One avocado per day reduces risk of heart disease

One avocado per day reduces risk of heart disease

Studies have found that eating an avocado (also known as avocado or avocado) a day can help obese people lower their cholesterol.

Although the trace content of avocado is quite high, it is composed of unit unsaturated rare earth, which is the so-called “good” aunt.

This slightly has the effect of lowering necrotic cholesterol, so it can slow down, reduce or even avoid the risk of high blood pressure or stroke.

  According to a study by the Federal State University, 34% of the plasma in the “American diet” comes from aunts and 16% protein, and half of the metabolism comes from this, which causes many people to become obese or overweight.

The research team recruited 45 obese people between the ages of 21 and 70. They were all victims of the “American diet”, and each participant performed three different diets for five weeks each.

They are a medium diet without avocado (set 1), a medium diet without avocado (set 2), and a medium diet with avocado (set 3).

  The results showed that after the first and second diets ended, participants’ LDL decreased by 8 per 100 ml.

3 ml with 7.

4 ml; after the third diet, LDL decreased by 13 per 100 ml.

5 ml.

In addition, researchers have found that Plan III helps reduce overall cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and triglyceride problems, and can increase the “good” high-density high blood pressure cholesterol.

  Although the results of the study confirm that avocado helps reduce bad debts, differences between the laboratory and real life may lead to different results.

However, it is still recommended to eat more vegetable oils, reduce the consumption of tallow, lard, full-fat cheese products, and snacks. This will help replace the necrotic saturated fat in the blood with healthy fat.

  The nutritional value of avocado: The nutritional value of avocado is extremely high, and various health care and beauty functions are highly favored by consumers.

Avocado is rich in multivitamins (A, C, E and B series vitamins, etc.), various mineral elements (potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, etc.), edible plant fiberThe rich aunt is rich in unsaturated fatty acids in up to 80%. It is a high-energy low-sugar fruit, which has important physiological functions such as lowering cholesterol and blood lipids and protecting the cardiovascular and liver systems.

  Avocado is widely used in Western and Japanese cuisine, and can be used for cold cuts, salads, or some western hot dishes.

Black aspects to pay attention to when practicing yoga

Black aspects to pay attention to when practicing yoga

Yoga is an ancient and traditional way of fitness that is now popular among many women.

Yoga looks gentle, but if it is not practiced properly, it may cause injury to the practitioner, such as muscle ligament strain, meniscus injury, arthritis, neuralgia, etc.

In order to avoid these accidents, in addition to choosing a range of yoga training classes, practitioners should also pay attention to the following points when practicing.


Keep a calm mind.

When many people choose to practice yoga, the first consideration is whether they can lose weight quickly or improve their shape, which is contrary to yoga.

Appropriately maintain a peaceful state of mind, not one-sided pursuit of complex physical movements, and act according to your own situation.


Do not avoid it for an hour before or after practicing yoga, and try to avoid it for two hours after a meal.


Six months after surgery and women’s physiological period should not practice difficult movements.


Hypertension, hypertension patients and pregnant women can only do simple movements.


Practice in a quiet, well-ventilated room. Do not place too much in the room.


Don’t laugh or talk while practicing. Keep regular, deep breathing, which helps your body relax.


It is better to be barefoot, wear loose, comfortable, and brake the body to move freely.


It is not advisable to practice on a hard floor or a too soft bed. A mat should be laid on the floor when practicing.

Stay away from balding and do three hair care tips

Stay away from balding and do three hair care tips

At the end of the year, there will always be various parties, and men who often need to participate in entertainment must pay attention. In this era of male-dominant consumption, as small as cufflinks, lighters, hairstyles, pen details, etc. are possibleAffect your overall performance!

Especially your hairstyle ca n’t be “bare”.

  How to check for hair problems?

  Experts remind: When more than 100 hairs are lost every day, it is a warning to start hair loss. If this phenomenon persists for more than 2-3 months, you should go to a professional institution for treatment as soon as possible!

  In fact, many people wait at least a year, a year ago before they can correct the severity of hair loss before they take action to correct it.

More than half of them deal with the problem on their own, either based on advertisements or consulting with pharmacy staff before buying medicines for hair loss.

  In fact, in order to fully repair your hair, in addition to adjusting your mentality, using less Internet, and exercising more, trying to relax and improve the quality of sleep and other living habits, you also need to gradually develop professional hair.

  How to get rid of the three small life details of the “male bald” sportsman’s model should pay attention to.


Use professional equipment to check the health of the scalp. Once a scalp health problem is found, immediately follow the professional advice of the doctor to carry out targeted scalp care.


By choosing the right professional hair products, only healthy scalp can ensure healthy and shiny hair.


Keep a relaxed and good mood and don’t let the stress of work become an important cause of your hair loss.

Working longer is more harmful than smoking

Working longer is more harmful than smoking

New research suggests that working too long can be as harmful as smoking and can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.

The study found that among middle-aged office workers, those who work 41 hours per week and who work more than 55 hours per week have poor thinking skills and short-term and long-term memory.

  Marina of the Finnish Occupational Health Association?

Dr. Wiltanen led the researchers and began a follow-up survey of 2,214 government officials in 1980. The results were published in the recent issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

  The survey found that 39% worked less than 40 hours per week, 53% worked between 41 and 55 hours per week, and 8% worked more than 55 hours per week.

  Researchers had subjects in their early 50s undergo multiple brain function tests.

Extra brain function tests on inferential ability and vocabulary memory worked longer and had more overtime.

  Researchers say the findings suggest that working too long may have a distorting effect on middle-aged people’s cognitive ability, and that cognitive impairment increases the risk of Alzheimer’s.

The researchers also said, “People who work too long have a risk of developing Alzheimer’s that is similar to those who smoke for a reasonable amount of time.

“British people work the longest hours in European countries, with one in eight working more than 48 hours a week.

Carrie, an expert on stress at Lancaster University?

Professor Cooper said, “Ultra-long-term work can make you tired, and if you do this all the time, your brain will function and your health will be affected.

If so, it will affect your job performance.

Easy 5 style weight loss exercise 18 days waist

Easy 5 style weight loss exercise 18 days waist

Core Tip: Only with a scientific training method, will not quit halfway, and ultimately achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Below, Xiaobian recommended a set of weight loss exercises for you. She concentrated the essence of body exercise, completed 2 times a week, only 20 minutes each time, 18 days can help you lose weight quickly.

  1, shrug legs shrug, lift dumbbells exercise parts: hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, back.

  Need to avoid: leg stretching, hip and back stretching, quadriceps flexion and calf upset or muscle stiffness.

  Specific steps: A: Straight straight, legs apart and shoulder width, put the dumbbells parallel to the feet; kneel, hands grasp the dumbbells inward, step on the micro-bow, and then stand upright, complete 2 times.

  B: After the legs are upright, pad the heels, touch the ground with the toes, and lift the shoulders, then return to the original shape and repeat four times.

  2, the dumbbells are pressed down, the hips are quite exercised: chest, shoulders, triceps, chest, abdomen.

  Need to avoid: shoulder upturn, chest compression and triceps stretching.

  Specific steps: A: Grab the dumbbells with both hands, and lay the upper part of the back on the steady ball. The legs are wide and shoulder-width apart, and the alignment is bent at 90 degrees to make the trunk parallel to the ground; the center of gravity is placed on the shoulders.The palm is facing inward and the elbow is facing the ground; from the bottom, the top is raised and the palm is facing the leg.

  B: Lift the description of the panoramic follow-up diagram, lower it forward, and move it forward 4 times.

  3, Soviet-style stepping exercise parts: quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, abdomen.

  Need to avoid: the lower jaw and forehead of the body, press the leg in the opposite direction.

  Specific steps: A: Place the left leg on a sturdy bench. The height of the chair should not exceed the height of the alignment. The left and right palms each grab a dumbbell and the palms are inward.

  B: The left leg is stepping on the bench, the right leg should not lean forward, the right leg should be pushed forward as far as possible, and then the right leg will be put back to the ground after completion, repeat 10?
12 times, then exchange legs.

  4, one-arm rotary exercise parts: hips, shoulders, biceps, abdomen.

  Need to avoid: stiff arms, reverse swing arms, biceps flexion and leg tilt.

  Specific steps A: Hold the dumbbell in the left hand, cross the legs, the right leg is in front, the knee is bent; the bow body, put the right hand on the steady ball, the brake is close to the ground; the left arm is inclined to the ground, the palm of the handInside.
  B: Lift the left hand to the chest rib, drive the body to turn forward, repeat 5 times, then switch to the other side, the left and right sides are 1 group, do 8?
10 groups.

  5, single leg folding exercise parts: legs, buttocks, quadriceps, buttocks.

  Need to avoid: stepping, heel up, leg stretching and push forward.

  Specific Step A: Support the body through the forearms and toes (the elbows are below the shoulders), so that the body forms a straight line from head to toe and lifts the hind legs off the ground.

  B: Lift up and slant upwards, do 2 times; then try to lift the left leg up, the head sag, make the torso and right leg form a V shape, repeat 2 times back to the beginning; then exchange legs, repeat practice 12?
16 groups.

Clear fat to lose 3 delicious slimming tea

Clear fat to lose 3 delicious slimming tea

Green tea can really slim down, do you believe it?

The reason is that aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve a small amount, turbidity and greasy, prevent micro-stagnation in the body, vitamin B1, C and caffeine can promote gastric secretion, help digestion and cellulite.

Green tea also increases the metabolism of body fluids, nutrients and transformations, strengthens microvascular circulation, and reduces unfortunate deposits.

Spend a few minutes, mix a pot of green tea, while moisturizing the tongue, but also beauty and slimming!

  1, lotus leaf tea slimming tea side: green tea powder 2 grams, lotus leaf 3 money.

  Practice: brew with boiling water, can be used as a drink.

  Efficacy: dry mouth, easy to grow acne, blood is not good, the skin of the face is not soft, the effect of obesity is good.

  2, cellulite green tea slimming tea side: green tea 1 gram, rhubarb half money.

  Practice: use boiling water to brew can be replaced.

  Efficacy: can cure bad breath, broken mouth, lowering fire, laxative, excess meat, often drink this tea can also resist aging.

However, people who usually have soft stools are prone to diarrhea and must pay attention when taking them.

  3, 窈窕 green tea slimming tea side: green tea powder 6 grams, hawthorn 5 money.

  Practice: add three bowls of water to boil for 6 minutes, mix after three meals, add boiling water to brew or even continue to drink, a daily post.

  Efficacy: It can eliminate excess meat and fat, and it is also effective for the blood stasis.