Kelun Pharmaceutical (002422): The price of antibiotic intermediates has declined, affecting Q3 performance

Kelun Pharmaceutical (002422): The price of antibiotic intermediates has declined, affecting Q3 performance
[Event]Kelun Pharmaceutical announced the first three quarters of 2019 performance forecast, reporting that the combined company realized a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 8.700,000-9.72 ppm, compared with 10 for the same period last year.23 ppm, with a 10-year average of 15% -5%.In the third quarter, the company realized a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 1.42 ppm-2.44 ppm, with a ten-year average of 43.21% -2.17%.  [Comment]The antibiotic intermediate sector was under short-term pressure and Q3 performance continued to extend.The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the third quarter of 2019 alone is another 43 quarterly.21% -2.17%, mainly due to the improved profit contribution of the Sichuan-Nanjing project, because it is due to the deduction of the tax-free preferential policy of the Sichuan-Nanjing project in 2018, and the taxation will begin this year (15% tax rate).Resumption. In order to maintain the stability of the sulfur red industry, the company proactively lowered the sulfur red ex-factory price to bring down the sulfur red market price, which caused the small factories to invert costs and prevent it from restarting. At the same time, the 6-APA price also improved and fell.The antibiotic intermediate segment is under short-term pressure, and future cost declines may become a factor driving the profit growth of the Sichuan-Nanning project.In terms of other sectors, the market development of infusion and non-infusion preparations has been strengthened, the product structure has continued to be optimized, and revenue and gross profit have continued to grow; the market for new products has continued to occupy, sales have gradually expanded, and sales revenue and gross profit have achieved significant growth.  The product echelon is rich, and the combination of imitating innovation and supporting long-term development is worth looking forward to.In the early stage, the company’s R & D of generic drugs entered the cashing-in period. It is expected that 115 varieties will be listed in the next three years, and the company’s product line will be rapidly enriched.Since this year, the development of innovative drugs has progressed smoothly. KL060332 capsules for hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid assembly regulators have been approved for clinical use, KL-A293 injections for innovative tumor immune drugs have been approved for clinical use, and SKB264 for ADC drugs for injection of stacked tumor cells with high antigen expression has been declared by the FDAClinically approved.The research and development of generic drugs and innovative drugs are progressing simultaneously, and the company’s long-term development is worth looking forward to.  We believe that the company’s large infusion segment can contribute to stable cash flow. Although the antibiotic intermediate segment is under pressure in the short term, the company has a cost advantage and environmental protection advantage, but still has a 佛山桑拿网 competitive advantage.It is expected that the company’s operating income for 2019/2020/2021 will be 187.80/213.23/239.9.5 billion yuan, the net profit attributable to mothers was 12 respectively.70/14.92/18.5.7 billion yuan, with a budget benefit of zero.88/1.04/1.29 yuan, the corresponding price-earnings ratio is 29/25/20 times.Maintain “Buy” rating and target price of 31.6 yuan.  [Risk Warning]Drug sales are not as expected; drug development progress is not as expected

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Category optimization Q4 performance grows rapidly

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Category optimization Q4 performance grows rapidly

Event: Zhejiang Meida announced the results report for 2019.

The company achieved revenue in 201916.

90,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.

6%; achieved performance 4.

600 million, +22.


Converted to a single quarter of 2019Q4 to achieve revenue 5.

500 million, a year-on-year increase of +17.

1%; achieve performance 1.

600 million, a year-on-year increase of +20.


We believe that the Q4 integrated stove industry has maintained rapid growth, coupled with Midea actively promoting high-end products, the company’s performance has maintained a good growth trend.

Industry expansion + optimization of product structure, Q4 performance maintained rapid growth: We analyzed that Midea’s 2019 Q4 performance achieved 20 +% growth, thus: 1) The rapid expansion of the integrated stove industry.

According to Industry Online, 2019Q4 integrated stove industry sales increased by +17 year-on-year.

8%, permeability coefficient 13.

0%, one year + 2pct, Meida is the industry leader and enjoys industry dividends.

2) Proportion of sales of high-end products, the proportion of system purchases increased, and profitability increased.

Q4 single quarter, the US net profit margin was 28.

7%, +0 per year.

9 points.

Looking forward to the next few quarters, we judge that the market acceptance of integrated stoves will continue to increase, and this category will become one of the main forms of kitchen appliances.

At present, the penetration rate of integrated stoves in the country is only about 1%, and the popularity of integrated stoves in Haining and Luzhou has reached 11%.

Even if the penetration rate of integrated stoves in these two 武汉夜生活网 regions still has room for improvement in the future.

The resumption of work was smooth, and the factory and channel operations gradually resumed. On February 13, the company’s first batch of staff resumed work, with a return rate of about 30%.

From February 20th to early March, will U.S. University conduct the second?
Three batches of workers resumed work and production gradually resumed.

It is worth mentioning that during the epidemic, the company actively subsidized offline dealers.

According to the announcement, the company has formulated a number of support policies for dealers, with estimated support costs of about 20 million.

We believe that this policy can effectively alleviate the pressure on channel operations and increase their sales motivation.

Investment suggestion: In the long run, as the pioneer and leader of the domestic integrated stove industry, Meida will benefit from the increasing trend of the expansion rate of integrated stoves. Its own brand and channel construction will also help the company to consolidate its existing advantages.Rapid growth.

What are we expecting in the US 2019?
In 2020, the EPS will be 0.


86 yuan, maintain Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price is 15.

48 yuan, corresponding to a dynamic P / E ratio of 18 times in 2020.

Risk warning: the prosperity of the third- and fourth-tier real estate declines, the industry’s competitive landscape deteriorates, and raw material prices rise

Don’t get too tired by releasing pressure

Don’t get too tired by releasing pressure

Men increasingly feel that they are too tired to live, and they are under pressure from their careers and families all day long.

At this point, do you want to change your life?

Come and listen to the advice of a psychologist-a friend is the vice president of a new newspaper group. He often feels chest tightness, dizziness, and breathlessness. When he goes to the hospital for an examination, the doctor says it is a heart disease and is called “boss syndrome”It is caused by the stress of life and work; I have also contacted a psychological test report of an external attempted worker (mostly male) and found that they have a high level of intelligence, but low self-evaluation and insufficient self-confidence.

  It stands to reason that these people are outstanding leaders in their lives. How can they lack self-confidence?

In fact, it is very simple. Working in a foreign company has higher pressure on the environment and higher promotion goals set for yourself, which leads to lower confidence.

  There used to be an ad saying, “Man actually needs more care”, which made many beards be impressed because it revealed the inner feelings of men.

Nowadays, men increasingly feel that they are too tired to live. They are under pressure from their careers and families all day long. They are at a loss and are at a loss. A large number of people start drinking alcohol, gambling and even taking drugs to seek relief.

  Where does this stress come from?

There are many reasons for this. Of course, the social environment is a factor that cannot be ignored. Men’s understanding of themselves and women’s surroundings is also an important factor.

To regulate our emotions, we must start with our own rules of understanding and behavior, because it is they that make us unable to adapt to society and make us tired.

Here are a few rules of life. Compare them to see if you are eroded by these rules.

  Rule one: Men do n’t flick when they have tears.

  A woman who is aggrieved or unhappy can cry a lot, but a man who is crying is considered unproductive.

This traditional rule has been passed down from generation to generation, making men unaccustomed to using crying to vent their unhappiness and sorrow.

Everyone knows that crying is of great benefit to both men and women.

Physiologists say that tears can kill bacteria, and crying can prevent red eye disease; psychologists say crying is an excellent way to vent emotions, and it is more healthy than other ways.

Men ca n’t use crying to announce their feelings of stagnation, so they have to seduce themselves by drinking, taking drugs, etc. As a result, they become a turbid unfortunate person who is completely anesthetized, so they will be more sad when surrounded by alcohol.Worse emotions.

Since the depressive emotion must be vented, then you may wish to revise the rule of “men do not cry easily”, and in the backlog of troubles, a person weeping happily, crying it happily, and then laterWouldn’t it be nice to be a big man?

  Rule two: The eldest husband stands out.

  In many family disputes, the common nature of both husbands and wives is men’s understanding of women-whether to treat women as an independent individual, to be treated as a partner in life, or to treat women only as a home embellishment.

In the family, the masculinists often think that they should occupy the absolute range of initiative and direction. Women are only men’s ribs that can only be located in passive and obedient areas.

Unfortunately, it seems that women seem to easily become this view. In fact, they need to be independent in addition to the protection of men. Can men fully satisfy them?

  Zhang Haozhe chanted on the stage that “a good man will not let the beloved woman get hurt a little”, so that many female fans are full of emotions. This is what women expect of men, and thousands of men are the standard.

With the improvement of self-concept, women now truly support Half the Sky, so why as a man do the unpleasant things?

This rule should be replaced by “elderly husband can flex and stretch”, adapt to social changes, adjust self-concept and self-assessment, treat the lover as the other half of life, and share the pressure of family and life, men may not be so tired.

  Rule three: Men should meet stimuli and challenges.

  Now some people are increasingly pursuing the stimuli and challenges of work and the environment.

Although he can get pleasure from constant success, but this rhythm is also very psychologically harmful to him.

Psychological research has long pointed out that irregular lifestyles can cause great stress and fatigue, and the uncertainty of the future will make people nervous all day.

If he doesn’t have a good way to relax and vent, and can’t seek the encouragement and support of his lover, would he be surprised if he is not tired?

In fact, men’s lives should also be smooth, seeking excitement and challenges only at the right time.

  In addition, there are some common rules that can help you reduce the stress of work and life: First, establish your own support system, that is, make more friends.

The friends here are not friends in the commercial banquets, but also people who are true friends, confidants, trustworthy, can talk, and treat each other sincerely.

Originally, family members, colleagues and friends are personal support systems, but unfortunately many times this relationship is superficial and there is no real interaction. When you are upset, you will not be referred to them for help. This is a release of personal emotions and stress.The relaxation is useless.

Only by building a real support system can we not be isolated.

  The second is to seek the help of psychological staff.

Professional psychological counseling or counseling can not only help you cope with the stress of life, relieve emotional interference, but also help you to review and reflect, and promote your own growth.

For men, especially men in the business community, it is very necessary to seek professional support and help. The key is whether you are determined to face your heart.Reading some counselling and counseling books will help you adjust your psychological pressure.

  The most important thing is to maintain a high degree of acuteness and consciousness of one’s physical condition. Don’t forget that physical health is the foundation of life and business.

Psychological problems are sometimes more like physical illnesses.

The more psychological problems pile up, the impact on personal life (often subconsciously) also occurs, and the more complicated it is to deal with.

  There may be the above rules or other rules that invade you. Observe your life, eliminate unsuitable stereotypes, and live at your own pace and regularity.

Newborn baby spit milk mother care

Newborn baby spit milk mother care

Although many new mothers understand that newborns are prone to vomiting due to physiological reasons, they are overwhelmed when they see their baby vomit.

Here, we will introduce in detail the specific causes of neonatal vomiting, we can do some care during vomiting, and what methods can prevent the baby from vomiting.

  The best way to help your child slap and prevent spitting is to slap your child.

Child at 3?
After 4 months of age, you can master the sucking skills well, and the contractile function of the cardia has matured, so the frequency of spitting will be significantly reduced.

But before that, we had better help the baby pat each time after feeding.

  How to help your child tap: Hold your child upright and gently tap your back for more than 5 minutes. This is the basic way to help your child tap.

If the child is still unable to snore, try to massage the child’s back with palm.

You can also support the child’s chin, let the child sit on their lap, and then pat the back.

It is easier to snore because the stomach entrance is facing up when the child is sitting.

  When you can’t make a belching, it absorbs the air in the stomach and sometimes gets caught in the milk that is retracted back and forth. At this time, if the child’s upper body is upright, it will help the air in the stomach to be expelled.

Therefore, the mother can hold the child upright, or can raise the back of the child to keep the upper body inclined for about 30 minutes.

  Understanding Baby Spitting First, let us understand the stomach structure of newborns and the characteristics of their feeding styles.

Newborns are prone to vomiting because their stomachs and throats are not yet mature.

The stomach of a newborn is lying on its side when viewed from the front, and it is distorted. At the same time, the cardia (stomach entrance) is still loose.

In other words, when adults eat, when the food enters the stomach, the cardia shrinks to prevent the food from flowing back to the esophagus; but because the gastric cardia of the newborn cannot contract well, it causes milk to enter the stomach.Can flow back easily to the esophagus.

Sometimes it is because the baby eats too much and the body throws away excess milk in a vomiting manner.

In addition, compared with adults, the throat position of newborns is higher. In addition, the nipple-containing method of newborns is awkward, which causes the air to be easily sucked into the stomach with milk during breastfeeding., The milk that has been eaten also flows out.

When the child grows up, the stern door grows stronger, and when he can sit and burp, the vomiting phenomenon will naturally disappear.

  Regardless of whether it is breastfeeding or a pacifier, vomiting is normal during the neonatal period, and most babies vomit milk almost every day after birth.

In the case of a pacifier, if the pacifier hole is too small, the child will suck hard, which will cause the air and milk to be sucked together, and it will also easily cause spitting.Causes an anal cough.

Therefore, when choosing a pacifier, we must consider whether the size of the pacifier hole is suitable for your child.

But in this regard, children who eat breast milk need to overcome children who eat milk bottles. Eating milk bottles will swallow a lot of air, but breast milk will not, because the baby’s mouth and mother’s nipples form a vacuum adsorption, and air is not easy to invade.

  If your baby is vomiting, keep his upper body raised. Once the vomit enters the trachea, it can cause suffocation.

Therefore, when the child is relaxed, it is best to pad the towel under the child’s body and keep the upper body raised.

If the child vomits while lying down, we can turn the child’s face to the side.

After vomiting, pay more attention to observe the condition of the child. When the child is lying, raise the child’s head high, or simply hold the child upright.

After spitting, your child’s face may be bad, but as long as he can recover later, there is no problem.

In addition, you can add some water to your child as appropriate.

  Rehydration should be done 30 minutes after the child vomits milk. Try to give the child some white water with a spoon. If the child is hydrated immediately, it may cause vomiting again.

After vomiting, when the baby recovers and wants to feed, we can feed the baby some more milk.

But the amount of feeding should be reduced to about half of the usual, but the number of feedings can be increased.

During your baby’s continued vomiting, you can only feed your baby, but not other foods, including complementary foods.

It’s best to be small and diligent in feeding, and it’s best to help your child tap after each feeding.

If the child vomits milk after each feeding, we need to adjust the amount and interval of feeding each time.

  How to avoid baby spitting 1.

Be careful not to let your baby eat too fast.

If the milk swells and squirts, it will make the child feel uncomfortable; 2.
2. Pay attention to patting your baby while breastfeeding and after eating; 3.
Is it best to have your baby stand up to 20 after feeding?
For 30 minutes, don’t rush to tease your baby.

Eight ways to double the effectiveness of red dates_1

Eight ways to double the effectiveness of red dates

Chinese medicine believes that jujube has a sweet taste, has the effects of nourishing Chinese qi and nourishing blood, and is most suitable for eating.

However, jujubes are eaten differently and their effects are not the same. Here are eight ways to double the effectiveness of jujubes.


Jujube tea → Qi nourishing and voicing, drink tea after frying red dates, can cure cold and stomachache. If you add longan, it is nourishing blood and nourishing qi, which is suitable for teachers, salespersons and other people who use throat more frequently.


Jujube Boil Soup → Cough and Lung The “Bian Xiao Fang” written by Tang Congzhu of Tang Dynasty records: “Cooking red dates, Tremella and rock sugar together to drink soup can relieve cough and lungs.

“The specific method is: take about half of Tremella, 10 red dates, 30 grams of rock sugar, the amount can be increased or decreased according to personal taste.

Put the white fungus in the water and open it, remove the pedicle, tear it into small pieces, put it in the pot together with red dates and rock sugar, add 2 bowls of water, and boil over low heat for half an hour before turning off.


Red dates boiled eggs → nourishing blood and beauty Add red dates and longan to cook brown sugar water, beat eggs when jujube and longan are soft, continue to cook on low heat until the eggs are cooked and ready to take.

Red dates, longan and brown sugar all have the effect of nourishing blood. Boiled eggs with this water are both nourishing and nourishing.


Jujube porridge → Anshen to help people who have symptoms of restlessness, restlessness, etc., can take appropriate amount of lily, lotus seeds, red dates and millet to cook porridge to drink, which has the effect of soothe the nerves to help you sleep.


Jujube sparkling wine → Vacuum smooth General Jujube sparkling wine has a certain effect on keeping blood vessels open.


Jujube soaked in water → Yanggan Detox Soaked in water to drink dates, can nourish liver and detox.

It should be noted that it is best to smash red dates and brew with water.

In addition, fresh red dates should not be brewed or cooked, because fresh dates have very high vitamin C content, and boiling or soaking in hot water will destroy vitamin C.


Jujube steamed agaric fungus → stagnant and freckle.

The specific method is: take 10 red dates, 15 grams of black fungus, and moderate amount of rock sugar.

Soak the red dates in water for about 2 hours; soak the black fungus in water, add them to the bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, and steam in the basket drawer for about 1 hour.


Jujube and ginger drink → Stomach nourishing and calming.

Mix licorice, cloves and agarwood into fine powder and add some salt. Take 15 each time?
25 grams fried with red dates and ginger or soaked in water for tea, several times a day, has the effect of nourishing blood, strengthening the stomach, soothe the nerves.

Cross-legged health measurement

Cross-legged health measurement

A fitness club in Beijing recently performed physical tests for more than 40 white-collar workers and found that most white-collar workers, especially men, were sad to cross their legs.

Fitness instructor Meng Hongtu said that everyone can use cross-legged to measure physical health.

  Even if someone can cross their legs, if they can’t hold it for a few minutes, they will feel back pain. This shows that the legs, remodeling, and hips are not flexible enough, and they usually lack flexibility exercises. There may also be an important reason for the stomachLarge, belly aunt stacked too much.

  You should also test yourself quickly. If you can’t cross your legs, start exercising immediately.

  In yoga, cross-legged is the most basic movement. Even if you don’t do yoga, practicing cross-legged more often can greatly replace your health.

It is reported that at the Harvard Medical School in the United States, nearly 10,000 people with various diseases see a doctor each year. In addition to giving patients medicines, doctors often teach them how to meditate cross-legged to eliminate mental stress and annoyance.

In Japan, the popular young women in many places do the “nuns of the day” fashion, go to a family to meditate cross-legged, fast and clear their minds, and the stress and worries of work are gone.

  In addition, regular cross-leg exercises can improve the flexibility of the legs, complications, and waist, making the legs and hips soft.

It can also reduce and slow down blood circulation in the lower body, thereby increasing blood circulation in the upper body, especially the chest and brain.

The most important thing is that this posture is conducive to sitting, can make the respiratory system unobstructed, and make the breathing unobstructed.

  Specific method of sitting cross-legged: Before going to bed or getting up early in the morning, meditate cross-legged on the bed (also on the sofa) for 20-30 minutes, double, single or loose.

  When sitting cross-legged, relax the belt of the trousers, with the palms of your hands facing upwards naturally, and your eyes slightly closed, the mouth lightly closed, the tongue and palate raised with a smile, your whole body relaxed, and your thoughts disregarded.Under the navel), slowly enter the ecstasy, selfless state.

At this time you will feel no stress, no worries, and your whole body will be very relaxed and comfortable.

Liver disease patients diet contraindications liver disease what to eat

Liver disease patients diet contraindications liver disease what to eat

In patients with liver disease, ordinary healthy people, seemingly problem-free diets can also cause disasters.

A good diet can alleviate the symptoms of the disease, and of course, improper diet will accelerate the deterioration of the disease.

So what are the dietary contraindications for patients with liver disease?

For patients, what is good for liver disease?

Dietary contraindications for patients with liver disease 1, avoid alcohol and alcohol directly through the liver metabolism, can directly damage the liver, which is aggravated by the liver disease patients whose liver function has been impaired, so patients with liver disease should avoid alcohol.

2, avoid spicy, irritating food, liver disease patients are mostly damp-heated, and spicy, stimulating hot food can help damp heat, the most adverse condition after eating, so patients with liver disease should eat chili, leek, lamb, dog meat, pepper and so on, spicy, irritating food.

3, avoid frying, fried food fried, crushed food is high fecal food, not only difficult to digest and absorb after eating, but also easy to get wet and heat, is also extremely unfavorable for the recovery of disease, so liver disease patients should dietAvoid fried, fried foods.

4, avoid high cholesterol foods because cholesterol needs to be metabolized in the liver, liver function patients with the worst liver function after eating is also extremely unfavorable for the recovery of the disease, so liver disease patients should avoid egg yolk, animal liver, pig’s trotters, pig water, etc.High cholesterol food.

5, avoid high-protein food liver disease patients with liver function metabolism has been the weakest, a large number of high-protein foods into the blood ammonia increased, insulin inability to rapidly convert blood ammonia into urea, which is easy to induce liver coma and other toxic reactions, so liver disease patientsEat high-protein foods such as beef, prawns, sea cucumber, black-bone chicken, and goat liver.

What is good for liver disease?

1, banana banana is a very low but very nutritious fruit, many people like to eat, banana contains some potassium, accumulation of fiber and other good ingredients, can help the regeneration of liver cells and improve immune function.

2, lemon lemon can liver and detoxification, often eat is very beneficial, help protein synthesis, enhance the function of human liver cell regeneration and repair, but must be eaten in moderation, especially for some hyperacidityPeople.

3, Wumei is known as “acid into the liver”, which has the medical value of tonifying the liver and converging the liver. It not only has the effect of “hepatitis, nourishing liver and blood”, but also strengthens the detoxification ability of the liver, promotes digestion and absorption, and longThe stick achieves the effect of regulating the liver, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

4, kiwifruit is known as “super fruit”, rich in calcium, VC, VE, essential amino acids, minerals and other active ingredients, often used to regulate, liver, cancer, beauty.

5, Lychee “Compendium of Materia Medica” has records, lychee has the effect of strong liver and health, it is rich in protein, vitamins, traces, citric acid, pectin and phosphorus, iron and other beneficial ingredients, and even timely replenishmentThe body needs, but also has the effect of promoting smooth blood circulation, nourishing yin and nourishing the liver.

A little bit of insight, I hope everyone can pay attention, in life, patients with liver disease must pay attention to their eating habits, life routines, do not stay up late, this is not good for the liver.

How do sugar friends choose Chinese patent medicines?

How do sugar friends choose Chinese patent medicines?

Diabetes refers to the absolute or relative deficiency of insulin secretion and the decreased sensitivity of target cells to insulin, causing sugar, protein, sputum and secondary water, absorption and metabolism disorders, clinical polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria, body weight loss or urineA disease characterized by turbidity and sweetness in the urine.

A significant proportion of patients have no clinical symptoms and are only discovered during the experience.

This disease belongs to the traditional medicine “thirst”.

Any random blood sugar is greater than 11.

1 mmol/L, two fasting blood glucose is greater than 7.

8 millimoles per liter, combined with the symptoms of “three more and one less”, the transformation is clearly diagnosed.

Most of the causes of diabetes are due to the yin deficiency of the body, long-term over-eating fat and sweet taste, resulting in spleen and stomach transport and dereliction of duty, accumulation of heat, dryness and consumption.

Often induced by emotional disorders, overworked.

Chinese medicine treatment should distinguish the focus of the lesion as upper focus, middle focus or lower focus and separate treatment.

  When you see polydipsia and polydipsia, dry mouth and tongue-drying, combined with frequent urinary frequency, red tongue, pulse number and other high-risk syndromes with lung heat blazing, you should supplement the heat and lungs, thirstdrug.

Xiaoke Pill consisting of Astragalus, Raw Land, Trichosanthin, and Glycol, can nourish yin and nourish yin.

Oral: 5-10 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

You can also choose Yuquan Pill consisting of pollen, pueraria, Ophiopogon japonicus, ginseng, alfalfa, licorice, ebony, and raw jaundice.

Oral: 60 capsules each time, 2 times a day.

  If you see that it is easy to cure with more food, body weight loss, dry stool, yellowish moss, smooth veins and other stomach heat sizzling, it should be replaced by bezoar, scutellaria, cork, scorpion, rhubarb, scorpion,Raw gypsum, borneol, chrysanthemum, forsythia, yuan ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, licorice and other composition of Niuhuangqing stomach tablets, to clear the stomach fire.

Oral: 4-6 tablets each time, 2 times a day, pregnant women should not take it, and the elderly and infirm should be used with caution.

It is also possible to use Qingwei Huanglian Pill composed of berberine, gypsum, astragalus, medlar, phellodendron, rehmannia, paeonol, red peony, forsythia, Zhimu, Tianhua powder, Yuanshen, and licorice.

Oral: 9 grams each time, 2 times a day.

  When you see the number of frequent urination, turbidity such as grease, urine sweet, dry mouth, red tongue, pulse count, etc., the main reason for the kidney yin deficiency should be supplemented by rehmannia, hawthorn, yam, Alisma,Danpi, a combination of Liuwei Dihuang Pills to nourish kidney yin.

Oral: water pills are appropriate, 6 grams each time, 2 times a day, and then combined with Xiaoke pills to nourish yin and fluid.

If you see the frequency of urination, turbidity such as cream, even drink one by one, look dark, the ear wheel is dry, the waist and knees are sore, the shape is cold and cold, the impotence, the pulse is weak and the yin and yang deficiency syndrome should be chosen in Liuwei Dihuang.On the basis of the pill, add cinnamon and augmented golden kidney pills to nourish yin and impotence.

Oral: 30 pills each time, 2 times a day.

  There are many complications in diabetes, and Chinese medicine can also be used to treat it.

In addition to the unclear sight, instead of Shijie, antelope horn, scorpion, cassia seed, berberine and other stone 斛 夜光丸, to nourish yin and kidney, clear liver and eyesight.

Any combination of acne, phellodendron, rhubarb, white peony, and atractylodes can be used to relieve phlegm, relieve blood stasis, dissipate phlegm, and also use octopus, muscle jade.Red cream and so on.

If both hands and feet are numb, Tianma Pills consisting of Tianma, Eucommia, Achyranthes, Angelica, Scorpio, and Shengdi should be supplemented with Shujin Tongluo, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.