this situation is my ass。”
Xiang Chen said with a smile,Then got up and did a warm-up activity slightly。
Bai Lu is silent,Obviously, I am also aware of my operating mistakes。

High-Energy Environment (603588): Leading strength in soil remediation leads to solid waste layout improvement

High-Energy Environment (603588): Leading strength in soil remediation leads to solid waste layout improvement
Key points of investment: Leading soil remediation with significant competitive advantages.In August 2018, after the Soil Law, the demand for soil remediation market accelerated, and the number of orders increased significantly in the second half of the year.We believe that the rural soil remediation market is in the early stages of opening and that policy and fiscal stimulus are significant.On the basis of nearly 20 years of research and engineering experience in Europe and the United States in the upper part of Europe and the United States, the research results and technologies of soil remediation have resumed rapid development.In 2019, frequent explosions in the chemical industry parks have given rise to the introduction of improvement plans for the chemical industry, which is expected to bring more than 30 billion industrial site repair needs.At the same time, the government’s awareness of exemptions has been further improved, which will help accelerate the release of market demand.As a leader in the soil remediation industry, the company has complete technical reserves and leading R & D capabilities. It has undertaken repair work for many demonstration projects and has been highly recognized by the owner. We believe that the company has achieved a single capability surpass in the field of soil remediation, and it is expected that the business is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of 35%. Hazardous waste under construction projects have room for capacity improvement.The company has been conducting hazardous waste layout since 2014, and currently has an operational capacity of 59.83 lowest exchange rate / year, and 23 lowest exchange 南京桑拿论坛 rate / year of capacity under construction, ranking the forefront.We analyze the supply and demand of hazardous waste disposal in the vicinity of the company’s capacity under construction, and we can find that Leshan, Liangshan Prefecture, and Qinglan hazardous waste are all in corresponding areas with insufficient capacity, and there is room for future capacity release. The capacity of waste incineration is expected to increase significantly.In the field of domestic waste disposal, the company’s Hetian, Liyang and Yueyang projects under construction are expected to be put into operation in 2019. By then, the company’s waste incineration operation capacity will be increased to 4,900 tons / day. Increasing operating income will also improve the stability of the company’s cash flow. Higher operating stability in the short term.Although the company’s asset-liability ratio is currently at a relatively high level, subsequent conversion of convertible bonds will reduce the company’s debt ratio.At the same time, the company has no long-term debt maturity in 2019, and should only pay interest on the bonds, with little redemption pressure.The company still has $ 600 million of green debt quota unused, and the balance of monetary funds at the end of the first quarter was 11.US $ 3.3 billion, and the business model of the incineration project is mature. It is easier to finance through project loans, and it can extend short-term repetition. It can cover about US $ 2 billion in capital requirements. It has high operating stability in the short term.In the future, the company’s newly added 3,200 tons / day of domestic waste incineration capacity and reconstruction and expansion of hazardous waste projects will enter the capacity climbing stage to bring stable operating cash flow and reduce the company’s cash flow pressure. Profit forecast, estimation analysis and investment advice: We believe that the three major business areas of the company’s environmental restoration, hazardous waste disposal, and domestic waste incineration have a high degree of prosperity. At present, the average value of on-hand orders in the three major areas of the company is sufficient to support the company.The growth in the next two years is expected to be 0 for the company’s EPS in 19-21.61\0.76\0.95, corresponding to the company’s closing price of 10 on July 25.33 yuan, PE for 19-21 is 16 respectively.92\13.58\10.85.We combined the absolute and relative estimates, and concluded that the company expected a reasonable estimate interval of 12.20-14.64 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: The release rate of the soil remediation market is slower than expected, the company’s supplementary orders are smaller than expected, the company’s project progress is lower than expected, and debt and financing risks.

Jerry shares (002353): rapid growth in performance, energy security trend unchanged

Jerry shares (002353): rapid growth in performance, energy security trend unchanged

The company released a performance report: the company’s actual operating income in 2019 is 690,000 yuan, an annual increase of 50.

81%, net profit attributable to mother 13.

600 million, an increase of 122% in ten years.

The oil and gas equipment industry has been relatively less affected by the epidemic situation. Under the situation of “maintaining performance” in which the major strategic trends of domestic energy security remain unchanged, and the North American market is successfully “unplugged”, we continue to strongly recommend Jerry shares.

Driven by the energy security strategy, the company’s revenue and profits increased.

The company’s average operating income and net profit increased year-on-year compared to the same period last year, mainly due to the breakthrough in national energy security strategy, and gradually expanded exploration and development investment in unconventional oil and gas resources including shale gas and shale oil resources, and oil and gas equipment and service market demandProsperous, the company’s drilling and completion equipment, raw material technology services and other product line orders continued to maintain rapid growth, operating performance has improved significantly.

The sharp drop in oil prices has little impact on the company.

From the perspective of historical income structure, domestic business accounts for nearly 70%, energy security is not boycotted, overseas business mainly comes from Russia and the Middle East, and is not sensitive (Russia fully benefits from oil finance, and the cost of the Middle East is not boycotted), which has a certain impact on the US business.The cost is relatively high, falling over the edge of the cost, as long as it is not $ 50 for a long time, the impact will be small.

北京夜网 Energy security continued to advance, and the right to speak of private enterprises increased.

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Air Force issued the “Opinions on Several Issues in the Reform of Mineral Resource Management (Trial)”. The important point is that the oil and gas exploration and exploitation market will be fully opened up to allow private enterprises, foreign enterprises and other social capitals to enter the field of oil and gas exploration and development. Opinions since 2020年 年5月1日开始实行。
This time, market access for oil and gas exploration and extraction, including prospecting and mining rights, was fully liberalized, aiming to change the situation in the past that was mainly franchised by several state-owned companies.

The country’s urgency to energy security is evident, which is conducive to the development of the entire industry chain.

The category 杭州夜网论坛 market entities include foreign, private enterprises, and the addition of category social capital will further stimulate the vitality of the oil and gas market. It is a good thing to have more channels to raise funds for exploration, exploration and development, and to increase the size of the cake with incremental funds.

In addition, private enterprises, oil companies, and equipment companies may also have a greater right to speak. The degree of restrictions on the receptor system has gradually improved. The industry has developed more vitality, which is beneficial to the entire industry chain. The overall energy equipment sector is expected to rise.

The North American market is expected to raise estimates.

Electric drive fracturing brings economical (according to estimated fuel cost savings of 40%) and environmental protection (low noise, low pollution), and gradually moves to the center of the stage. Jerry realizes “curve overtaking” in the field of electric drive fracturing.Is one of the pioneers, if the subsequent electric drive replica turbine successfully entered the North American market, a hundred feet ahead.

With the “maintaining performance” of the domestic energy security strategy unchanged and the successful “opening” of the North American market, we continue to strongly recommend Jerry.

At present, the trend of orders in the first half of the year is still good. The reason for continuing to recommend now is mainly due to the certainty premium of this year and next year’s performance, which brings about an increase in estimates.

Judging from the forecast and average performance in the first half of this year, it is expected to continue to increase, and the net profit is expected to be 18 in 20 years.

600 million, corresponding to 21 times the PE.

The subsequent market value is expected to exceed 40 billion, and there is still room for improvement, and it is strongly recommended.

Risk reminder: Oil prices have risen sharply, Sino-US trade frictions have intensified, and policies have fallen short of expectations.