Diversified innovation to see the tourism "hugging winter"

[] The tourism industry under the persistence of the epidemic is still mixed, and many merchants have said that they have fallen from the fusion of the provincial tour, consumer travel, and the decline in tourism orders is obvious. This year’s "Double 11" this year is a good time for travel businesses and travel platforms.

In the face of changes in market environment and travel needs, tourists have actively seek breakthroughs from products, channels, and technology, and have achieved good records.

  A set of platform transaction data reflects the willingness of "tourism" in the current consumer. The reporter learned from the flying pig, during the "Double 11" period, the transaction of the travel goods in the Haiwanese Digans of the Flying Pig Platform in the sea increased by 280% year-on-year, the sales of the museum, non-legacy culture, etc., the sales volume increased by 6 times year-on-year, hot spring related Travel commodity booking is over 120% year-on-year. In addition, the three new products such as winter and winter and spring roaming cards in Beijing, and the accumulated sales of 8 airlines "Flying" products have more than 100,000. Zhuang Zhuangran, president of Flying Pig, said, "Double 11" is a tribute to the persistence of tourism, the more the difficult moment, the more you want to double your investment, not only give consumers, satisfactory experience, quality member rights , More to play digital power, create value for merchants. What is more worth noting is that the booking amount of "00", "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

Not only is a flying pig, and the same trip is on November 11th to open 15 hours of long live broadcast. Flying pig data shows that "Double 11" period includes an anchor, the number of new users brought by the content ecology, which has increased by more than 70% year-on-year. In addition, Hilton added a member of more than 400,000, Changlong new membership 120000. From the point of view, rural tour and red tourism are still hot. Flying pig data shows that the top six in the top six of the rural tourist destination is Wuzhou Deqing County, Jiaxing Tongxiang Wuzhen Town, Tengchong and Shun Town, Dali Shuangcong Town, Dali Haidong Town, Changzhou, Tianmu Lake Town; Red Tourism Hot Destination It is Shanghai, Beijing, Changsha, Jiaxing, Nanchang, Zunyi, Yan’an, Xiangtan. Among them, the number of rural areas is new, of which nearly 70% of businesses are the first participation. During the 11th period, the sales volume of Fei pig rural villages in the year increased by more than 10 times, and the rural people became a new favorite of shopping carts.

"’Double 11′ prepared 2000 suits, October 20th is the first batch, did not expect to be booked so fast." The first time, Sichuan Ganzi Zhonggu Village, RGB, Board, Song, Song, is excited, he is flying The first batch of pre-sale listings of the pig platform were snapped up. On October 22, the homestay tourism goods were first logged in Wei Ya live.

  The industry pointed out that this round of this round of the year is to let the merchants have achieved real orders, for the "cold winter", which also helps the "internal force cultivation" of business skills, whether it is product organization Innovation and design, or the optimization of marketing ideas, or potential new customers.

  "Through ‘Double 11′ We found that tourists’ needs and requirements for travel platforms have become more diverse.

The value of simple channels has not been met, the sales capabilities of the front end, the rear end product innovation, product operations and technical capabilities are the components of business capabilities, which is also the difference in the differentiation of our sought. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the flour, this year, the first participation of each 200 minus 30, the official live broadcast, the ecology and the head of the head of the Amoy system, especially the first tourism planting party, and the destination Business belt flow.

  The innovation of the category is essential for young consumers. "The attention and understanding of young generations of consumers is the biggest foundation for our cooperation with Flying pigs at first." Chen Jia, deputy general manager of Kaiyuan Senbo Management Company. Since the beginning of the opening of 2019, Kaiyuan Senbo has set up a large number of high-quality supplies to the Flying Pig Platform, which brings a lot of high quality supply for the resort hotel of the Flying Pig Platform. In addition to daily content operations and marketing, Kaiyuan Sushu and Flying Pigs will jointly build a super brand day in all important nodes, and sediment the brand mind.

In addition, if Shenzhou car rental around "car rental + travel" ecology continues to innovate, combined with the flying pigs "with the new pigs"; all major airliners "fly" also ended out.

  In order to meet the new needs of the transportation industry merchants, Flying pigs have launched a pre-sale and online reservation system of "Sui Flying", "Heart Rent" since last year, and open it to Shandong Airlines. Multi-aircraft and car rental merchants. Platform technical capabilities can provide good support for business product innovation and experience innovation. The R & D of the Flying Pig Transportation Products said that each airline is different, such as route and number of constraints, special circumstances, how to turn rules into technical languages ??is the biggest challenge for development. Taking Shanhang "Magic Carpet" as an example, the first phase and the second phase of development lanes for more than a month, and several technical teams participate. "The younger generation of consumption demand in the ticket, the consumption method has changed greatly and more pursuing new senses and fun." Shandong aviation e-commerce research and development relevant person in charge said that there are many young users like the flying pig platform, very Suitable for the new product of Shanhang to create a new product, "Mountain Airlines and Flying Pigs," Not only to sell the ticket to sell the ticket, more is to operate the ticket as a consumer goods To customize new products for new needs. From another perspective, new product launch is not only to meet new consumer needs, but also to airlines also means higher operating efficiency. "Similarly, for hotel pre-sale And online reservations, the Flying Pig Accommodation Product R & D team also puts the resources to develop and online.

"Many hotels since the epidemic have grown from online reservations, and the demands are getting finer.

"The R & D of the Flying Pig Accommodation Products said," This also brings us challenges, such as the reservation, the changing room, etc. "It is understood that the flying pig is in the form of a commodity combination of the first hotel package in 2013. This year, the 11-room hotel package achieves 100% online appointment. In addition, tourists who experience the epidemic examination will begin to pay more attention to the brand.

"The more you order, but for me, our greater goal is through the marketing farm of ‘Double 11’ this national" tour ", in the consumer heart, the brand memory and brand Miss.

Bai Yanping, Dali and 熹 Hotel, said. This year, this year’s "Double 11" period has increased by more than 60% year-on-year, Shandong Airlines, Ya Gao, Changlong, Marriott, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Shanghai Disney Resort, Wanda , Hilton, Kaiyuan Semine, Mangrove, Beijing Global Resort, 12 brand turnover exceeded 100 million yuan, an increase of 3 than 2020.

  Ya Hevie, senior vice president of marketing and technology transformation of Ya Gao Zhonghua, also said: "Outside order, brand exposure is also our focus, so in such a national focus period, we will take out the best products to attract everyone. focus on.

Since the cooperation with Flying Pig, Ya Ga’s reputation and brand power have increased.

"Data shows that the current Pig Platform’s Yago Hotel Group flagship store fans are nearly 500,000.

The pre-sale was held on October 20, 4 hours, Ya Gao Xinyue Town Sanya Haiti Bay Fair Mont Hotel 3 days 2 nights have been booked to exceed 10,000 pieces, and the overall turnover of Ya Gao in the flying pig platform has always been stable in the industry. .

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Dialogue Chinese Medicine | Tian Zhenku: Why develop Chinese medicine anorectal disciplines?

Recommended reading in Hequ County, Shanxi Province, located on the banks of the Yellow River, has a rich traditional Chinese village resource and a long-standing unique folk song culture.

In order to more scientifically protect and develop cultural resources, the local party committee, the government conduct extensive research, contact unburring cooperation with corresponding discipline advantages, At present, teachers and students from Beijing Jiaotong University, China Music Academy have been invited, and in the local area Listing established a cooperative base. 2021-11-1209: 22 "100 million!" On the 11th, China’s Petroleum Southwest Oil Airfield Company came to good news – as of 16:00 on the same day, the company’s 2021 natural gas production exceeded 30 billion cubic mirage, Add 3 billion cubic meters from the same period last year.

This achievement is 33 days earlier than last year.

2021-11-1209: Before the 21st, the National Key Laboratory of Zhujiang Hospital, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research results of the National Key Laboratory of Process Projects, Peking University, etc. Research "Total-based arsenic targeting to different types of leukemia It has a strong anti-white blood treatment effect, published in the Science Magazine "Natural · Nanotechnology".

2021-11-1209: 19 Not long ago, the China Manned Space Project Office issued a photo taken in the track, and many people notice a detail – there is a layer of glowing boundaries outside. Is this an atmosphere? Why is it "bright" in the night sky? What is the height of this layer? What is the principle of glow? 2021-11-1209: 16 Meteor shower is the romantic colorful sky.

Astronomical Science Experts introduction, Taurus North Flow Rain and Leo Meteor Shower will usher in November 12th and 18th. Although the traffic is not large, if the luck is good, friends who like the meteor shower will have the opportunity to see the bright fireflow star. 2021-11-1209: 15 You have a problem "release list", I have "unveiled" with this matter.

On November 4, the reporter learned from the Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau of Guangdong Province that the bureau has "released" 8 "revealed" project list this year, and the "public Zhang Bo" is open to the whole country. The total investment of each project is between 15 million yuan to 30 million yuan. 2021-11-1209: 13 Recently, the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department presided over the provincial department to jointly establish a chemical imaging material and technical state key laboratory, and the provincial department of mining rock formation intelligent control and green mining national key laboratory construction application Reporting the report.

This means that the two laboratories in Shandong have become the key points and enters the "acceleration period".

2021-11-1209: 12 "Now the city’s traffic congestion is also very common, how to solve traffic pollution? One of them is to transport the goods to the ground, build the underground smart logistics and transportation system of the city.

If this system is built, people buy any items only need to click on the mouse, and the purchased goods are like tap water. The automatic shipment cabinets that flow into the ‘residential community through the underground pipe … "2021-11-1209: 111.9 , The fourth entrance to the Expo.

This session of the Expo National Exhibition uses new technical means such as virtual reality (VR), three-dimensional modeling, to build a standardized digital exhibition hall for exhibitors, and interactive functions are also set up, enhance the online display effect. 2021-11-1209: 10 According to the US Fun Science website, the new model of Sino-American scientists has been established. During the new crown epidemic, more than 28,000 tons related plastic waste, such as masks and gloves, eventually flowing into the ocean .

2021-11-1209: 09 A immunological study published on the 11th of the United Kingdom, pointed out that the exposure of other coronaviruses may increase the speed of the body to clear the new crown virus, because the immune system has "memory", can remember Virus replicas with highly conserved virus in different coronaviruses. 2021-11-1209: 08 A linguistic research published on the 10th of the UK Preschool, including the Pan – European – including Japanese, Korean, Tonggu, Mongolian, Turkic – may all originate from about 9000 China has spread in China and in the development of agriculture. This study helped clarifying a paragraph in the history of Eastern Europe. 2021-11-1209: 07 By Ai– is usually driven by the machine learning algorithm will help us in an increasingly innovative way.

For example, smart cars use facial recognition algorithm to detect whether the driver pays attention to the road condition, and make reminders when the driver feels exhaustion and fatigue; smart phone uses the AI ??algorithm to do everything, from keeping call quality to help us to shoot better photos, etc. . 021-11-1209: 07 The latest issue of "Natural" magazine issued a study revealed how palmitic acid changes the possibility of cancer the proliferation of cancer. Researchers said they have developed the therapy of this process, and clinical trials may be started in the next few years.

2021-11-1209: 06 There are a lot of sparkling packaging, cosmetic bottles, fruit plates, etc. in life, but many of them are made from poisonous and unsustainable materials, which will cause plastic pollution.

2021-11-1209: 06 As the chief expert of epidemiology of China Disease Control and Prevention 2021-11-1209: 05 The first "desert soil" ecological restoration technology, in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Xisha Island Reef, etc., the trial transfer mechanics to be the reality.

This team that uses "black technology" to heal, from Chongqing, no desert, from Chongqing Jiaotong University, known as the bridge. After the seemingly "ignore", it is the exploration of the schoolmaster and ecological cross-innovation. 2021-11-1109: 42 The State Council recently issued the "2030 Pre-Carbon Peak Action Plan" proposed, focusing on the implementation of energy green low-carbon transitions, implementing energy-saving and carbon-producing action, etc. "Carbon Peak Ten Action". 2021-11-1109: 41 Reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology, the school’s Life Science and Medical Department and the First Affiliated Hospital Xiong Wei’s topic group An important role in this neurochondium in this nerve circle in regulating the recruitment.

The research results were published on November 4th in "Nature · Communication."

2021-11-1109: 39 Biological Nitrogen as a potential new type of nitrogen fertilizer source, is of great significance for agricultural sustainable development.

In legumen biological nitrogen, the content and components of the bean hemoglobin directly affect the activity of the nitrogenase in the steroids and play a key role.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Molecular Plant Science Excellence Innovation Center Jeremy Dell Murri Research Group and Cooperation Team first discovered the molecular mechanism of the expression of bean hemoglobin gene in signs in the rootoma.


Chinese vertegenwoordiger: vermijden van de "pan-sarimisatie van klimaatproblemen"

  Verenigde Naties 13 december (Reporter Madelin) China’s Resident Representative Zhang Jun Ambassador Zhang Jun zei in de Raad op de 13e die klimaatverandering tot vrede en veiligheid kan be?nvloeden, maar de relatie tussen klimaat en veiligheid is zeer gecompliceerd.

We vermijden geen serieuze discussies over deze kwestie, terwijl we de "pan-sveryizing van klimaatproblemen" vermijden. De ontwerpresolutie over klimaatverandering en veiligheid op dezelfde dag, en de permanente leden van de stemming veto van Rusland hebben tegen de stemming gestemd en de ontwerp-resolutie niet passeerde. China Verlaten het kaartje, Zhang Jun verklaarde zijn verklaring na de stemming. Zhang Jun zei dat China altijd groot belang heeft gehecht aan het aanpakken van de klimaatverandering en is altijd actief deelgenomen aan internationale samenwerking en een verantwoordelijke en constructieve rol spelen. China is onwrikbaar met de werking van de uitvoering van overeenkomsten in de "Parijs-overeenkomst", en heeft belangrijke bijdragen geleverd aan de overeenkomst, effectieve en follow-up-implementatie. China is ook een pragmatisch initiatief onder het zuid-zuid-samenwerkingskader, en doet wat u kunt helpen andere ontwikkelingslanden moeten reageren op uitdagingen voor klimaatverandering.

Over de kwestie van klimaatverandering, zijn alle verbintenissen gedaan, China gaat alles, zeggend om te doen; alles is bevorderlijk voor globaal milieubeheer, dat bevorderlijk is voor ontwikkelingslanden, China heeft altijd positieve attitudes.

  Zhang Jun wees erop dat alleen in het proces van groene transformatie en duurzame ontwikkeling, klimaatverandering fundamenteel kan worden opgelost.

Het willekeurig gelooft dat klimaatverandering de enige veiligheidsuitdaging van de mensheid is. Dit is geen wetenschappelijke houding. Het is niet goed voor de internationale samenwerking van het klimaatverandering. Het is niet gunstig om conflicten effectief op te lossen, maar zal een negatieve impact hebben.

  Zhang Jun zei dat de meest fundamentele benadering van de impact van de klimaatverandering een significante vermindering van de uitstoot van broeikasgassen is totdat het uiteindelijk netto emissies is. In dit opzicht is het principe van verantwoordelijkheid gemeen, maar onderscheidend.

Ontwikkelingslanden, vooral in Afrikaanse landen, en kleine eilandlanden, tegenover de speciale moeilijkheden en de situatie in klimaatverandering, ontwikkelde landen hebben een verantwoordelijkheid om hen te helpen de capaciteitsopbouw te versterken en de economische sociale taaiheid te verbeteren en te verbeteren.

De ontwerp-resolutie heeft deze belangrijke problemen niet betrokken en het is natuurlijk niet om de richting van het bespreken van deze kwestie te bespreken, en er is eerlijkheid.

Bovendien hebben de ontwerpresoluties de specifieke proposities en de gemeenschappelijke verwachtingen van Afrikaanse landen over klimaat- en veiligheidskwesties niet volledig weerspiegeld. Zhang Jun benadrukte dat het noodzakelijk is om het daadwerkelijke belang te zien om de daadwerkelijke betekenis van de acties van de Veiligheidsraad in klimaatproblemen te beoordelen. Momenteel zijn ontwikkelingslanden het meest bezorgd, en ook de secretaris-generaal van Gutres benadrukte herhaaldelijk, en het is een toezegging aan ontwikkelde landen die ernstig zijn om de financiering van klimaatfinanciering, technologieoverdracht, capaciteitsopbouw te wisselen. Stel toezichtmechanismen in om de vervulling van ontwikkelde landen te bevorderen om ervoor te zorgen dat de toewijding op zijn plaats is, het meest urgente, belangrijkste kwestie is. Zhang JUN zei dat de Veiligheidsraad niet handelde in het probleem van luchtverandering. In feite is het klimaatprobleem afgehandeld onder bepaalde landenproblemen. Wij pleiten voor de Veiligheidsraad om deze richting voort te zetten, vanuit het perspectief van vrede en veiligheid, Uit de specifieke situatie om de klimaatvraag te verwerken, op basis van het nauwkeurig vastgrijp het mechanisme van de veiligheidsrisico’s van het klimaataandrijving, onderzoek gericht op reactie.

Net als andere wereldwijde uitdagingen is het meer nodig om gasveranderingen te verwerken, in plaats van confrontatie.


The test game came to Beijing Winter Olympics.

Original title: The test game came from Beijing Winter Olympics. On the 27th of this month, the Beijing Winter Olympics will usher in countdown for 100 days. With the approach of Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics test has been launched. The reporter learned from the Beijing Winter Olympics, from October 5 to the end of December, "Meet Beijing" series of winter sports events launched in the three major regions (Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou) – 10 international events, 3 International training weeks and two domestic test activities have appeared.

As a valuable opportunity of the last comprehensive combat inspection of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics is attracting attention.

A series of test competitions before the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabling Association is the requirements and practices of the International Olympic Committee and the International ICO.

According to the arrangement, the eight race venues in 3 divisions will be inspected during this test. Asian Disease Skating Open and Short Travel Slifting World Cup will settle the capital gymnasium; National Swimming Center will hold ice causing domestic test activities and wheelchair ice causing world tournaments; from November 3, in the National Snow Car Sleigh Center, Sleigh International The training week and the World Cup game will be held; the domestic testing activities will be held in Wukesong Sports Center and the National Gymnasium; the International Snow Federation Skiing and Freestyle Ski Disorder Chasing World Cup will be held in Genting Ski Park. Since December 2nd, the International Snow Jumping Tilly World Cup will be held in the Guyang Tree Pavilion, and two two international training weeks of the North Europe. On October 6, Zhangjiakou Chongli ushered in the first snow in the second half of this year. It is understood that the Yunding Venue Group and the Guyang Tree Affairs in Zhangjiakou Division will start snow work according to the weather in about the weather, and ensure that the test race will be saved on time.

In the first half of this year, the Beijing Winter Olympics committee has organized some test activities, inviting some domestic athletes and domestic technical officials to participate in the test work.

In contrast, many of this test match is a season of international winter single sports organizations. There are also some Winter Olympics qualifications, and the accumulation will use the timing score system when the Winter Olympics will be used. And the standard is higher.

It is worth mentioning that it will be the top priority of the epidemic prevention and control.

During the test competition, there will be more than 2,000 athletes from overseas, with team officials and international technical officials, timing score professionals, etc., to participate in various international events and training weeks.

As Beijing Winter Olympics is about to usher in countdown for 100 days and the launch of the test competition, the Beijing Winter Olympics has been conducted until the last sprint preparation period. "As of now, nearly 30 athletes in our province are preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics with all winter projects, ranking in the country in the country.

In addition, nearly 10 coaches and medical careers participated in the preparation for Beijing Winter Olympics.

"Wang Dong, director of the Sports Project Management Center, Winter Sports Project Management Center, said that" We will strive to set up more than 30 athletes, the coaches team fight the Beijing Winter Olympics, strive for 1 to 3 gold medals, 4 to 6 medals .

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Chengdu introduced ten policy courtesy "craftsmen"

This newspaper (Reporter Li Na) encouraged in Rong to settle, and the children enjoyed education! Sichuan Chengdu recently introduced ten policy measures to "Chengdu craftsman".

Since 2019, Chengdu has selected 1812 "Chengdu Craftsman", incorporating the Chengdu Talent Policy System, and enjoy the same treatment of high-skilled talents in various talent policies.

The "Chengdu Courtesy" Chengdu Artisan "Ten Policy Measures", encouraged the "Chengdu Craftsman" in Rong to settle in the city’s same employers, continuously pay social security more than 1 year, recommended, Municipal Federation of Trade Union, According to the legal stable residence owned by him or the immediate relative, the order of the unit collective households and talent centers, and the sequence of talent centers. If the applicant or direct relative has legal stable residence, it can apply for spouses, minor children, and old parents in accordance with relevant policies.

In the "Chengdu Craftsman", it belongs to the victims of the major talents in Chengdu and in the management period, and children enjoys the education preferential treatment policy in accordance with relevant regulations.

At the same time, the city has issued the "Chengdu Craftsman" to issue "Rongcheng Talents Green Card, Chengdu Craftsman" solid card and electronic card, with cards to enjoy medical, traffic, insurance guarantee, and cultural and enterprises. The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu University Federation stated that the ten policy focused compulsive reality needs, providing them with better family security, work guarantee, treatment guarantee, to better create a good atmosphere of skills, and constantly improve the "Chengdu craftsman" The professional honor and social identity of high-skilled talents, stimulating the majority of industrial workers to actively improve their personal skills and create a first to compete.

Parents jointly "request" 7-year-old child transfer, the home committee is not the "weapon" of the teacher

  For a few days ago, 37 people in Guiyang were petitioned, requiring a 7-year-old girl, a girl, who has triggered a lot of attention in society. On October 27, "Qianjiang Evening News" launched a special report, visiting a number of parents, teachers, and launched a deep dialogue with Niu Niu Mother who was asked to transfer. In the report, many event details before the previously disclosed events were disclosed. The facts of these new disclosures have been a more comprehensive understanding of this "conflict with no winners", but also deeply exposes the relationship between the family school behind the event. Review the whole event, the contradiction of Niu Niu mother and other parents started in November last year, causing a conflict of the contradiction, the conflict of Niu Niu Mom and the Director of the Director. Niu Niu mother and class teacher quarrel, a new group who excluded Niu Niu’s parents was built at the leadership of the home committee, and he was served as a group of groups, and after a day, I asked to expel the first joint confidentiality of Niu Niu. The committee’s initiative signed up.

  Later, through the communication of the mother of Niu, the first joint letter was not submitted, but the good view was not long, in March 2021, after the victim of Niu Niu mother and the school, the family committee was resended, wrote The second joint letter is connected to the first one.

Under the report of Niu Niu Mom, the relevant departments received the gift of the family committee, publishing a scope of grades, leaking before the exam, and participated in the family committee alone group and other acts. But in the end, Niu Niu is still transferred in September this year. The events described above have passed only an infarction, and the original text has been explained in detail.

However, even if you only see the syndrome, the careful readers are not difficult to find: Niu Niu’s family committee, playing a very important role in the entire incident. Almost all things in the public look "not brilliant" are direct handles of the home committee. In the report, there is a visiting parent to say that he did not want to participate in the joint letter incident, and committed the name of the home committee. Even members of a family committee said: he does not agree that the family committee expelling the practice of the Niu Niu, but he is "not afraid of things," and has to sign in the joint letter.

  For the concept of "Sports Committee", many students are unfamiliar. Strictly speaking, the home committee is not formally organized, and there is no official position in the teaching work of the school. However, although the home committee is just a small group established in the name, in reality, the home committee often becomes a teacher’s "assistant", which acts as a "spokesperson" in front of all parents. In the "expelted Niu Niu" incident, the home committee is in order to maintain the teaching method and teaching authority of the teacher, take the initiative to provoke a dispute in the way of joint letter.

In some cases of visiting parents, the strong intervention of the home committee is just a key reason for intensifying contradictions.

  Parents with different educational concepts, different parents of teachers, can have different views. Some parents hope that teachers are strict, give children some learning stress, and parents hope teachers to easily, fully implement "double mining".

In general, this contradiction is not rare, and it is also difficult to avoid some extent.

In healthy home school communication mode, the teacher should directly dialogue with the parents provided by the school, and actively listen to the views of the parties and adjust the teaching policy to everyone. Put the contradiction back to the parents, sitting on the parents "Influggling", is the least responsible also worst solution.

  Once the parents open the "introvert" model, the home committee almost inevitably stands to the side of the teacher, crowded, isolated with the teacher’s contradictory parents. From the perspective of human love, the home committee made such a choice is not surprising.

Compared with the "Teacher-Parent" binary communication model, the "Teacher-Household Committee-Parent" three-level communication model, on the one hand, the authority of the teacher, on the other hand, also suppressed the freedom to express different opinions of ordinary parents. .

  Excessive home committees, it is easy to form a "minority" in the parents, which will lead the pressure to the student.

From the surface, the teacher seems to be the beneficiary of this communication model, but once the family committee really makes a mess, the Merry of the Sailing Economic Committee also pays the price for this, take responsibility.

  So, it is not to deny the existence of the domestic committee.

After all, the performance of different schools, different classes, and home committees may be large. In many cases, although the home committee is more close to the teacher, its function is only to help teachers carry out some daily work, and by the way, the general parents will not be conflicted with such a home committee, but also Thankful. However, if the teacher has no insertion, the home committee is too close to the teacher, the home committee is likely to become the "weapon" in the hands of the teacher, which may hurt other parents, or the teacher itself may be. To avoid this, the school must be strictly classified by the family school relationship, prevent the domestic committee to over-intervention of teaching matters, teachers must also be cleaned up, do not take the parents’ "stars" as a kind of enjoyment, so can Let the family committee and home school relationships are alienated.

This scholarship, look forward to you!

At the end of September 2021, the people’s network scholarships have been opened to the national universities in colleges and universities, as of October 18, has received an application for nearly 100 students from 30 colleges and universities.

Since its establishment in 2008, the people’s network scholarship has rewards 630 students from the 14 well-known colleges of the country (municipalities directly under the Central Government), as well as 970 outstanding papers, 121 excellent technical topics, 67 excellent design works, 105 excellent integration media work. But this scholarship open application is still the first time, it is not very common in the country.

Since the start of the event, all kinds of consultation calls, consulting emails, attracted the widespread concern of college students in colleges and universities. College universities have also supported students from the students to apply for people’s online scholarships, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shandong Engineering Vocational and Technology University, etc., have also organized the primary election activities to apply for people’s network scholarships, which greatly enhances the enthusiasm of students, and helps Elect the leader in the outstanding student of our school.

People’s Daily Scholarship Open Application will be closed on October 31, 2021.

Looking forward to more excellent classmates apply for applications, a show! Registration Link: People’s Network PC End Registration Link: People’s Network + Client Registration QR Code:.

Supervision and Code Multi-DIST Securities Regulatory Bureau continuously issued private equity fund rectification order

  Regulatory initiatives in private equity are being compacted.

In recent times, against the misappropriation of fund property, with investors agreed with the minimum benefits, the illegal violations of the provision of regulations were not implemented in accordance with regulations, and the illegal violations of investors’ appropriate sex management requirements, Guangdong, Hainan Multi-DIT continuously issued the private equity company Alert letter, administrative punishment or order the rectification notice. On November 8, the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau adopted the decision of warning measures to Shenzhen Aiyi Capital Investment Co., Ltd. and Liang Guangze.

Its illegal issues include the proceeds of the China Securities Investment Fund Association after the completion of private equity fund products, and funds funds to non-qualified investors.

On the same day, the administrative punishment book for Shenzhen Qihai Guocheng Capital Management Co., Ltd. also landed, and its illegal violations included some private equity fund products did not follow the provisions of the record, and the minimum benefits were promised to investors. On November 4th, the official website of Hainan Securities Regulatory Bureau continued to disclose six fund supervision notices such as the "Decision of Southern Witch (Hainan) Asset Management Co., Ltd." to the Decision of Correction Measures, ordered to include Double witch (Hainan) assets. Zhongdu Silver, Guoxin Guotou, Secondary Films, Hainan Washing and Haichukawa 6 private equity, its main violations include misappropriation of fund property, using private equity fund managers account, private equity, collect fund property, and investors agree The expected annual rate of return or performance is based on the reference, and the appropriate management requirements of investors are not implemented.

  On the same day, the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau also released an administrative penalty, Zhuhai Hengqin Fund Management Co., Ltd. misappropriated 300 million yuan of fund property to the company’s related account and personal account, and also blended the company’s property, others in the fund property. Engaged in investment, the company was punished by 60,000 yuan, and another direct responsible personnel were also fined 60,000 yuan.

  Since this year, private equity fund supervision has further strengthened and improved. In January, the Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Some Provisions on Strengthening the Supervision of Private Funds", reaffirming the bottom line requirements of private equity fund supervision, guiding private equity fund industry to truly return to private placement and investment, and promote the sustainable development of industry regulations. The size of the private equity also has a steady improvement. The latest data of the Chinese Kissic Association shows that as of the end of September 2021, there were 24,512 private fund managers, and the management fund was usually trillion, an increase of 20% over December last year.

A total of five people came,Including a very famous scientist。The attitude of the five people towards Li Ming is also very polite and respectful。

But the purpose makes Li Ming uncomfortable,One is to propose to buy the research imperial crocodile,It’s nothing,Anyway, this monster also promised Da Silva to kill。And it’s too much trouble to ship back to China across the Pacific.。Li Ming is only planning to get some body parts of the crocodile and wait to go back.。
But want to recruit myself,This group of South Americans are too arrogant, right?。Just these few small broken base cities?I really don’t know where the confidence comes from。
Drove these people away with a stinking face。
Waited a few days,Da Silva also survived smoothly from Ruins No. 9,Although I lost an arm,But also got a black god suit。
“congratulation,Da Silva!”Li Ming said with a smile。
“I guess your gains must be greater!”Da Silva said with a wry smile:“I don’t know if I changed my arm for the Black God suit,But you,Can actually kill all the Emperor Desserts,The harvest must be great。”Da Silva didn’t ask Li Ming for any information.,Since he passed the trial,Naturally, I also know most of the useful information obtained in the ruins,Can’t leak。
“Since you came out too,I also hunted down that king monster,Then I won’t stay longer。”
“You really didn’t intend to stay in our base city of Sao Paulo?”Da Silvalho asked jokingly。
Li Ming waved his hand,no answer,But Tissot left here in an instant。
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Hurry over,Do you want myself to unlock the belt??”
I heard the urgency of hairy,Cai Qiuyu has some trembling slowly sitting next to the long foal,Then slowly kneel down。
Going back to Xu Kun in the second floor, some lost mobile phone,A Zhang Sheng Live in Cai Qiuyu in the mobile phone,Every life photo is a little bit of his life.。
When he saw the message of Cai Qiuyu,The whole person is stunned.。
“Akun,I love you,I really love you so much,But I don’t take me with them.,They will definitely kill you.,You must save me,I may be long-haired,You see the boss,The boss will save me.,Akun,Can I meet you more?,Just look at you.,I am worse.,I have no face, see you.。”
Information content is very short,But the meaning of expressing, but Xu Kun is still surprised and scared.。
For a time, he even has some messages.。
I think that the long hair is going to take the hand in Cai Qiuyu Waist.,He also understands immediately,The long hair started to start a bad idea。
Think of a scene with Cai Qiuyu,Think of the other person’s smile。
Think of the beautiful people like each other,Can returning to the countryside with him,He feels that it is for each other.iEverything is worth it.。
immediately,He is also riding a motorcycle, and rushed toward the cottage outside the village.。
Li took the wind at this time, just happy with two people.,At the same time, it is also ready to let the old man move to the second floor.。
But how do he persuaded?,The two old people don’t seem to have the heart.。
Just when he thought, he gave two old people to re-cover this tamah house.,Outside the door, Xu Kun took an anxious voice with a cry.。
Chapter 771 Conditions
“Little girl,Helpful,Little girl”I heard Xu Kun’s anxious voice.,Xu Ruzhen and Li paid with the wind, there were also Xu Dashan, which was quickly got up.。
Xu Kun saw Li Hui Feng’s moment,There is no two words directly Peng’s place.。
Then, it is Peng Pepeng’s hoe.。
“Brother,I beg you to save autumn rain.,As long as you can save the autumn rain,I am willing to give you this life.。”
Looking at Xu Kun, the forehead has begun to bleeding,Li Hui is also a glimpse,He feels that this time does not seem to make a fake.。
What do you stand up first?,I don’t understand what you said.。”
Xu Kun heard this,Also hurry up,Quickly tell things,At the same time, the information sent to him by Cai Qiuyu allowed Li Hui to see it.。
Li Hui Rong and Xu Ru Wei see the content of the information is also directly opposite.。
Li Hui can see that Xu Ru is not to bear,I want to save Cai Qiuyu。
“You are waiting here first.,I will call Jin Xijie.,Let them put people first put it again。”
Jin Xijie received a call from Li Hui,It is also true that people are looking for people.。
Chang Hair is comfortable to close your eyes.,In front of a brother,Want to hard up for a while,As a result, as a ringtone ringing,But it is directly that he can’t hold it again.。
When I received a call,His face is ugly。
At the same time, it is also evil-looking to Cai Qiuyu.。
“Calculate your luck,You get off,remember,Our matter is not finished,I will find you in the next day.。”
Finish,Let people open the door directly,Put Cai Qiuyu。
Cai Qiuyu’s face after getting off the bus,The taste of the mouth makes her feel disgusting。
But I heard the words of the long hair.,She feels that her life has seen the sun.。
She suddenly had a kind of impulse。