Shenzhen Expressway (600548): Third quarter results meet expectations Multiple developments provide new growth momentum

Shenzhen Expressway (600548): Third quarter results meet expectations Multiple developments provide new growth momentum

Event Shenzhen Expressway released the third quarter of 2019. Shenzhen Expressway achieved operating income of 41 in the first three quarters of 2019.

85 ppm, an increase of ten years.

09%; realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies21.

51 ppm, an increase of 41 in ten years.


The company achieved zero profit in the first three quarters of 2019.

986 yuan, the expected average ROE is 12.

10%, rising by 1 every year.

32 units.

In the third quarter of this year, the company achieved operating income of 14.

86 ppm, a ten-year increase1.

61%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

740,000 yuan, an increase of 4% in ten years.

Brief comment on the first three quarters of comparable revenue growth of 16.

51%, non-recurring profit and loss contributed profits from Nanguang, Yanpai, Yanba three roads were repurchased by the government in advance at the end of 2018, so the company’s third-quarter revenue growth rate was only 1.

61%. From the perspective of the toll income of the company’s holding road property in the third quarter, the company’s average daily toll income of the holding road property in the third quarter reached 1308.

70,000 yuan, an annual increase of 7.


In addition, the Guilong development project has increased the number of renovated and delivered houses, and its income has also increased. At the same time, it supplements the new ramp station operation cost compensation service income brought by the project, the government commissioned maintenance service income paid after the highway repurchase, and newly acquiredWind power projects have also brought certain revenue increases.

In the third quarter, the gross profit margin was relatively flat, and financial expenses were significantly reduced. Affected by the early repurchase of three highways, the company’s third-quarter operating cost swap growth rate also decreased, resulting in the company’s gross profit levelLast year was at least almost flat, reaching 52.


On the expense side, the company reports that budgeted financial expenses decrease 上海夜网论坛 by 1 every year.

23 ppm was mainly due to the decline in the company’s average borrowing size, and the gearing ratio also rose from 62 at the end of the third quarter of last year.

22% fell to the current 52.


In addition, the company is currently continuing to implement exchange-locked swap transactions on US dollar debt. After hedging the gains and losses on changes in the fair value of foreign currency swaps and delivery gains and losses, the Group ‘s consolidated financial costs decreased by 49 from January to September.


Entering the big environmental protection business, diversified development is expected to promote continued growth in performance. In addition to the main toll road business, the company has become the second major business of the big environmental protection business.

The company 西安耍耍网 continuously promotes its layout in the large environmental protection business segment. For example, it first subscribed for 15% equity of Water Regulation Institute in 2017, and acquired 20% equity of Derun Environment in the same year. In October 2018, the company cooperated with Suez Group’sDelta Asia joint venture established Suez Environment.

We believe that the company’s large-scale environmental protection business has a strong synergy with toll roads. Since the expressway is a stable toll, the cash flow is very rich in assets, which can complement the environmental protection business, and the environmental protection business has aThe toll roads are also similar. They are franchised, with a long and stable operating period, which can give full play to the company’s management advantages.

Maintaining the company’s “overweight” rating, we believe that Guangdong and Shenzhen are the most dynamic regions in China’s economy. In the future, the economic growth rate will also maintain a level of growth, which will help the company’s existing road production and vehicle flow to grow steadily.

In addition, the company currently has some road properties under construction, with a mileage of about 65.

7 kilometers, and entering the big environmental protection business will also give the company more performance growth momentum.

We expect the company’s revenue levels to reach 57 respectively in 2019-2021.

470,000 yuan, 61.

1.7 billion, 65.

75 ppm, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company is 26.

7.2 billion, 25.7 billion, 28.

69 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.

23 yuan, 1.

18 yuan, 1.

32 yuan, maintain the Shenzhen Expressway “overweight” rating.

Women’s Army scandal keeps Abe’s new Cabinet female minister trapped in tax evasion

Women’s Army scandal keeps Abe’s new Cabinet female minister trapped in tax evasion

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has undergone a major blood exchange on the cabinet on the 3rd of this month, in order to restore the hearts of the people and boost the placement support.

However, only a few days after the cabinet was reorganized, scandals of the new cabinet were exposed.

Japanese media reported on the 7th that the newly-appointed Minister of General Affairs, Lady Kodako Noda, was suspected of huge tax evasion.

  Masako Noda was born in 1960 and is one of the only women left in Abe’s new cabinet.

Another female cabinet minister is the Minister of Justice, Yoko Kamikawa.

  According to Japanese media, Noda’s original name was Shimazu, and his grandfather had served as Japan’s Minister of Construction and Director of the Office of Economic Planning. His father, Shimajima, inherited a huge amount of family property, although he did not participate in politics.

Beginning in 2000, Shiojiri began to donate political funds to the 21st century meeting of the Noda Shengko Support Association of the three political funds to which the Noda Masako belonged and the Liberal Democratic Party’s Gifu County First Election District Branch.

  Shimajima died in September 2015.

In more than 10 years, he has donated a total of more than 80.5 million yen (approximately 4.88 million yuan) to the three political fund groups mentioned above.

  According to relevant Japanese regulations, donations to politicians do not require the recipient to pay taxes.

However, due to the uninterrupted donation of the island to his daughter, and each donation expenditure is subject to the prescribed ceiling, there is a suspicion of avoiding high inheritance taxes.

In response to this report, Noda’s office has not yet responded.

  [Want to be Abe’s successor]Abe’s maiden army has recently exposed scandals, which has caused Abe a headache.

Among them, former defense minister Tomita Inada, who was regarded as Abe ‘s proud student, resigned because of a concealed report, and former Olympic Prime Minister Marukawa Chuyo was laid off as the internal cabinet was reorganized.

Former Minister of General Affairs Takaichi Sanae was caught up in a divorce turmoil and ended his class.

  In addition, the Abe maiden army among parliamentarians is also a continuous farce, causing external resentment.

Among them, Rep. Senator Toyoda Mayuko was exposed to beating her secretary, and her words were rude, while Senator Rep. Imai Iriko was accused of having extramarital affairs.

  In desperation, Abe had no choice but to use his own political opponent, Masako Noda, from a different faction to enter the new cabinet.

Noda Masako is a well-known figure in Japanese politics. She used to be the LDP’s general affairs chairman. She was close to the former LDP’s chief secretary Shimao Shimo and Tokyo’s governor Yuriko Koike. She had deliberately fired the LDP chairman and openly contradicted Abe.

  After joining the new cabinet, Noda Masako publicly stated on the 3rd 苏州桑拿网 this month that she will participate in the election of the Liberal Democratic Party president scheduled for ancient times next year and compete with Abe again.

  Noda is famous because she did something that caused a sensation inside and outside Japanese politics: she wrote a book about her infertility at an advanced age and her artificial insemination.

  In 2004, Noda Masako published a book, “I Want to Have a Child,” acknowledging that he had received 10 artificial inseminations, but did not succeed.

In 2010, Mr. Noda, who was nearly 50 years old, received sperm donated by a third person outside of her husband in the United States for in vitro fertilization.

The following year, she gave birth to her first child in a Tokyo hospital.

(Zhang Jing) (Xinhua News Agency Special Issue) Original Title: Scandals of the Girl Army Continued, Abe’s New Cabinet Female Minister Traps into Tax Evasion

Xiantan shares (002746) 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report review: a sharp increase in performance continues high boom

Xiantan shares (002746) 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report review: a sharp increase in performance continues high boom

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report with an operating income of 25.

7.8 billion, an increase of 19 in ten years.

12%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

2 billion, an increase of 294 previously.

At the same time, the company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 5 yuan for every 10 shares and increase 5 shares.

Since 2018, the prosperity of the poultry chain has been rising, and the price has continued to reach new highs to promote the company’s performance growth.

And the single quarter net profit for the first four quarters was 0.

3.1 billion, 0.

5.8 billion, 1.

3.1 billion and 1.

8.2 billion, a significant improvement quarter by quarter.

The high prosperity of the bird chain continued in the first quarter of 2019, and the company’s performance again exceeded expectations.

Quarterly report for January 2019, the company realized operating income of 7.

35 trillion, an increase of 62 in ten years.

44%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

56 billion, an increase of 407 a year.


Comments: The cycle goes up, the amount of profit and the same increase. In 2018, the company released a total of white chickens.

1.7 billion birds, a slight increase of 0 previously.


The company’s broilers are mainly used to sell frozen chicken products after slaughter, and only a small part is exported directly.

18 years company processed food 28.

34 for the first time, growing by 6 per year.

35%, if calculated based on this, the company’s 18-year chicken sales price is 8564 yuan / ton, an increase of 13.


At the same time, due to the commissioning of Xian Food, Hong Food and other subsidiaries, the company’s self-use rate from 17 to 95.

13% increased to 98%.

Too many introductions in the short term and do not have to worry too much, the high prosperity of the poultry chain is expected to continue. The recent high monthly introduction data and the expected resumption of French customs have caused market changes. We believe that the poultry chain will maintain a high prosperity in 19-20 years:Introduced in 2018 is still gradually balanced, and supply is still scarce.

At the time of the resumption in France, the persistence of high introduction needs to be observed; 2) African swine fever leads to pork resupply, and the increase in pig prices will drive up the prices of other protein products.

3) In the short term, seedling prices are still high, supporting the price of chickens.

The second quarter is the off-season of demand, and the price of poultry chains will improve. From the end of the second quarter to the third quarter, the price of poultry chains will reopen a new round of rapid advancement.

Earnings forecast, investment rating: The price of poultry chain has risen faster than expected. In view of the first quarter performance forecast, we have raised the company’s EPS forecast for 19-20 to 2.

53 yuan, 2.

70 yuan, while supplementing the 21-year EPS forecast is 2.

88 yuan.

The current company’s 19-year estimate is only 10 times, which has certain evaluation advantages.

We continue to be bullish on the company and maintain a 南京桑拿论坛 “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: Product price rise is less than expected risk.

Riot deaths caused by amendments to India’s Citizenship Act rise to 35

Riot deaths caused by amendments to India’s Citizenship Act rise to 35
Xinhua 成都桑拿网 News Agency, New Delhi, February 27th (Reporter Jiang Lei) According to media reports such as India Today, supporters and opponents of amendments to the Indian Citizenship Law have continued in the capital region since the 24th.At present, the death toll has increased to 35, including a police officer and an intelligence officer; more than 200 people were injured, of which more than 70 were gunshot wounds.The report quoted the Delhi fire department as saying that from early morning to the morning of the 27th, the fire department called 19 fire alarm phones in the riot zone, and more than 100 firefighters were sent to the scene.The Indian government has deployed more than 6,000 police and paramilitary personnel to maintain law and order in the riot zone.It is reported that India ‘s main opposition party, the Congress Party, asked 四川耍耍网 India ‘s Interior Minister Amit Shah to resign, accusing him of creating the violence and criticizing the central government and the Delhi government as “silent bystanders”.On the 26th, Indian Prime Minister Modi maintained peace and friendship with high-level Delhi citizens on social media and restored order as soon as possible.Amendments to the Citizenship Law were passed in the lower and upper houses of the Indian Parliament in December 2019, and then signed into law by the President.According to the amendment, the Indian government granted citizenship to illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who entered India by “religious persecution” before December 31, 2014, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Worship,Catholics are eligible to apply for Indian citizenship, but only Muslims are excluded.The amendment, once passed, sparked strong protests and riots.

Coson Technology (603626) company in-depth research report: Deep cultivation of consumer electronics precision metal parts manufacturing inflection point has now opened space

Coson Technology (603626) company in-depth research report: Deep cultivation of consumer electronics precision metal parts manufacturing inflection point has now opened space
Core point of view: 2020 is the first year of global 5G commercialization and Apple’s innovation “big year”. It is expected that a new wave of machine replacements will try to stimulate the overall recovery of consumer 北京会所体验网 electronics metal structural parts demand, the company’s performance flexibility will increase, and its profitability will rebound. Emerging companies in precision metal manufacturing, and downstream consumer electronics industry. The company’s operating income from 2014 to 2018 was 4.05 ppm increased to 24.0.8 billion, with a CAGR of 35.96%.Among them, mobile phones and tablet PC components are the main source of income, accounting for more than 80% of the products. Products replace Apple, Sony, Lenovo and other well-known international customer terminal products.The company also develops medical surgical instruments (core customer Medtronic), photovoltaic product structural parts (core customer Solar City) and electronic cigarette business, expands the product structure, and can replace the universality of metal processing technology to open up downstream application scenarios. The industry’s high economic cycle has begun, and performance is expected to increase significantly: As Apple’s core supplier, the company has deployed iPhone stainless steel / aluminum frame, pencil metal parts, Macbook and iPad metal parts.2020 is a big year for 3C certainty. The wave of replacements will drive a substantial increase in the elasticity of demand for upstream metal structural parts, and the company’s performance is expected to bottom out.At the same time, the company’s products are expected to break through new customers and open up space! 19 years of large inventory accrual dragged down performance, new analysts were in place, and equity incentives were implemented, demonstrating the company’s confidence to change: the company’s management expense rate was high in the first three quarters of 19, and the company’s one-time accrual of inventory impairment of 42 million in 2019, significantA drag on performance.At the end of 19, the new general manager came from Apple supplier Herbie International. The company’s operation management capabilities and market development accelerated, and the profitability inflection point was highly certain. Profit forecast: The company’s revenue for 2019-2021 is expected to be 20 respectively.99, 31.52, 43.640,000 yuan, corresponding to the mother’s net profit -1.92, 2.03, 3.10,000 yuan.Give the company a PE estimate of 40 times in 2020, with a target price of 19.20 yuan, covering for the first time (China West Machinery & Electronics Joint Coverage), giving a Buy rating. Risk tips 1) Risk of fluctuations in downstream industries; 2) Risks of fluctuations in company performance as downstream products are updated; 3) Risks of customer concentration.

See if your body needs some fruits most

See if your body needs some fruits most

In the season of fruit, we are more habitual to eat fruit every day, want to make the fruit different from yesterday?

Then take a physical health guide and share the nutritionist’s professional advice to see if your body needs the most fruits at that time.

  ☆ Hair dyed perm – Avocado dyed perm will take away the moisture and oil of the hair, and the hair becomes dry.

Mature avocados contain 30% of the precious vegetable oil, oleic acid, which has special effects on dry hair.

  ☆ Excessive use of the brain brain – banana overuse of the brain leads to the lack of vitamins, minerals and metastasis in the human body. In addition to the tiredness of the brain, it often feels depressed.

Replenishing bananas at this point provides the nutrients needed and alleviates negative emotions.

Because excessive use of the brain consumes a variety of vitamins, the dietitian recommends supplementing multiple vitamin tablets such as good deposits.

  ☆ eyes over-eyes – papaya stares at the computer screen or TV screen, excessive use of the eye, the key substance blocked by retinal sensitization, vitamin A is consumed a lot, the eyes feel dry, pain, fear of light, and even decreased vision.

At this point, you need to eat papaya that can provide a lot of vitamin A.

  ☆ Gingival gum bleeding – Kiwifruit gum health and vitamin C are closely related.

People who are deficient in vitamin C become fragile, often bleeding, swelling, and even loosening their teeth.

Kiwifruit has the most abundant vitamin C content and is therefore the most beneficial fruit for the health of the gums.

  ☆ History of heart disease – Grapefruit plasma is too high to seriously affect cardiovascular health, especially in cardiovascular history, but also to control cardiovascular indicators in the body.

Grapefruit is recognized as the best therapeutic fruit in the medical world. The natural pectin contained in the valve can lower cholesterol in the body and prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

  ☆ Long-term smoking in the lungs – The lungs accumulate a large amount of toxins in the lungs for long-term smoking, and their functions are impaired.

The active ingredients contained in the grapes can increase the metabolic rate of the cells and help the cells in the lungs to detoxify.

In addition, the grape also has a sputum effect, and can relieve the symptoms of inflammation such as inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by smoking.

  ☆ Muscle muscle strain – After the pineapple muscle strain, the tissue is inflamed, the blood circulation is not smooth, and the injured part is red, swollen and hot.

The bromelain contained in pineapple has an anti-inflammatory effect, can promote tissue repair, accelerates metabolism, improves blood circulation, and rapidly reduces swelling. It is the most needed fruit for the body at this time.

  ☆ skin to prevent wrinkles – mangoes are prone to wrinkles if skin collagen is not elastic enough.

Mango is the best fruit to prevent wrinkles. Because it is rich in β-carotene and unique enzymes, it can stimulate skin cell vitality, promote metabolic transfer, maintain collagen elasticity, and effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles.

  ☆ Insufficient blood supply to oxygen – Cherry is prone to fatigue in most cases related to reduced iron content in the blood, insufficient oxygen supply and poor blood circulation.

Eating cherries can supplement iron. The rich vitamin C can also promote the body to absorb iron, prevent iron loss, improve blood circulation and help fight fatigue.

  ☆ foot athlete’s foot intrusion – people who lack vitamin B1 in the orange body are prone to have athlete’s foot invasion.

In this case, it is best to choose orange, which adds vitamin B1 and helps glucose metabolism, which can effectively prevent and treat beriberi.

The principle of painless acupuncture for weight loss

The principle of painless acupuncture for weight loss

· By regulating the nervous system, the activity level of the stomach can be reduced and the gastric emptying can be delayed after a meal. It can also suppress excessive gastric acid secretion and eliminate abnormal appetite.

In addition, changes in neurotransmitter release caused by acupuncture can also affect appetite.

  · In terms of the endocrine system, acupuncture therapy restores the endocrine disorders by regulating the two systems of “hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex” and “sympathetic-adrenal cortex.

  · Peroxidized lipids in patients with hypertension are higher than normal. Adjusting lipid metabolism through acupuncture can reduce the level of lipid peroxides in the body and accelerate metabolic decomposition.

Detox skin beauty woman spring yoga practice has many benefits

Detox skin beauty woman spring yoga practice has many benefits

The core tip: The new year spring is here again, and the snails have been living for a winter. The toxins in the body must have accumulated too much, and the flesh has grown up.

Let’s practice yoga together.

Lose weight, detox, and have good races.

  What is the biggest benefit of spring yoga practice? Spring yoga practice has a detoxification effect.

In this season, the wind is beautiful, and all things are germinating. For the human body, its physiological changes mainly have the following aspects: first, the blood and blood activities are stronger, and the metabolism is beginning to flourish; second, the human liver is corresponding to the springThe function is relatively strong in the spring, and the specific manifestation is that the liver main dredges the blood, and the liver main drains the function gradually.

  In western medicine, the liver is the chemical factory of the human body. It excretes all toxins in our diet. Among the five internal organs of the human body, only the liver can be regenerated after cutting off a part of it.

Practicing more asanas and breathing in the spring will make your skin younger and more vibrant.

  Pay attention to some questions in spring yoga practice1.

Do n’t practice the flexibility of your body. The exercises of your body are your own body. Each person has different physical conditions and different degrees of practice. Some people have better flexibility, some people have a strong sense of balance, and some people haveStrength is stronger. No matter what, you exercise your own body, so you don’t need to compete with Xueyou. As long as you feel better, you are better today than yesterday, and you are successful.

Barely pulling your body, pulling it hard, it is inevitable that you won’t be injured.


Do not practice in windy places. The places where the exercises are performed should be hot and cold. The ancients talked about “spring covering autumn and freezing”, windy in spring, and wind evil is the main factor of exogenous factors of spring diseases, it may cause various infectious, epidemicSexual diseases such as colds, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc.

Practicing yoga in windy places is not good for health. Not only does it fail to exercise, it is also easy to catch a cold.

Because when we practice yoga, it ‘s easy to sweat. When we sweat, our pores will open up. What happens when the wind blows to our body?

Everyone must know that when athletes are experiencing strenuous exercise and sweating heavily, they cannot immediately blow cold wind or drink a lot of cold water, because at this time the athlete’s pores are fully opened, and they are “inside” and “outside” of the human body.In the meantime, the various protective “barriers” that are protective in order to prioritize heat dissipation are “disarmed”, so if the cold wind blows at this time, the cold air will penetrate directly into the body, resulting in a sudden “tissues and organs of the human body””Cold shrink” phenomenon, which causes all kinds of discomfort.

  In addition, the pores have a strong filtering effect. When sweating heavily, the filtering effect almost disappears, and those bacteria and viruses transmitted by the wind just take this opportunity to get into the human body to make trouble.

Don’t sweat too much to prevent the amount of yang exercise from leaking out of your body, and people will sweat.

Sisters who are losing weight are even more anxious to sweat every time they exercise.

  However, in the spring, the yang energy rises and everything recovers. Like other creatures in nature, the yang energy in the body begins to erupt. At this time, if you sweat too much, it will hurt the person’s vitality and cause excessive.Symptoms of fatigue.

Therefore, when we are exercising in the spring, we should grasp a degree, that is, just sweating, don’t make ourselves too tired.

  In the spring, the human body’s yang is in accordance with nature, and it is excessively evacuated upwards. Therefore, we must pay attention to protect the yang in our body, and avoid any damage to the yang.


Asana is based on flexible contraction balance.

  Throughout the cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing to do in spring is to contract the exercise to awaken the body.

Contracted and balanced yoga poses can not only achieve stretching and massage effects, but also avoid excessive exercise, excessive sweating, and damage to yang.

  Yoga asanas, gradually maintaining a healthy, agile body, with slow breathing, gradually, squeezing and twisting various parts of the body, repeatedly putting the body in two extreme states of tension and relaxation, the body appeared after many timesWith a massage-like effect, it can promote blood circulation, restore the vitality of the body, eliminate the stiffness of joints, improve the quality of sleep, improve the concentration of practitioners, and gain peace of mind.

Wu Zetian’s longevity

Wu Zetian’s longevity

Whether a person can live longer or not is governed by two major factors: innate and acquired.

The longest birthday of Empress Wu Zetian in Chinese history illustrates this problem.

  Wu Zetian was born in 624 AD, died in 705 AD, and was 81 years old. This is rare in the Tang Dynasty, where the average life expectancy is only 30 years old.

In 660 AD, Wu Zetian was 36 years old. He was entrusted with political affairs and was in charge of the government for 45 years. Because of her physical health, she was born with a clear mind, determined and courageous, and diligent in politics, and managed the Li family dynasty.

  According to the test, one of the factors that Wu Zetian’s health and longevity is congenital.

The ancestors of Wu’s ancestors, the fathers lived very long, especially her mother, who lived 92 years old, in the Tang Dynasty is absolutely unique!

When the genetics was the “first-generation queen”, it was still clear and savvy, providing innate conditions.

  Wu Zetian’s Xi Wu Shangwen is very active and is another reason for her longevity.

Wu Zetian has practiced a variety of exercises with his parents since childhood, especially longer than qigong, from small to old.

After Tang Taizong’s return to heaven, she was reduced to the days of Thanksgiving Temple, and it was not only practiced, but even the “wild history” recorded that “Wu Cai people entered the temple and began to work.”

This is a misinformation.

Wu Shi from the small martial arts, can ride good shots, not only to give a beautiful impression to the Emperor Taizong who is a martial artist, but also gave her a healthy body.

The scholar’s supreme and holy emperor, although a piance, had noticed the ruling and opposition to surrender the horse, leaving a beautiful talk to future generations.

  Wu Zetian is cheerful, generous and generous, and it is another factor in her longevity.

In 684 AD, when the emperor was over 60 years old, he was found to be in a state of turmoil. Liuzhou Sima Luobin Wang also wrote a “war book” to explore the martial arts of the martial arts, which listed the 20 major crimes of Wu Zetian.

After the understanding of Wu Zetian, who was open-minded, he surprisingly proposed this “article of gunpowder”.

Wu Zetian never angered after reading, but was moved by the ability of Luo Binwang to control the words and the talents of extraordinary people.

She sighed that there was no one in Wenwu who could rank with Liuzhou Sima, and criticized the prime minister. Why didn’t he want to unite this kind of talent around him?

Wu Zetian’s recruitment is always highly respected, and it is also good for her health and longevity.

Four DIY posts make Qiu Fei feel beauty

Four DIY posts make Qiu Fei feel beauty

Lai Yayan often boils some skin-care supplements for herself. She drinks them during the day for a few days, and at night sleeps.

There is one thing that few people know. She specially made a “sleeping pillow” for herself. Putting medicinal materials in the pillow can also help beauty!

“Beauty sleep” makes your skin supple and smooth in autumn, so come and learn with her.

  1. Poria fish soup ingredients: one section of ginger, one fresh fish, 10 grams of Poria, salt and wine.

  Practice: 1.

Ginger was washed and sliced, and Poria was washed for later use.


Wash fresh fish and cut into pieces.


Add ginger slices and Poria to the pot, add water and bring to a boil, add fish fillets, and season with wine and salt after cooking.

  ◎ Ya-Yan’s small reminder: Because the fish is easy to boil, you can put it in after the herbs are boiled.

This soup helps to calm down and sleep, especially in the summer when you are restless and sleepy.

  Second, the material of jujube kernel soup: 20 grams of jujube kernel, 10 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of Zhimu, 15 grams of Poria, 10 grams of licorice.

  Practice: 1.

Wash all the herbs first.


After boiling, add all the herbs to the pan.


Boil the herbs and drink as tea.

  ◎ Yayan reminds: Sometimes, if you work too much, you will lose sleep even if you are very tired, or you may not relax easily. You may think too much. This is because you are too tired, which leads to insufficient liver and blood.

Decoction of this jujube soup can help stabilize the spirit, it will be easier to fall asleep at night, and it can also improve the problems of insomnia, dreaminess, palpitations or light sleep.

  Third, sleep pillow material: chrysanthemum, drought even grass or Manjingzi amount.

  How to do it: Put chrysanthemums, even dry grass or vitex on the pillow.

  ◎ Yayan reminder: Do you know that someone can become smarter by sleeping well?

Some people say “what you eat and what you supplement”, but I also think “where is the best place to sleep?”

If you want to sleep well and become smart, you can use dried chrysanthemums, dry grass or vitex to make pillows, which is helpful for insomnia, upset and irritability, and has the effect of taking care of the brain and refreshing the brain.

  Fourth, hot coarse salt bag material: 250 grams of coarse salt.

  Practice: 1.

Coarse salt is fried and wrapped in a cloth.


Warm on lower abdomen, shoulders, neck or soles.

  ◎ Yayan’s small reminder: The crude salt we use to purify crystals is coarse salt, so coarse salt can also purify the body.

Using a warm salt bag into the lower abdomen can treat women’s menstrual pain and congestion, and also promote blood circulation in the abdomen. It is not easy to have problems with the lower abdomen. Inserting the shoulder and neck and soles of the feet can help eliminate stress and fatigue, and helpRelax, decompress, and get a good rest and sleep.