Daxing’anling Gagdaqi District "Point Line Face" to build "I do practical things for the masses" blueprint

People’s Network Harbin on April 26th, for practical solving the people "urgent expensive" problem, effectively reflecting the party history and education in the university’s operation, in the practice of the people, Daxinganling Gagdaci District with "point line facators "Solidly promoting the practice of" I do practical things for the masses ".

Find the "entry point" to carry out the "People’s Vocational History" to collect opinions.

Gugdaqi District is based on "Open the door to observe the people, listening to the voice of the people", and eliminates contradictions and monks ". Ways and other methods, the extensive sake of advice from all walks of life.

The practice of the active group’s suggestions and discovery of the comments, according to the first prior needed order, and listed 61 questions and specific practical things to "I do practical things for the masses", proposed Specific measures and work objectives, implementing the responsible persons and responsible units.

Currently, there have been 18 problems and complete 18 practices.

Clarify the "Development Line" to carry out special attack activities for industry-puzzle. The Gagdaki District Committee has carried out the "Project Construction Difficult to Attack", "The System Industry Puzzle" "Three major attacks" actions for the main content.

Focus on project construction, now planned from 7 major categories of agricultural products, all-domain tourism, trade logistics, etc., total investment billions; focus on 6 investment promotion projects, total investment billion yuan.

Focus on the style of work, and create a "business" government service brand, 36 units open commitments to government affairs integrity, and combing 866 lists of "do not seek" matters.

The hospital implements online appointment registration, opening the outpatient self-service inquiry system, realizing "seeking a doctor," to add social security business consulting station, set up the chief waiter, to achieve the "social security handling," In the three days, I have to achieve the food management license "to do not ask for people"; the education system has achieved "schooling without people" through sunshine; the court launched "Sunshine Execution" and fully guarantee the right to know, and realize "implementation." Focus on focus, quickly and orderly to advance the national vaccination work, the first time increases the fixed inoculation point to eight, establish three mobile vaccination teams, 56 people who have reserves the pressed positions, as of now, inoculation work is powerful , "Zero stock, daily clear" vaccination requirements effectively.

Broaden "coverage" and carry out the implementation of the "three most" issues. The Gagdaci District Committee focuses on the "eagerness" problem of the masses, and determines the transformation of the old community, the three-to-life upgrade, "the most beautiful campus" construction, the pocket square construction, the low-key system is perfect, etc. And for the whole society. Party organizations at all levels, based on the duties and industry characteristics, and solve more than 80 pieces of "three most" problems.

Focus on Senfang, carry out the "learning party history of spring defense spirit, do practical things to win the Ching Ming Battle" theme practice, 23 school-level leading cadres and 141 department-level cadres deep into the hometown, community village, take the lead in implementing "Five" measures, signed a fire prevention responsibility, more than 50,000 leaflets, and promoted more than 80,000 cards.

Focusing on the masses, Gagdaci District union implemented warm-hearted action, establish 14 love stations, for traffic police, sanitation workers, takeaway small brothers, etc., "drinking water is difficult, rest, such as toilet", etc. Reality.

The Gagdaki District Human Bureau held the "Spring Breeze Send Post, Employment Warm Health" Recruitment Fair, 24 companies to participate, and 60 posts. Focus on the creation of the creation of the creation, the sixth streets are resolutely lifted to the main business, sanitation, property, law enforcement, municipal and other units, the winter residual snow is effective, and the illegal construction is more than 80 square meters, clean up the store and account for Road business behavior 866. Improve the "service" to carry out the "Talk" theme practice activities.

Jiagedaqi District rely on Party organization into the grid, party members entering the building, serving the "three into" models in the house, and more than 7,000 party members in the whole region conduct volunteer services to solve the problem for the people. Focusing on poverty alleviation, district committee secretaries and district committees party members have sent more than 2,000 yuan for condolences to help difficult children. The District Disabled Persons’ Federation increases the way of rescue by issuing a wheelchair, visiting condolences, implementing disabled policies. In the area, the medical staff of the district two-level medical institutions went deep into the township towns. Focus on service "three farmers", P. Add Township, Baihua Township to protect spring farming, all village party members, volunteers have more than 40 people, in-depth directions to guide spring plow materials, carry out technical services 12 times, agricultural machinery maintenance 20, home delivery More than 60 years.

The Gagdaqi District Market Supervision Administration launched the "Guardian Safety, Exchange Consumption", and provides free control services for the majority of farmers.

Focus on the small things around, the District CPPCC learned that the Shan Street residential building community has formed a road collapse due to construction, and often has problems with damage to the vehicle, coordinating the brick stone and sand, party members and cadres, and the collapse road recovery, complete " Car damage path "repair.

The District Public Security Bureau will take the initiative to move the police and civilians to extend the business to the town of township villages. You can apply for all business, accept the masses alarm, and answer the people’s consultation. (Sujinggang, Wulin) (Editor: Zhao Yi, Li Zhongshou).

2021 World Dahe Song Wanzhou Singing

Lied en dans "gebed".Hou Ben Yanjing Wanzhou is de geboortestad van China, Yundi is oude en moderne, klassieke centes.

Drama Plum Prize Winnaar Tan Jiqiong, Sichuan Bamboe Qin 9th Erfenissen Mensen Hij Ju Fang He Jufang, Join Handen naar Chongqing Three Gorges Chuan Shuyi Troupe en Chongqing Three Gorges Quyi Group Actors Danced Long Silk, Light Golven, Breng Chongqing Local Drama Special Programs ‘Plum Bloesem Peony en Type ", toont de wereld van Chongqing.Het "World Dahe Song" heeft een representatieve klassieke track met een representatieve klassieke track in het World Dahe River Bassin, en zal deelnemen aan de rivier de wereld, de Chinese moeder en de Yangtze-rivier.

Met de prachtige drie kloven Pinghu als achtergrond, de rijke drie kloven kenmerken alle hele artikelen, markeer de prachtige schoonheid van het landschap van de Geesteswetenschappen van de Yangtze-rivier, en deel de stad van landschappen aan de wereld.Sinds 2018 is het World Dahe-nummer op een rij gehouden.(Liu Zengning, Huang Yahui, Li Bo) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

De kruising en de licentie "Zero Slechte" Suinging gaf de eerste "kruising van de beugel"

Oorspronkelijke titel: de kruising en de licentie "ZERO SLECHTE SLECHTE" SUIDEN GEDOELDE DE EERSTE "INTERSICTIE, XIG), ACCENTIECERTIFICAAT, 10 DECEMBER, SUNINING, DE EERSTE" SHACKLE, The Transfer Certificate ", gehouden in Seunining City Hedong New District bij de Zelfde tijd hebben ondernemingen ook het reguliere certificaat van registratie verkregen en realiseren de kruising en passage van het certificaat.

Dit is het eerste onsterfelijke certificaat dat is afgegeven na de implementatie van "kruising van kruispunt". De ceremoni?le site, ingeslagen ontwikkeling Investment Group Co, Ltd en Suining Yugong Big Industry Real Estate Development Co. Hu Rui, General Manager Hu Rui, leverde een certificaat van reguliere eigendomsrechten.

  "Ik had de snelheid zo snel niet verwacht, ik heb minstens 1 week eerder gebruikt, ik kan het certificaat tegelijkertijd krijgen, nu krijg ik het certificaat voor de effici?nte overheidsdienst." Hu Rui zei: "Kruising, dat is: "Het is een substantieel voordeel, en het is echt in de grond om tijdkosten en kapitaalkosten te besparen. Het implementeren van de implementatie van de kruising van kruispunt is een belangrijke maatregelen die worden gelanceerd door SUNINING CITY om de hervorming van "Ontluchtingsdienst" te verdiepen en de bedrijfsomgevingen te optimaliseren.

Door het proces te optimaliseren, is de afdeling sympathiek, de tijdknooppunt, de tijdsnoer, die bedoeld is voor de aankoop, waardoor de kosten van het kantoor verder kan worden verminderd, waardoor ondernemingen de bonus kunnen delen die door de hervorming van het vastgoedregistratie is gebracht en de standaardisatie van het oplossen van overheidsdiensten. Handig niveau.

  "” ” Traft, dat wil zeggen, het overdrachtscertificaat", vermindert effectief de tijd van het Enterprise-certificaat, versnelt de snelheid van de ontwikkeling en de bouw van ondernemingen en vermindert ook de kosten van het land, de kapitaalkosten en de tijd kosten, een solide ontwikkeling voor de ontwikkeling van de langetermijnontwikkeling van het bedrijf. Basis. "De relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het registratiecentrum van City City, zei dat na de implementatie van de" kruising van kruispunt ", het stedelijk gebied of de natuurlijke persoon van de stad die het recht heeft behaald om het gebruik van de bouwgrond van de staatsbezit te gebruiken, door de applicatie (Nature) De verslaggever heeft geleerd dat de volgende stap, het Seunining City Real Estate Registration Center de implementatie van de "kruising van de reizen, dat is het transport", zal onderzoeken ", om een" snelle rijstrook "in werkelijke actie te cre?ren, de levering en het certificaat te realiseren" Zero Slecht verschil "" ZERO WACHTEN ".

(Zhao Xin Sichuan Online Reporter Wang Ruozu) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Strong new posture Southwest Medical University

Solidly promote the modernization of governance system and governance, implementation of the school, accelerate the construction of smart campus, to achieve more service online, handheld, one office.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the school will revolve around the goal of opening a good bureau in the new journey of the Western High-level Medical University in the Xi’an High-level Medical University, and implemented six major projects. First, vigorously implement the party building culture leading project. Implementing the comprehensive leadership of the party’s work, give full play to the fighting fortress role of the grassroots party organization and the exemplary role of party members, and vigorously promotes comprehensive development from severe administration from Yan Zhi Party. It will fully implement the fundamental tasks of the Lord Tree people, accelerate the comprehensive reform of the "Sanquan Educational People", and vigorously promote the reform of the intensive work and strive for the national civilized campus advanced school. The second is to vigorously implement the education comprehensive reform project.

Promote education teaching reform, vigorously build a national, provincial undergraduate first-class course, experimental teaching demonstration center, virtual simulation experimental teaching center; strive to achieve national-level teaching achievement award, "Internet +" "Challenge Cup" competition and other national awards . At the same time, the modernization of governance system and governance ability, implementation according to law, accelerate construction of smart campus, and achieve more service online, palm office, one office. The third is to implement the discipline professional brand project.

Strengthen the construction of talent team, continue to introduce a group of high-level talents, more than 1,500 professional teachers, a special teacher accounts for more than 50%, strive to new doctoral authorization points, clinical medicine, Chinese and Western medicine combined, pharmaceutical discipline become new A "Double First Class" Construction Discipline. Accelerate the improvement of scientific research levels, steadily promote research multiplies, and achieve new breakthroughs in national scientific research platforms. The fourth is to vigorously implement economic and social service projects. Continuously improve the medical service level of the affiliated hospital, fully support the "third pole" of the medical treatment of Chengzhong in Zhangzhou. Increase the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transfer and steadily increase the number of government-educational research platforms, promote the upgrade of the University Science and Technology Park, and jointly build the technology transfer conversion center of the Sichuan-Yunyi Junction. The fifth is to implement the external open cooperation project. Expand the fields, scope, and active development of graduate students and undergraduate students.

Accelerate high-level research institutes, joint research platforms, schools, school-enterprises, schools, schools, and other horizontal cooperation to achieve higher levels.

At the same time, accelerate the pace of external medical doctors, increase the number of direct subsidiary hospitals, non-direct subsidiary hospitals, and speed up the development of medical network. Six is ??to vigorously implement the conditions for supporting the guarantee project.

Steadily improve the school facilities, greatly enhance the well-being of teachers and students, improve multi-level employee protection system, and achieve employee revenue growth and Sichuan economic growth. More concerned about the growth of students, strengthening students’ mental health education, and improve the long-term mechanism of funding people, and improve the employment service system of graduates, and strive to achieve more and higher quality employment.

Beijing Zhongxiang Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Innovation Competition officially launched

  Beijing September 25 (Reporter Li Shuangnan) On the 25th, with 6 seals, Beijing Central Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Innovation Competition is officially launched in Zhengyangmen in the Zhengyangmen. Printing heritage, inheritance, innovation, protection, revival, using these six keywords reflect the purpose and goal of the Beijing middle-axis application and the central axoental contest.

  Yu Junsheng, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, pointed out that Beijing as a national cultural center in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period will fully do the big articles of the capital culture. Solidly promote humanities Beijing construction, closely around ancient capital, red culture, Beijing culture, the basic pattern of innovative culture and "one core and one city three-zone two districts" overall framework, carefully protect historical and cultural gold business cards, comprehensive prosperity and culture The industry, the construction has become a cultural city of Chinese civilization and leading the trend of the times, and the advanced cultural culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  It is reported that the two categories of selection and collection are set out under the competition, a total of six tracks, and the entrants need to fully explore the value of Beijing’s central axis cultural heritage in the design language, program content, video works, and show the charm of Beijing central axis. Inspire the excellent project of the creation of more Beijing medium-axis theme, creating a good social atmosphere of Beijing central axis, and promoting all walks of life to support the consensus of Beijing’s middle-axis application, and help Beijing middle-axis application.

Among them, the settings of the six tracks contain three questions: First, interpret the Beijing central axis; Second, interpret the close relationship between Beijing’s central axis and people’s lives; three is to interpret the overall relationship between the Beijing Old Town and Beijing Old Town . The competition will be held in accordance with the registration, review, preliminary match, and finals in December.

At the beginning of October, the competition will be opened in the official website of the Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau, and open WeChat, Weibo and other self-media channels. This contest was hosted by the Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau and Beijing Middle Axis Application Protection Office. (over).

The main macro indicators are smooth to a good positive factor accumulated growth

[] Since October, as the overtractical epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development continue to appear, guaranteeing the stability and supporting entity economic development, the main macro indicators are large, the national economy keeps recovery, highlighting my country Economic development toughness. From the production end, the average increase in industrial added value in October rebounded from% rebounded to%, and the average growth rate of the service industry production index was up to%. From the demand side, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in October increased from% to%, and the average growth rate of fixed asset investment in January and October was flat in%. In October, in October, the average growth rate of the two-year increase in the US dollar % Rebounded to%. In addition, in October, National Qiu Fuluna harvested near the end, from all over the country, the autumn grain is expected to increase production. In October, the macro indicators can have a super-expected performance, mainly related to the following factors: First, the external demand is still steady.

In October, the overall recovery of the world economy, overseas demand, superimposed my country’s industrial system is complete, production recovery is better, the supply capacity is strong, and the export will continue the rapid growth situation, driving the increase in manufacturing and manufacturing investment. In October, the export delivery value of the export delivery value increased by% to%, reaching the highest level since May, driving the increase in manufacturing in October, increased by% from% to%, 1 to October, manufacturing investment two years average The growth rate rebounded from% to%.

  Second, the epidemic prevention and control is in place.

Since the middle and late in the middle of October, although the domestic epidemic is in a case of spread, all localities have been combined with the previous experience, and the governments at all levels actively coordinate the development and control of the epidemic, making the epidemic effectively controlled within a certain range, and did not have the whole country The service industry and social consumption have a significant impact, and the average growth rate of dining income in October rebounded from the% to% from the last month. The third is the policy effect.

In recent months, the central government has increased cross-cycle regulation, stabilizing business, and promoting employment conditions continue to be good.

From January to October, the national urban new employment was 11.33 million, completed the annual target task in advance, October, the unemployment rate of national urban investigation is flat to%, and lay the foundation for consumption. In addition, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China emphasized the "Strengthening Technology Innovation and Industrial Chain Supply Chain Toughness", and the average growth in the two-year growth in the high-tech manufacturing investment from January to October, continued to play the traction, driving economic structural upgrading. Optimization. It is worth noting that the scissors difference between the PPI and the CPI are still running at a high level. In October, PPI rose year-on-year, and CPI rose in a year-on-year, and the two scissors pulled to 12 percentage points.

This shows that the undress of the upstream to the middle and downstream is still insufficient, and the middle and lower reaches of the city still face the pressure on operating costs, and it is necessary to further do a good job of stabilization. Looking forward to the next stage, my country’s economic continued recovery is not changed, and positive factors are accumulating growth, and domestic demand is expected to expand.

From the perspective of consumption, the employment situation is generally stable, which is conducive to the increase in income of residents and the increase in consumption.

From investment, the development of industrial upgrading, the increase in people’s livelihood, and the construction of major projects in the "14th Five-Year Plan" is conducive to support investment growth.

From the business environment, "venting service" reform continues to be in-depth, the business environment is gradually optimized, the market vitality is enhanced, the market body continues to increase, and the activity is maintained at a high level.

  In the next stage, we need to adhere to the total steady, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, strengthen the macro policy cross-cycle adjustment, effectively implement the pre-tuning fine-tuning to ensure the main target tasks of the annual economic and social development. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Taiwan’s academic education world painful new version of history textbooks (two strait pulsation)

  Core reading September this year, Taiwan has started using high school historical textbooks prepared by the new version of the program.

Its confusion system, the content and distortion of the error, causing strong dissatisfaction in the Taiwanese schools and the education community. They call on the whole society to oppose the historical textbooks "to China", no longer let them poison Taiwan students. Since 2018, the Ministry of Public Progressive Party has entered the "China History" framework since 2018, and the "East Asia" framework has been largely compressed "China History" course.

This "to China" operation has been attacked by Taiwan public opinion. "Go China" can be seen everywhere, and the netizens in the island have caused hot discussion on the network.

At the beginning of the new semester, a primary school teacher led the first grade to visit the campus, encountered a bronze statue of Confucius, the teacher asked the children who? The children said in the same way: "Land!" And even worshiped before, leading the teacher and parents to laugh. Lenovo’s new version of the high school history textbook will be classified into the folk religious content, and the Confucius and all kinds of gods are parallel, and people have seen from the child’s rumor. According to the new internationalization, the first volume of high school history textbooks is separated from "China History". The reporter found that there are many versions of the "Taiwan History" textbooks on the market, but the colors of "going to China" are visible everywhere.

  Open the high school historical textbook on the dragon culture publishing 101 pages, "Taiwan’s status unordered" small headline jumps on paper. The book is written: "San Francisco and Treaty" Japan only states that the sovereignty of Taiwan is abandoned without stating which country or regime will be handed over.

In the case of the "Cairo Declaration" and "Potsdam announcement", the "Cairo Declaration" and the "Potsdam announcement", which is based on the important jurisprudence of Taiwan, and the book actually wrote, "Some people think that the two declarations have only statements or announcements. The status, there is no formal treaty to effect … "Although the Taiping Education Department tries to smother with the so-called" respect ", public opinion is not bought.

Professor Wang Li Ben, Taiwan’s historian, refuted, "The Cairo Declaration" clearly returned to Tayut and Northeast China, and confirmed by the "Potsdam Announcement", "Japan Decoction" mentioned that it is necessary to abide by the "Potsdam Announcement". This conteyl is Clearly visible. "He emphasized that especially in 1972, the mainland government and Japan’s established diplomatic communiqué, once again clarified the ownership of Taiwan’s sovereignty, which is a black-text of white paper.

"The so-called ‘Taiwan status is unordered, but it is a product of the history of the history. Undequate "wrong" Confused cognition, misunderstanding "I not only care about the textbooks, what carefully cares into the historical textbook.

"Cai Zhengyuan, the" Cai Zhengyuan "," Cai Zhengyuan, recently "opposed" China-China ‘History Textbook Journalists ", Nanyi Edition Textbook, Japanese, the Japanese, who is called" Taiwan Culture Zhi ", is" Tai Shi Gong ", Why is it earlier in the "Taiwan History"? Taiwan is only a few pages of more than 200 years in the Qing Dynasty, and Japan wrote half of the colonial rule in 50 years. What is the truth? Self-new history textbook enters school Similar questions are more and more.

For example, why is it for the contribution to Taiwan’s contribution to Taiwan, but the "credit" book special book of Japan in Taiwan, but the content of the cruel exploitation, killing Taiwan people and the people A strike? Why is a plurality of culturally sprinkled a bunch, and the Chinese traditional culture and customs of the mainstream of Taiwan have been discounted? Why is the "Aboriginal" accounting for less than 3% of the total population of Taiwan, but accounts for 15% of the "Taiwan History" … It is worth mentioning that the history of the history textbook is different, the new version "Taiwan History" is not in time order Instead, it is a number of topic layouts. "Special layout can put in the contents of the book, can be accepted in the values ??they want." Tai Sin 2nd History Teacher Wu Shaoxia said that the new curriculum has a topic, and the line is in the style. Writing, but it is important to determine what is important, and it is not important. The education community is more worrying that this value distorted "unique" textbook is confused by the young generation of time and space, eroding the core value of Taiwanese to survive and cultural traditions.

The Secretary-General of the Chinese Language Education Promotion Association teaches more than 40 years of secondary school language. Looking at the classics in Chinese textbooks from 60 to be compressed to 40, the number is less, but taught it more and more hard, "students There is no time and space concept, often gives them to supplement the necessary historical background, the time of the flower is more. " Taipei City, the first women’s middle school language teacher, Guizhi, is deep.

"Students learn" out of the table ", don’t understand the dispute between the Three Kingdoms, there is no way to understand why Zhuge Liang ‘, death, it has been’; do not understand the Northern Song Dynasty party, and unable to experience Fan Zhongyan" Yueyang Tower "in the first world is worried, The world is happy, ‘is worried about the country.

"District Guizhi said that history is an important way to help students understand articles, but in today’s high school language teaching, students lack relevant historical background knowledge, it is difficult to enter the article situation.

"Lack of cognitive ability to their own national roots, will lack the judgment of the lies of the real political, more serious is the soul of the future life, I am very worried about this.

"When the history of East Asia, China has changed, but the contrast has changed. "The Professor of the History Department of Chiayi University is estimated, and the textbook is about 10 years. It is 200,000 students in 1 year. 10 years is 2 million.

It is impossible to implement the implementation of the new assembly, so that students accept this history education that "going to China". "Countercurrent" is moving, and it will eventually participate in the review of textbooks, and later appointed to participate in the historical program.

After the "Go to China" The Democratic Party is launched, Wu Kunsu has sent historical education "New San Self-motion" with the industry colleagues – self-written, self-edited, autobiography history textbooks, and established a association. "I am a small person, but I have to stand up, driving the Chinese nation and Chinese cultural education in Taiwan, let the young students know their true history." Historical education by the chairman of Wu Kuncai in the past year " "The Association has launched a multi-game public activity, continuously discovering the new version of the new version of the historical program" to China "to the Taiwan Society, and also supports support for more and more people. At the last reporter meeting, Wu Kuncai introduced the public to the "Constructing Chinese History Education in Taiwan". Many scholars included in this booklet written in the appraisal article, almost all Zero Remiums. "There is a supporter who has been over 3,000 booklets, which is not small in Taiwan.

"Wu Kunhua said that many people come from the box to participate in their activities, and some people are pressing press that attended his organization.

  "Returning to China" education has been in Taiwan for many years, infiltrated in many subjects such as history, language, geography and society. "In the short term, cultural ‘Taiwan independence will cause a cognitive mistake to the younger generation, but for a long time, this kind of vaginal policy is ignorant about Chinese history." Has been "Compulsory Education History" Sun Ruoyi, who convened people, said that the long Chinese history was made by the waist, but she still had to retain, "This kind of desire is still helpless."

Wu Qixine, deputy researcher in Taiwan, also believes that the new history textbook is full of logical defects and intrinsic contradictions, deepening students’ mistakes, will also cause young readers with independent thinking ability.

  The toughness and vitality of Chinese culture is also reflected in both strait communication.

In the interview, it was found that every time there was a major continental drama to go to Taiwan, it would set off a wave of historical book sales, some books and even have been placed in the supersive position of the bookstore. On the Internet, the fan group of the mainland costume dramas and historical theme online games continued to expand, from the Three Kingdoms Weijin to the Sui Tang to Ming and Qing Dynasties, from poetry to clothing, food, and related discussion posts. Wu Kuncai said that he is currently contacting a scholar and a first-line teacher to make 150 episodes of the Chinese history publication, and transfer to the online school for students. In the preamble of "Constructing Chinese History Education in Taiwan", Wu Kuncai wrote: "Chinese people have always attached importance to the role of history. We don’t believe in the truth, we don’t want to make a gray.


Taiwan Defense Department: 6 People’s Liberation Army military machine entered the southwest airspace in Taiwan yesterday

  [Global Network Report Reporter Yin Yanhui] According to Taiwan’s "Central Society" Track and monitor "cloud cloud. The photo report of the PLA 歼 -16 fighter panel released by the Taiwan Defense Department said that according to the Dynamics of the Air Force on the 15th evening 7:50, 1 shipment-8 electrician, 2 歼 -11 fighters, 2 歼 歼 – 10 fighter, 1 shipment-8 remote machine on the 15th "invading" Taiwan Southwest "Air Defense Identity". "Central Society" claims that according to statistics, 38 "common harays" on October 1st, 10 of whomy 16 fighters deep into Taiwan and southeast airspace; 39 October 2nd; 16 October 3; October 4th, 56, and the defense department has announced the most since the "instant military dynamics" since September 17 last year.

  For the military operations around the People’s Sea, Zhang Chunhui has previously stated that Taiwan and its affiliated islands were part of the sacred indivisible in China’s territory. The Chinese army war preparation cruise is completely legal, which is for the current Taiwan Safety Corner and Maintain the necessary actions taken by national sovereignty.

Zhang Chunhui emphasizes that the warband forces have a determination. It has the ability to defeat all "Taiwan independence" split activities, resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and resolutely maintain peace and stability in Taiwan.

The boss’s arms rattled,It turned out to be unbearable and broke directly,Sweating all over,Gradually soaking clothes,Yes……Ah screamed out。

Ah Chong catches up and kicks the boss in the heart,The blackness in front of me fainted directly。
Amao plucked the big steel knife on the ground,Hand up and down,The blood splashed him and Ah Chong all over their faces,Neither of them blinked,The boss’s head is slowly getting out。
The bounty hunters onlookers all gasped.。
One was shocked by the fact that two little kids in a small mountain village chopped off a master of Nine Stage Great Perfection。
Another shock is that these two kids really didn’t blink when they killed someone.! The old man who fights with Danielitwo、The third child has always been suppressed,The boss’s head rolled to the third’s feet,He screamed out,Underfoot,Daniel took the opportunity to step forward,Push it down,Brain plasma、Old blood splatterediBoth faces are。
Mainly because this blood still carries body temperature、Sticky,Seeing two brothers die more miserable than the other,Where does he have the courage to fight against Daniel,Jump over the crowd and run away。
“come back!”
Chen Xiu,Puppetry directlyiTwo pulled back from the air,Big hands hold the oldiSecond staying power,Immobile。
Originally used Chen Xiu’s current puppet skills to fuckiIt’s no problem to control one or two hundred catties。
But it’s not enough to capture a third-rate master,So he can separate the oldiI caught it back,Mainly oldiThe second is being scared。
“Rao……forgive me!”

Hundred sword light circulation,Disorder,Each handle is divided into ten,Hundreds of handles are more。

Red ray crossing,Weaving into a huge fire network sword,In a red shroud,The flame is covered with,The kettlements in the canyon continue to ablate,The body is rigid to make black smoke,The next second is steamed to smoke.。
“Mullion,Dare to fierce!”
Ghost will be cold,Remove the long bow behind,Two long arrows catch the bow strings,Waiting for the bow,Two black arrows,One shot from Yan Chixia and Liao Jie, respectively.。
Liao Jie supports the red roll,Blocking the arrows from the chest,the other side,Yan Chi Xia is rushing to the ghost,The palm continues to take the palm of the palm。
Concert of pupil,Yan Chi Qixia is unlucky,The big sword is in the hand straight ghost。
Manager,Then, it’s more better than anywhip.。
Not him,Swordway,He has always been!
Chapter 209 Montenegro
Sword gas,Smash,Ghost will look up to Yan Baxi,Abandon bow sword。Accompanied by a humming,His hands long sword eagle,Pounds of the sword,Mighty,After the first arrival arrived in Yan Bixia。
Yan Chixiao,Painted sword,Block the fierce blow,Border,Big,Far from the boulder。
“Swordsman,See your swordsman,Before living, there must be less people in the world.……Dare to report your name?”
Yan Chung Qixia Face,Hipster,Have you know,Ghost people are right,Pounds of swordsmanship,How much is better than Xiahou?,He is a little bit of this battle.。
“Birth premise,After the death is just an nameless ghost,I am the dead city army,Yan Chixia,Hand your head!”
Ghost will raise your hand on the horse,Border,Black lightning disease,A distance to dozens of feet,Raise your hands,Ghostless long sword straight to Yanshan Bixia’s throat。
Jianfeng finger,Wind thunder。
Feel the ghost to strong swords,Yan Biai does not dare to have slightly slow,Fully urgent Jin Guangjian Net,Step forward,Direct hit。
Two big swords,Both swords are condensed in this hit,Air 嗡,One of the water curtains,Centered on two people,Rapid spread。
Ghost,Ghostless long swords collapsed,More than ten steps after a connection。
Yan Bixia back three steps,Long sword,Stop the shape of the back,Faces come back and forth between the blue white,Horn angle overflows blood red。
“Although you have the benefits of the gods,But after all, the flesh,The enemy is not dead,This battle,It’s me.。”Ghost will revitalize the sword,Wind and thunder,Pastility is like a river,In the continuous sword stroke of Yan Chixia circle。
Yan Biai reluctant,Several breathing will be restored,Jin Guangjian is getting up,Layer layer stacking down the sword。
Sword,Two people shot each time,I am so fast to find the naked eye.,gradually,Yan Biai fell into the wind。
“Yan Chixia,You are not my opponent,Negative angiitance is just a delay time,Now plead guilty,I am planning to ask you in front of Montenegro.。”
Yan Bianshi sword sword,Take more than 10 meters,Sword。
“how,You finally surrendered to death.?”
“Daylight,I have a good time.,Why do you want to kill?!”
Yan Bixiahhis,Acknowledge:“You said my physical fungus,Be right,I am indeed a fairy.,Bleeding,Be tired,But you don’t have to be too early.……”
“Your sword will win me.,But it is more than I live for a few years.,As for your unexpected body,Clever,Dao Ye, I am in addition to swordsmanship,The so-called dead body。”
“Sword,The wind is like a law!”
Will be actions,Yan Chixia throws a long sword,Gold light differentiation,With his big hand,Rainpoints fall from the sky。
霎 time,Full sword,With endless potential,Shrouded in the sky sky。
Jin Guanglu,璀璨 眼,Torrel is too much。
Ghost will hold the sword,Batting golden plum,Seeing the number of flying swords is too amazing,A sword is unable to compete in hand,Mask overflowing black smoke,The body is a three,At the same time, it is rushing in three directions.。
“Unknown,Sun and moon!”