The principle of painless acupuncture for weight loss

The principle of painless acupuncture for weight loss

· By regulating the nervous system, the activity level of the stomach can be reduced and the gastric emptying can be delayed after a meal. It can also suppress excessive gastric acid secretion and eliminate abnormal appetite.

In addition, changes in neurotransmitter release caused by acupuncture can also affect appetite.

  · In terms of the endocrine system, acupuncture therapy restores the endocrine disorders by regulating the two systems of “hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex” and “sympathetic-adrenal cortex.

  · Peroxidized lipids in patients with hypertension are higher than normal. Adjusting lipid metabolism through acupuncture can reduce the level of lipid peroxides in the body and accelerate metabolic decomposition.

Detox skin beauty woman spring yoga practice has many benefits

Detox skin beauty woman spring yoga practice has many benefits

The core tip: The new year spring is here again, and the snails have been living for a winter. The toxins in the body must have accumulated too much, and the flesh has grown up.

Let’s practice yoga together.

Lose weight, detox, and have good races.

  What is the biggest benefit of spring yoga practice? Spring yoga practice has a detoxification effect.

In this season, the wind is beautiful, and all things are germinating. For the human body, its physiological changes mainly have the following aspects: first, the blood and blood activities are stronger, and the metabolism is beginning to flourish; second, the human liver is corresponding to the springThe function is relatively strong in the spring, and the specific manifestation is that the liver main dredges the blood, and the liver main drains the function gradually.

  In western medicine, the liver is the chemical factory of the human body. It excretes all toxins in our diet. Among the five internal organs of the human body, only the liver can be regenerated after cutting off a part of it.

Practicing more asanas and breathing in the spring will make your skin younger and more vibrant.

  Pay attention to some questions in spring yoga practice1.

Do n’t practice the flexibility of your body. The exercises of your body are your own body. Each person has different physical conditions and different degrees of practice. Some people have better flexibility, some people have a strong sense of balance, and some people haveStrength is stronger. No matter what, you exercise your own body, so you don’t need to compete with Xueyou. As long as you feel better, you are better today than yesterday, and you are successful.

Barely pulling your body, pulling it hard, it is inevitable that you won’t be injured.


Do not practice in windy places. The places where the exercises are performed should be hot and cold. The ancients talked about “spring covering autumn and freezing”, windy in spring, and wind evil is the main factor of exogenous factors of spring diseases, it may cause various infectious, epidemicSexual diseases such as colds, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc.

Practicing yoga in windy places is not good for health. Not only does it fail to exercise, it is also easy to catch a cold.

Because when we practice yoga, it ‘s easy to sweat. When we sweat, our pores will open up. What happens when the wind blows to our body?

Everyone must know that when athletes are experiencing strenuous exercise and sweating heavily, they cannot immediately blow cold wind or drink a lot of cold water, because at this time the athlete’s pores are fully opened, and they are “inside” and “outside” of the human body.In the meantime, the various protective “barriers” that are protective in order to prioritize heat dissipation are “disarmed”, so if the cold wind blows at this time, the cold air will penetrate directly into the body, resulting in a sudden “tissues and organs of the human body””Cold shrink” phenomenon, which causes all kinds of discomfort.

  In addition, the pores have a strong filtering effect. When sweating heavily, the filtering effect almost disappears, and those bacteria and viruses transmitted by the wind just take this opportunity to get into the human body to make trouble.

Don’t sweat too much to prevent the amount of yang exercise from leaking out of your body, and people will sweat.

Sisters who are losing weight are even more anxious to sweat every time they exercise.

  However, in the spring, the yang energy rises and everything recovers. Like other creatures in nature, the yang energy in the body begins to erupt. At this time, if you sweat too much, it will hurt the person’s vitality and cause excessive.Symptoms of fatigue.

Therefore, when we are exercising in the spring, we should grasp a degree, that is, just sweating, don’t make ourselves too tired.

  In the spring, the human body’s yang is in accordance with nature, and it is excessively evacuated upwards. Therefore, we must pay attention to protect the yang in our body, and avoid any damage to the yang.


Asana is based on flexible contraction balance.

  Throughout the cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing to do in spring is to contract the exercise to awaken the body.

Contracted and balanced yoga poses can not only achieve stretching and massage effects, but also avoid excessive exercise, excessive sweating, and damage to yang.

  Yoga asanas, gradually maintaining a healthy, agile body, with slow breathing, gradually, squeezing and twisting various parts of the body, repeatedly putting the body in two extreme states of tension and relaxation, the body appeared after many timesWith a massage-like effect, it can promote blood circulation, restore the vitality of the body, eliminate the stiffness of joints, improve the quality of sleep, improve the concentration of practitioners, and gain peace of mind.

Wu Zetian’s longevity

Wu Zetian’s longevity

Whether a person can live longer or not is governed by two major factors: innate and acquired.

The longest birthday of Empress Wu Zetian in Chinese history illustrates this problem.

  Wu Zetian was born in 624 AD, died in 705 AD, and was 81 years old. This is rare in the Tang Dynasty, where the average life expectancy is only 30 years old.

In 660 AD, Wu Zetian was 36 years old. He was entrusted with political affairs and was in charge of the government for 45 years. Because of her physical health, she was born with a clear mind, determined and courageous, and diligent in politics, and managed the Li family dynasty.

  According to the test, one of the factors that Wu Zetian’s health and longevity is congenital.

The ancestors of Wu’s ancestors, the fathers lived very long, especially her mother, who lived 92 years old, in the Tang Dynasty is absolutely unique!

When the genetics was the “first-generation queen”, it was still clear and savvy, providing innate conditions.

  Wu Zetian’s Xi Wu Shangwen is very active and is another reason for her longevity.

Wu Zetian has practiced a variety of exercises with his parents since childhood, especially longer than qigong, from small to old.

After Tang Taizong’s return to heaven, she was reduced to the days of Thanksgiving Temple, and it was not only practiced, but even the “wild history” recorded that “Wu Cai people entered the temple and began to work.”

This is a misinformation.

Wu Shi from the small martial arts, can ride good shots, not only to give a beautiful impression to the Emperor Taizong who is a martial artist, but also gave her a healthy body.

The scholar’s supreme and holy emperor, although a piance, had noticed the ruling and opposition to surrender the horse, leaving a beautiful talk to future generations.

  Wu Zetian is cheerful, generous and generous, and it is another factor in her longevity.

In 684 AD, when the emperor was over 60 years old, he was found to be in a state of turmoil. Liuzhou Sima Luobin Wang also wrote a “war book” to explore the martial arts of the martial arts, which listed the 20 major crimes of Wu Zetian.

After the understanding of Wu Zetian, who was open-minded, he surprisingly proposed this “article of gunpowder”.

Wu Zetian never angered after reading, but was moved by the ability of Luo Binwang to control the words and the talents of extraordinary people.

She sighed that there was no one in Wenwu who could rank with Liuzhou Sima, and criticized the prime minister. Why didn’t he want to unite this kind of talent around him?

Wu Zetian’s recruitment is always highly respected, and it is also good for her health and longevity.

Four DIY posts make Qiu Fei feel beauty

Four DIY posts make Qiu Fei feel beauty

Lai Yayan often boils some skin-care supplements for herself. She drinks them during the day for a few days, and at night sleeps.

There is one thing that few people know. She specially made a “sleeping pillow” for herself. Putting medicinal materials in the pillow can also help beauty!

“Beauty sleep” makes your skin supple and smooth in autumn, so come and learn with her.

  1. Poria fish soup ingredients: one section of ginger, one fresh fish, 10 grams of Poria, salt and wine.

  Practice: 1.

Ginger was washed and sliced, and Poria was washed for later use.


Wash fresh fish and cut into pieces.


Add ginger slices and Poria to the pot, add water and bring to a boil, add fish fillets, and season with wine and salt after cooking.

  ◎ Ya-Yan’s small reminder: Because the fish is easy to boil, you can put it in after the herbs are boiled.

This soup helps to calm down and sleep, especially in the summer when you are restless and sleepy.

  Second, the material of jujube kernel soup: 20 grams of jujube kernel, 10 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of Zhimu, 15 grams of Poria, 10 grams of licorice.

  Practice: 1.

Wash all the herbs first.


After boiling, add all the herbs to the pan.


Boil the herbs and drink as tea.

  ◎ Yayan reminds: Sometimes, if you work too much, you will lose sleep even if you are very tired, or you may not relax easily. You may think too much. This is because you are too tired, which leads to insufficient liver and blood.

Decoction of this jujube soup can help stabilize the spirit, it will be easier to fall asleep at night, and it can also improve the problems of insomnia, dreaminess, palpitations or light sleep.

  Third, sleep pillow material: chrysanthemum, drought even grass or Manjingzi amount.

  How to do it: Put chrysanthemums, even dry grass or vitex on the pillow.

  ◎ Yayan reminder: Do you know that someone can become smarter by sleeping well?

Some people say “what you eat and what you supplement”, but I also think “where is the best place to sleep?”

If you want to sleep well and become smart, you can use dried chrysanthemums, dry grass or vitex to make pillows, which is helpful for insomnia, upset and irritability, and has the effect of taking care of the brain and refreshing the brain.

  Fourth, hot coarse salt bag material: 250 grams of coarse salt.

  Practice: 1.

Coarse salt is fried and wrapped in a cloth.


Warm on lower abdomen, shoulders, neck or soles.

  ◎ Yayan’s small reminder: The crude salt we use to purify crystals is coarse salt, so coarse salt can also purify the body.

Using a warm salt bag into the lower abdomen can treat women’s menstrual pain and congestion, and also promote blood circulation in the abdomen. It is not easy to have problems with the lower abdomen. Inserting the shoulder and neck and soles of the feet can help eliminate stress and fatigue, and helpRelax, decompress, and get a good rest and sleep.

The old man should not believe in the illusion of letting profits

The old man should not believe in the illusion of “letting profits”

“My mother is very soft and often believes what outsiders say.
Some false advertising campaigns have caused her to spend a lot of money and exchange a lot of various treatments, health products and so on.
Every time we tell her that these are useless, she will be unhappy, and it seems that we are not filial to our children.
I don’t know what to do?
An enthusiastic reader said this.
It is not uncommon to see a situation like this.
To this end, psychologists suggest that children should be more persuaded and more companioned by their parents, gradually changing their suspicion of others.
  After retirement, the elderly have their own life circle and friends.
Because the children are usually busy, the time spent with their parents is not much, and the feelings between the old partners are very close to a certain extent.
Some businessmen are eyeing this consumer circle.
These unscrupulous businessmen often use the “letter” illusion to confuse the elderly.
  An old man who had just attended a free tour organized by a seller of air purification equipment told the reporter: Before the departure, the staff took her “Auntie Auntie Short” and kept saying that it was free to travel and eat.Visiting the scenic spot; arriving at the destination, listening to the health lectures for half a day, and visiting the scenic spots for a long time. Although it was very tired, it was a lot of knowledge, and people also gave a lot of discounts. Many of the old partners of the same group finally bought them.This air purifying device.
The reporter saw in the mall that a well-known brand purifier with the function of the old man sold 700 yuan, while the old man bought 1,300 yuan.
  In many communities, people come to the clinic from time to time.
Lin Laotai said that she often attends a free clinic and receives equipment treatment. It feels very good. After using it for a few times, she can’t help persuading her to buy a home.
“The introduction of the people is detailed, and there is a certificate of certification. It will not be fake.
Moreover, I also gave me a discount.
For the health of your family, why not buy it?
And an insider revealed to reporters that this kind of salesman, which is known as “authority and low discount”, is a lot of jokes. In the sales promotion activities organized by an organization in Henan, the experts invited are fake, and the cost of health care products sold.Very low, such as deep sea fish oil, velvet and other boxes cost only 10 yuan, the price of a box of 100 to 200 yuan.
They use the form of giving, discounting, etc. to create the illusion of “give profit” and stimulate the desire of the elderly to buy.

Love temper?

The liver is “dead” fast

Love temper?
The liver is “dead” fast

People often regard temper temper as a person’s personality traits. In fact, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, people with bad temper and easy to get angry and angry often have liver dysfunction and even organic disease.
Traditional Chinese medicine will be classified as “liver fire.”
  ”Liver fire” can be divided into “virtual” and “real”.
“A real fire” means that the liver is flaming, mostly due to long-term depression, emotional uneasiness, liver qi stagnation, and depression and fire.
   In addition to irritability and irritability, it often manifests as dizziness and pain, red face, red mouth, mouth and mouth dry, or flank pain on both sides of the chest, constipation, short urine, poor sleep.
  ”Virtual fire” refers to the normal yang of the liver, but the yin and blood deficiency, so that the liver and yang are relatively strong.
This is often caused by anger and injury to the liver, qi stagnation and fire, burning heat and liver and kidney yin blood, or due to excessive sexual intercourse, old liver and kidney yin deficiency, liver yang hemiplegia.
In addition to the symptoms similar to “real fire”, there are also signs of yin deficiency such as waist and knees, top-heavy and light feet.
  ”Liver fire” is easy to make people angry, and anger is very serious to the body.
Foreign scientists have done an experiment, put the white mouse in the gas exhaled when the person is angry, and found that the white mouse soon died of poisoning!
  So how can we improve this situation?
  First of all, you must adjust your emotions.
  Emotions are closely related to “liver fire”. Bad emotional stimuli can cause liver damage, and liver damage can increase emotional imbalance.
Therefore, in order to fundamentally correct this situation, we must learn to adjust our emotions autonomously, treat people and things around us with a tolerant and peaceful attitude, and actively respond to the hardships of life.
  The second is to form a good living habit, to sleep enough, and to sleep well.
  Some people think that as long as 8 hours of sleep is enough, in fact, more important is the sleep time and quality.
In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the working hours of the liver are from 11:00 in the evening to 1 in the morning. If you do not sleep at this time, it will make the workload too large, and damage the liver over time.
  The third is to eat properly.
  Eat more protein foods such as eggs, milk, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp and fine meat, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins; drink should be a variety of fresh juices, yogurt, corn juice, etc.It is good for the liver, and all kinds of alcohol should be as little or as little as possible.

100 skinny legs every day

100 skinny legs every day


Every day before going to bed, the pedals are 100 times. There is a fixed rhythm. Don’t be slow and slow. The speed is moderate. Concentrate on it. Don’t think that you don’t feel tired.


Do not put down immediately after stepping on, keep the posture ready, put your legs together, straight up into the air, avoid bending, and straighten your toes.

Hold on for 3 minutes and then slowly let go.


After doing the above actions, the whole leg will be a bit numb, then remember to massage your legs!


  Small reminder: This action may be more difficult. If you don’t adapt, you can do 50 times each time. I am an acute child. I want to slim down immediately, so I will do 100 times.

It should be noted that this action must be adhered to every day, and you must not stop for one day, so it has no effect at all!

If you do well, you should take it as a fixed homework every day, otherwise it will be counterproductive. (I am lazy and do not do it. The result is a typical rebound in 3 months.) Weight loss part: This group of actions is mainly for the loose part of the thigh.I also have some exercise on the waist and abdomen. I insisted on doing a week, and the thighs are really thinning every day!

The effect is quite obvious!

  However, it seems to be useless for the calf, so from yesterday, before doing this group of exercises, add a method of putting the legs 90 degrees on the top for more than 15 minutes to see if you can put a calf.

  Diet needs attention: there is nothing to be said about diet. I just don’t eat sweet, don’t drink cola, eat instant noodles, drink plenty of water, don’t eat or eat snacks outside of three meals, others don’t deliberately avoid it.

Before breakfast every day, after dinner, drink a small bowl of honey: white vinegar (1:4).

I hope to be able to apply 2 or 3 kilograms, about 47.