This record,Representing the people of the war。

1498name,Water mirror!“congratulations。”
Warrior responsible for reception behind the desk,I also show a smile,Take out a finger size,Rounded badge handed water mirror。
“You enter your own mind fluctuations and atmosphere,Can activate your badge。”
“Thank you!”
Water mirror,Happy to talk,Hurry and pick up the badge,Mission。
Prohibition in the badge is activated,Shown above1498Word。
“Thank you for two brothers。”
Water mirror is rushing again to the ancient and Chen Tianfu。
“No need to polite,This is what you deserve。”
Though,The two faces also reveal the color of proud。
Speech,Looking at the horizon of the eyes is not far from,It seems that the Wuxue Hui, who is also paying the magic core.。
“Ah,I am a bit curious.,In two years,How many Xiancoin earned?。”
“Ha ha,Me too……”The two smiles,Everything is seen in the eyes of each other.。
Just at this time,The other side is responsible for receiving the three people in the summer,Suddenly revealed the color。
Then shouted,“Huaxuhui,Pay 400,000,Redemption of two million!”
what!!The laughter on the ancient face disappeared,Chen Tianshan’s face has disappeared,The smile on the water mirror disappeared……All stood in place,Watching Huaxai Huihui。
They can’t believe their ears。
In the eyes,Shock、Be a sudden,Is a very strong unbelievable。
There are also some warners who have also come to the magic core.,All have a tongue。
“Forty thousand magic cores?
This brother,You didn’t see it wrong?”
There is a military person who can’t help but ask,“This teacher should be new in the winema.,There are only two annual wheels in the Yuan ring.……”“Yes,Two years of two million,This is too exaggerated.。”
“……”A group of people surrounded,Full of face。
“Be right,Two million 币!”
The war responsible for the reception once again improved the sound,And behind the face,“congratulation,Huaxuhui。”
After the end,Remove a round badge in the back of the case。
“Thank you brother。”
Huaxi Hui also rushed to thank you,Adopt badge,Sacrifice your own mind fluctuation and breath。
At the same time, mismatched the real yuan activation。
The left crystal wall is like a light。
Everyone is looking for,All are not allowed to take a cold air。
A week。
Water mirror、Ancient、Three people in Chen Tianshan stood in the same place,Completely dumb。
They have been tall high before,Learning into the words of the words。
However, now,Everyone’s face is like a heavy tight,Fire fire。
And original1498Water mirror,A bit,became1499name。
“Millet,I am on the list.。”

Do you find the right way to quit smoking?

Yesterday was the 35th World of Tobacco. The theme of this year’s smokeless day is "Tobacco Threat Environment". So, what are the correct ways to quit smoking? Can I replace it with electronic cigarettes during smoking quitting? The reporter took the problem and interviewed Gao Liang, the attending physician of the respiratory department (smoking quit clinic) of the third central hospital of the city, and asked him to talk to the public about the things about quitting smoking.

Smoking is not small. According to relevant statistics, there are currently more than 300 million smokers in my country. Among them, hundreds of millions of people have dependence on tobacco, and this dependence on tobacco has summarized it as a "fatal chronic non -infectious disease "The number of patients exceeded other" fatal chronic non -infectious diseases "such as asthma and coronary heart disease.

Smoking is greatly harmful to the human body, and it is easy to induce diseases such as laryngeal cancer and lung cancer. And people who do not smoke, but those who have been inhaled for a long time, have the probability of suffering from asthma and slow pulmonary diseases such as asthma and slow lung prevention than normal people.

For pregnant women, whether it is sucking with one -handed smoke or second -hand smoke, it may affect the fetus, causing the fetus to have congenital physiological defects.

If it is a child in a growing period, inhaling "second -hand smoke" will affect the child’s immune system, and it may also affect the child’s bone development. Therefore, smoking is comprehensive to the human body. Why "repeatedly defeat", in fact, through the continuous publicity of these years, some old smokers also have the idea of ??quitting smoking, and some people have tried to quit smoking, but they often end in failure.

Gao Liang said that don’t be discouraged in this situation, because quitting smoking is not a simple matter. According to professional institutions, for those who have formed tobacco dependence, the success of smoking cessation is only 50%.

If you want to quit smoking successfully, you can try the "5R" and "5A" model.

To put it simply, it is to let the smokers understand the harm of smoking to themselves and their families; evaluate the willingness to quit smoking; let the smokers who want to quit to know and estimate the problems and obstacles in the process of quitting the smoking quitting process, and want to deal with the response. Policy and wait.

When quitting smoking, smoking quitters can take the initiative to say their own smoking cessation plan to relatives and friends around them, and put some pressure on themselves from the outside.

Then, throw away tobacco products, perform proper physical exercise, and stay away from smoking, and get along with people who do not smoke.

Practice the scene where you reject others to let cigarettes at home. If tobacco has been formed, there must be a plan to reduce the number of smoking. For example, a pack of cigarettes a day a day before quitting smoking, you can try to become three -day pack in the first week. Class push gradually decreases.

In addition, you can delay the first cigarette time every morning. Electronic cigarettes cannot be taken in daily life. I often hear a saying that people who smoke for a long time have suddenly quit smoking, but they are not good for their bodies. Gao Liang said that there is no scientific basis for this statement. In the process of quitting, it will definitely encounter symptoms of abstinence, which may induce some people to have symptoms of anxiety and depression, but as long as it is resolved through normal emotions, it can overcome this discomfort.

If it is really uncomfortable during the smoking cessation process, you can go to the pharmacy to buy some smoking quit drugs, such as nicotine patch and nicotine chewing glue.

These auxiliary therapy drugs are clearly included in the "China Clinical Smoking Guide (2015 Edition)", which can be used with confidence.

Of course, doctors who quit smoking clinic can also help patients prescribe some prescription medicines to alleviate the abstinence symptoms after smoking quitting.

However, some people think that they can use electronic smoke to replace the real cigarette. Gao Liang said that it is not advisable. Whether the electronic smoke contains nicotine, it will eventually form a smoke and inhale the body. Harm is not smaller than the real smoke. Gao Liang reminds that quitting smoking is not easy. Repeated smoking, repeated suction is common. Do not dare to try because you fail to quit smoking several times. For the sake of your own health, you must persist in quit smoking.

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Cui Cui-like bracelet,“Brother,This is a two-piece secret treasure I refining myself.,Refining process does not have any error,It is impossible to activate it.……”

Summer eyes bright,“Are you still a refinerie?”
Taskiors and refiners are coincident in many fields.。
But most of the tasting people will not refine。
after all,Theory and hands,It is completely two things。
Just like the same roof,Also have Jianbao master,Can play an ancient play,The head of the analysis is the road,Slightly。
But if you let him make,Certainly you can’t do it.。
For example some passed the famous painting,More people can identify more,If they draw them,Naturally。
to be honest,It seems that the sect of school is combined,Essentials。
“Yixin,You want to find me to find me.,What is the use of a two-piece book?。”
Still don’t wait for the summer,When I immediately grabbed the bracelet,At the same time, the real element,Remaining。
Wang Yixin’s 眉 蹙 蹙,Face, I is cold。
She took out this bracelet for testing summer depth,This guy is too annoying。
Discrete,As if I didn’t see Wang Yuxin’s face,I am flying in the hand ring.。
“Ha ha,Yixin,I know the problem.。”
He seems very much,Invitation,road,“You are too pursuit simplified,There are seven hundred and twenty variations in the two products.,There are only 10,000 nodes……”
He shakes his head,By patience,“This is like a cover,Every change,Is a house,A house takes 10, 000 spices,But you cover a seven hundred and twenty houses,How is the 10,000 spices??”
Wang Yuxin’s forehead emerges three black lines。
She certainly knows that she is refining the shortcomings of this bracelet.。
And it’s early to identify。
Take out the summer,This bastard is in this show。
She is ignorant,A grab a bracelet,Summer,“Brother,You help look,Can you transform??”
I immediately took it in summer.,The huge idometry quickly sweeped an interior。
His eyes are not bright,“The meditation inside is not simple.,Simplification has arrived,If it is successful,Power will be large,It’s already close to the three-piece secret treasure.。”
Wang Yuxin suddenly exposed a smile。
This secret treasure refining failed,But she did not destroy,Array concept and node arrangement,Even if I am very admired。
Unfortunately,Even http://www.woniuchao.cnZhang Lao can not be upgraded。
“Brother,Do you think the bracelet can be transformed??”
Summer nice head,“Can。”
“Ugh,forget about it……what?”
Wang Yixin is full of eyes,“Can be transformed?”