China Mobile: Maximous Mobile practical

Recently, Anhui Mobile conscientiously implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and under the unified deployment of the Anhui Provincial Communications Administration and the guidance of China Mobile Corporation, take the initiative to actively carry out special actions such as "broken card" "Tmall", with large Data, machine learning, etc. 35 people, the results of the achievements, and effectively safeguard the legitimate interests and property safety of the people. The smart park is a smart city’s composition unit, and it is also a reduced version of smart cities, which is responsible for the heavy responsibility of my country’s industrial transformation and upgrading. In recent years, Anhui Mobile actively exerts information technology, digitizing the daily work scenes of the park, intelligent treatment, greatly enhances the integrated service capacity of the park.

In order to promote the construction of smart campus, help students better adapt to the campus life.

Anhui Mobile has given full play to communication technology advantages, and continuously explores the application of 5G technology in smart campus, providing students with comprehensive, meticulous and efficient campus information solutions. When you come to Huangshan, at the airport, you can easily use "Gigabit 5G" business, China Mobile Anhui Huangshan Branch focuses on 5G demonstration airport, realizing the terminal building, security check channel, international and domestic flights Waiting room and other areas 5g full coverage.

In recent years, medical standards in the grassroots area have been significantly improved, but there are many rural populations, and the risks of the masses are "due to illness". In order to help the government enhance the level of medical services in rural areas, provide the masses with convenient, high-quality medical services, Anhui Mobile and Boatsu News Flying Complete the "Zhixian Assistant Platform", and raising the people’s happiness in people’s livelihood projects.

In Huaibei, Anhui Mobile provides 5G transformation upgraded technical support for the mining industry, helping the mining industry to "unmanned, intelligent", and to practice "I do practical things for the masses" practice, improve the masses of the masses, Happy, safe.

Since this year, Anhui Mobile actively carried out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", establishing a rural "smart pension" project to help the elderly intelligent into the intelligent era of information life.

Anhui Mobile played the technical expertise and operational capabilities in network, digitized, intelligent, and launched the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", starting from the hub district traveler, WiFi network in Hefei South Station, 5G network full coverage, full-scale signaling equipment, and enhances passengers in crowd intensive indoor communication feelings.

Beijing 2021 annual vocational skills training of demobilized soldiers in Daxing District of Internet marketing division classes

People electric Beijing November 19 November 17, the Beijing Daxing District, Veterans Affairs and vocational skills training course in Beijing dream "2021 Annual Daxing District, retired soldiers vocational skills Internet marketing trainer" in cooperation Daxing school official classes.

As the country’s first Internet marketing division to carry out training courses for retired soldiers, the first phase of trainees, the unit in charge of leadership and teaching college academic staff of nearly 50 people attended the opening ceremony by line.

Skilled personnel is an important part of national personnel, is the Societe Generale, the source of development.

With the addition of online economy continues to develop new technologies and big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and so on, "Internet marketing division," as Human Resources and Social jointly market supervision Administration, the National Bureau of Statistics official release to the public in July 2020. The new occupation, due to curriculum module settings keep up with market trends, skills training approachable and quick features, has become the 2022 vocational training hottest jobs. The Internet marketing division focused on training courses to create content – that is, all media operations division. The Internet marketing division (all-media marketing division) vocational skills training were set 120 hours, using live online teaching mode of teaching and training line combination. Curriculum system around the whole process to create Internet content production, content production related to the preliminary investigation, the planning, filming, production, post-packaging, and marketing and other aspects, specific programs, covering theory, shooting trips, training exercises and graduation examination of four parts. Daxing District, the transfer of resettlement department of Veterans Affairs Bureau Cao Yang at the opening ceremony, said: "The Internet as a marketing division is currently developing a new thing and a new era of professional trades, the training is the Bureau after much research and field trips made a deliberate decision, we hope to create a national veterans resettlement training ‘new standard’ and dreams of college. "

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A photo unveiled in the joint fraud

In November 2019, a insurance company claimed that Xiao Wang found that a traffic accident scene showed that a remote section of the traffic accident, a remote road section crashed, causing a small vehicle loss.

Further investigation has been found that even more, the incidents actually operate the car repair shop.

Considering that there is a possibility of counterfeiting traffic accidents, insurance companies have chosen alarm.

After investigation, the police quickly captured the criminal suspect.

It turned out that the 38-year-old Yan Mou has opened a car repair shop from Shanghai to study on the home. After a few years, the business is bleak, and he has moved the 歪 脑 保 保 保. On July 10, 2018, Bao Mou caused bumpers because of the bumper bumps, the headlights were damaged, and the cost of repairing the car was needed.

Yan Mou proposed a forged traffic accident, so that the insurance company came to "pay the money" as the suggestion of Bao’s car.

Two people are shining. Subsequently planned a rear-end accident.

After the insurance company came to see, the car gap 5660 is determined.

In fact, Yan Mou only used only 3,000 yuan to fix two cars, and the remaining more than 2,000 yuan were all incorporated by him, and Bao was free to fix the car. The strict smelling this "business opportunity" is smelled.

In late July, the same call said that there was a customer to repair the car, but he didn’t want to take his own insurance. At this time, Yan Mou will lead the god meeting. Arrange the wife Wang’s car to repair the car to repair the vehicle that needs to be repaired, forged this traffic accident, this time, Yan Mou has earned more than 2,000 yuan. Yan Mou, "Lie Lie", has also gone together, Bao teamed up with two traffic accidents until the insurance company found an abnormal alarm.

After investigation, Yan and others deceived insurance companies for more than 40,000 yuan. On August 27, 202, Yan Mou, Yu, Wang, Wang, Bao, was reviewed and prosecuted by the public security organ Xinghua City Procuratorate by the suspected insurance fraud. (Zhao Miao Shen Yu) Source: Modern Express Full Media Editor: Wang Wei Review: Yin Huan Wen Recommended.

De gebouwen van het volk zijn de vastgoedsector om de vermindering en het verlagen van koolstofschatkist te verminderen.

Ontwikkel groene gebouwen of vastgoed-industrie om "Dubbele Carbon" -doel te bereiken, hoe u "Dubbele Carbon" -doel in de vastgoedconstructie-industrie kunt bereiken? Insiders in insiders geloven dat het ontwikkelen van groene gebouwen of een belangrijke start wordt in de vastgoedsector om koolstof-koolstof te bereiken.

Volgens Ni Jiangbo hebben de groene gebouwen en energiebesparende carrières van mijn land aanzienlijke ontwikkelingsresultaten bereikt. Gegevens tonen aan dat vanaf het einde van 2020 het groene bouwgebied van mijn land meer dan 100 miljoen vierkante meter heeft opgebouwd. In 2020 is het nieuwe Green-gebouw goed voor 77% van de nieuwe civiele gebouwen in de stad, en het nieuwe bouwgebied Van Montagebouwen wordt ook gemaakt van 2015 miljarden. De vierkante meter steeg tot 100 miljoen vierkante meter.

"Carbon Piek Carbon is de sleutel tot energiebesparing." Chen Yiming, vice-president en secretaris-generaal van China Real Estate Association, maakte een gerelateerde interpretatie van de groene transformatie van de vastgoedindustrie van mijn land in de context van koolstofpiek. Chen Yiming zei dat de huidige situatie van de constructie van mijn land lage niveaus kan presenteren en kan worden versterkt met energietechnologiewaarden. Daarom is Chen Yiming van mening dat de constructie van de energiebesparing, ventilatie, warmteoverdrachtsmaatregelen en het gebruik van technische producten om hetzelfde doel, energiebesparing en energiebesparing en technologieproducten te gebruiken. Technische energiebesparing combineert, combineert het Besparingen van fossiele energie en combineert het gebruik van hernieuwbare energie, het is noodzakelijk om de energiebesparing van steden en landelijke gebieden te overwegen. Het vermogen om "Double Carbon" -doel te bereiken is van cruciaal belang voor de vastgoedsector. De modernisering van China kan het traditionele gebruik van westerse modernisering niet nemen. Het kan hernieuwbare energie gebruiken om traditionele energiebronnen te vervangen, waardoor het gebruik van traditionele fossiele energie wordt verminderd en de energiestructuur verandert. Voor de bouwsector is het om nieuwe energie te ontwikkelen, zoals hernieuwbare energie, kernenergie en vervanging van een grote hoeveelheid fossiele energie in nieuwe energie, waardoor koolstofdioxide-emissies aanzienlijk wordt verminderd. Ni Jiangbo onthulde dat het huidige ministerie van Huisvesting en Urban-Rural Development de studie van vroege pieken, lage pieken, compacte staarten, korte platforms, diepe neutralisatiedoelstellingen en stappen op het implementatieplan van 2030 pre-carbon pieken in stedelijk en stappen in stedelijk, Plattelandsconstructie, waaronder nul carbon constructie technologie normen. Veel van de normatieve documenten van de industrie-koolstofemissies zoals het bouwen van energiebesparing en hernieuwbare energie-gebruik General specificaties zullen naar verwachting binnen het jaar worden vrijgegeven.

Huang Junpeng, General Manager van Beijing Lemon Tree Green Building Technology Co., Ltd., zei dat vastgoedbedrijven geen "koolstofpiek" "koolstofneutralisatie" zouden moeten zetten om druk en last te doen, maar deze kans moeten grijpen, door de financieringskanalen te vergroten , verbetering van het concurrentievermogen van de bodemopname om een ??harde productkracht, enz. Te wijzen, van tevoren, hoogwaardige gastengroepen aan te trekken en het doel van de "dubbele koolstof" in de rekrutering van het kerncompetitiviteit te synchroniseren. Het "2021 China Real Estate Carbon Peak Development Summit Forum" werd georganiseerd door de vastgoedassociatie van China.

Het Forum Synchronized "China Real Estate Enterprise Carbon Emission Research Report 2021", vatte de kenmerken en status-quo van koolstofemissies samen in onroerend goed ondernemingen en voorgestelde aanbevelingen om de normen van de CO2-emissies voor onroerend goed ondernemingen te versnellen.

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10 functionarissen werden gearresteerd door "bomen snijden": vigilant "constructie"

Volgens de Website van de Centrale Commissie voor Discipline-inspectie, het Netwerk van de People Beijing 13 december (Reporter Huang Yuqi) volgens het Website Nieuws van de Centrale Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie, volgens de Commissie Guangdong Provincial Party, de provinciale discipline-inspectiecommissie gevestigd in Guangzhou’s grootschalige migratie van de stad. Verantwoordelijk voor onderzoek en serieuze verantwoording van 10 toonaangevende kaders.

Luo Ji, plaatsvervangend secretaris van het Municipal Comité van Guangzhou, kreeg de waarschuwingsruimte van de partij; de oorspronkelijke partijgroep van Guangzhou Municipal People’s Original Party, deputy Mayor Lin Daoping, kreeg een serieuze waarschuwing in het feest, het congres van het congres van het congres van het volk ; Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress Permanent Comité Directeur van het Stexture Welfare and Work Committee (de Original Party Secretary, Director van het Guangzhou Forestry and Landscape Bureau), kreeg een serieuze waarschuwing binnen de partij, de door de regering Downgraden, de verwijderingsbehandeling … 5 mensen kregen een serieuze waarschuwing binnen het feest, 5 mensen waren deals.

Welke signalen en attitudes worden doorgegeven aan het overzicht van "hakincidenten"? Zhuang dehu, plaatsvervangend directeur van Peking University Integrity Construction Center, wees erop dat "Snijboomverantwoordelijkheid" op het moment is, en de ontwikkeling van de stadsontwikkeling van de stad is niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor het publiek, en het is ook een verkeerde uitspraak Denkers en managementgedrag. Tijdige correctie, die de vaststelling van veranderende traditionele stedelijke ontwikkelingsmethoden uiten, die nieuwe ontwikkelingsconcepten oprichtten en resoluut de bepaling van het nieuwe ontwikkelingspad lopen. "Cut Tree Accountability" maakt het publiek het nieuwe weer van het nieuwe ontwikkelingspatroon, laat iedereen de vaste pil eten.

"De" Cut Tree Accountability "is geweldig, toont de aandacht van de constructieconstructie van de Partij, en zal vragen om schending van het weggedrag van de massa, verantwoordelijkheid moet streng zijn." Central Party School (National Institute ") Supervisor , Professor Hong Xianghua wees erop dat het de ecologische omgeving kan beschermen, goed onderhouden en gerelateerd is aan de persoonlijke interesses van het volk, en de Qianqiu Weiye van de partij.

Hong Xianghua sprak verder over het feit dat het strengste ecologische milieubeschermingssysteem resoluut werd ge?mplementeerd en de toonaangevende kaders die verantwoordelijk hadden voor ecologische milieuschade, serieus respecteerden, stevig de ontwikkeling van productie en ontwikkeling, welvaart en gevestigde beschaafde ontwikkeling wegen, en bouwen mooi China.

De verslaggever merkte op dat de algemene schaalmigratie van Guangzhou Municipality de stadsbomen felleerde, ernstig beschadigde een partij oude boom oude bomen, het vernietigen van de natuurlijke ecologische omgeving van de stad en de historische en culturele stijl, het kwetsen van het prachtige geheugen en diepe gevoelens van het volk, het is een typisch destructief "constructie" -gedrag.

Wat is de destructieve "constructie"? Wat zijn de gevaren? In dit opzicht wees Zhuang dehu erop dat de standaard "constructie", de sleutel om te zien of deze "constructie" wordt ondersteund door de mensen, die de sociale situatie vertegenwoordigt. Hong Tonghua zei dat de definitie van destructieve "constructie" is om een ??goed beeld te maken van goede politieke prestaties, de belangrijkste uitvoering is om "politieke prestaties" te ", alleen voor de wereld, kortetermijnbelangen, en ongeacht Changyuan De nationale en de algehele belangen van de massa’s en het destructieve gedrag, uiteindelijk leidend tot de "constructie" en de massa’s van vraag en sociale ontwikkeling. Op dit moment heeft een of andere destructieve "constructie" de gevoelens van het volk, en zelfs de relatie van de partij, en de relatie van de partij, en de aard van de partij, de eerste missie van de partij wordt geschonden, moet ernstig worden ingesloten. De sleutel tot "destructieve" constructie "is dat de film politieke prestaties nastreeft, waarbij de menselijke geschiedenis en ontwikkeling van de stad wordt genegeerd, waardoor de ontwikkeling van de stad ongebalanceerd is.

Vanaf het oppervlak wil de destructieve ‘constructie’ het uiterlijk van de stad veranderen, de ontwikkeling van de stad bevorderen, maar het is verdiept, en de achterkant is nog steeds een persoonlijk verlangen om te domineren, met individuele discussie om collectieve beslissingen te vervangen. "Zhuang deshui is diep geanalyseerd.

Incident, "bewust staan ??in de massa-positie om een ??beslissingsbureau te maken". In dit verband interpreteert Hong Xianghua dat toonaangevende kaders niet alleen beleidsmaatregelen eten, maar ook dienen als de mensen van de mensen als de belangrijkste prestaties, maar ook om de wil van de lokale bevolking te combineren, respecteren van de beroepsprocedingen De mensen, de huidige belangen, en voor de massa’s om te voldoen aan de algemene belangen, langetermijnbelangen, kunnen niet verloren gaan als gevolg van klein verlies, zorg ervoor, 寅 卯, 功.

"Alleen bewust staan ??in het standpunt van de mensen denken, om ervoor te zorgen dat elk belangrijke beslissing door de mensen kan worden erkend en ervoor te zorgen dat het beleid niet zal worden omgekeerd." Zhuang deshui zei. (Editor: MA Chang, Deng Zhihui).

The SFC: Solidly do a good job in the preparation of all market registration system reform

[] On November 12th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission held a party committee to expand its meeting, convey the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and the research and deployment of whole system learning propaganda and implementation.

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, Chairman will be full of meeting and speaking.

  The meeting emphasized that the Securities Regulatory Commission system should make a good study, propaganda, and implement the spirit of the Plenary Session as the current and future major political tasks, and put the spirit of the Plenary Session as the important content of party history education, and understand to understand Xi Jinping’s new era has been combined with socialist thinking, widely launched in-depth study and propaganda, and uniformly use the spirit of spiritual unity, cohesion consensus, firm confidence, and enhance fighting spirit.

It is necessary to understand the great meaning of our party’s struggle, and the precious historical experience of our party’s struggle, and the intelligence of the new era of the new era, and earnestly enhanced responsibility; The effort direction, keep in mind the initial mission, consciously adhere to the comprehensive leadership of the capital market, highlight political construction, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and to strengthen discipline construction and style construction, speed up Building a "loyal" supervision cadre team, solid propulsion system is comprehensive from stricting part of the strict treatment.

  The meeting requests must accurately grasp the practice of implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session, and profoundly understand the mission responsibility of the new era capital market, and accelerate the high-quality development of the capital market and better service to build a new development pattern. First, more actively serve as, through sound multi-level capital market systems, increase policy and system supply, further improve and enhance mechanism and ability to support scientific innovation and entity economic development.

Second, more highlighting risk, strong supervision, promoting stability, enhanced work, and paying more attention to the expectation of the market by deepening the reform to guide the market, and solidify the risk of risk protection in key areas, firmly keep the bottom line. The third is to strengthen the development and innovation, and do a good job in the preparation of the whole market registration system, run a good job in the Beijing Stock Exchange, continue to strengthen the capital market basic system and the rule of law construction, and promote the special representative of the securities dispute, continue to steadily Promote the high level of capital market. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Three major operators announced that the half year report: 5G package users Near nearly 500 million

People’s Network Beijing August 20 (Zhao Chao) On August 19, China Unicom announced the first half of the year, and the three major telecom operators were released.

According to the first half of the year results announced by the three major telecom operators, China’s 5G package users have reached 100 million, and 500 million households.

The financial report shows that as of the end of June, the number of China Telecom’s 5G package users reached 100 million, the penetration rate reached%; China Mobile billion households, the first half of the year was increasing, and China Unicom billion, the penetration rate reached%.

5G featured application users rapidly, users upgrade 5G maintain good value growth, mobile user ARPU (average per user’s average income) will fall and continue to rise.

In the first half of the year, China Telecom mobile users ARPU DA (RMB, the same), the same year-on-year increased, the increase in increased increase in the first quarter; China Mobile’s mobile user ARPU was RMB yuan, year-on-year growth%, reversed since 2018 Trend; China Unicom mobile user ARPU reaches Yuan, which is increased year-on-year.

Benefiting from China’s economic and social digital transformation, the three major telecom operators have improved in the last half of the year.

China Telecom’s operating income in the first half of the year was 219.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; net profit was 17.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth, rejected the disposable tax return after selling subsidiaries, increased year-on-year growth.

China Mobile’s operational income of 443.6 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year growth rate; shareholders should accounted for 59.1 billion yuan, and the profit per share is yuan, a year-on-year growth%.

China Unicom’s operating income has reached RMB 164.2 billion in the first half of the year. The total increase of profits in the first half of the year has exceeded 10 billion yuan in recent years.

5G network construction is also conducted according to the plan. In the first half of 2021, China Telecom and China Unicom jointly shared, and the newly opened 5G base station 80,000 stations, and the two sides opened the 5G base station over 460,000 stations, and realize a first-tier city coverage and network awareness double leading. China Mobile 5G related investment is 50.2 billion yuan.

As of the end of June, a total of 5G base stations were opened, providing 5G services to the city, some counties and key areas of the city, some counties and key areas.

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Qi Zhe EXCEL Server Implementing Factory Management System and IoT Integration

In order to improve the production management level and work efficiency of factory production, many enterprises are trying to actively introduce the information management system, combined with the actual business and information system, and summarize the daily operation, data and resource information of the factory. Enterprise Late Postal Decision Provide the foundation.

The concept of wisdom is also known as many factories.

The application of the wisdom Internet of Things is very wide, such as smart agriculture, wisdom fireworks network, and smart cities belong to wisdom.

Internet of Things technology is to link objects and objects, objects, objects, objects, and equipment. Industry expert analysis said that under the current high environmental pressure, the transformation of traditional factories to smart plants must become a wave of wave in the future world manufacturing reform. The traditional manufacturing industry is transformed into Unicom in digital chemical plant equipment. I have been engaged in enterprise management and upgrading for many years, and the industrial upgrading is inevitably the trend of industrial revolution.

Today, this article shares a case to implement the Terrace with the factory management of the factory. Seeing this video, it is the liveline of a hardware factory production line. It can be seen that in front of a line of workers, there is a real-time display, workers’ operation, and reflected in the production management system in real time through the sensor. Through the equipment of the Qi Zhe EXCLE server production line, the data automatic collection statistics are realized, automatically analyzed, and the original management system needs to be enrolled.

The analysis of the production line process is real-time dynamic analysis, and the SOP file is pushed online. Production Daily, Monthly, Quality Record, Test Record, Efficiency Record, Tissue Salary Data, Equipment Syndering Record, Equipment Alarm Record Since the use of the Internet of Things scheme, it has become intelligent. Before the implementation of the Qi Zhe EXCLE server system, the factory’s production line management mainly fills the document on the line, and then summarizes the completion of the Excel form.

Now through the system of the system, the system of production management, the production management method has changed, and the goal of the smart factory has taken a big step. At present, Qi Zhe EXCLE server system has supported multiple instrumentation access, test series, environment series, electrical function series, and switching system equipment can be implemented. The real-time data collected by the instrument equipment is directly reflected in the Qi Zhe Excel server platform, providing strong support for production management.

Shandong "hope house": the common prosperity of the hand-Profits

  As the main carrier of the third allocated on the road of common prosperity, charitable force how to better play? "Hope Cabin" Child Care Program since its inception in June 2020, more and more social forces to participate, cottage typical demonstration project will not only become a national charity, has become effective so that the plight of children to explore and enjoy common prosperity the fruits of development. Hut love, love brought together in June 2020, the Shandong Provincial Communist Youth League, Shandong Province Youth Federation, Shandong Province Youth Development Foundation launched a comprehensive child care program "Hope cottage."

Project plans to use three years to build not less than twenty thousand in the province "hope hut." When the project started, Shandong Communist Youth League continued to expand fund-raising channels, organized in conjunction with social mobilization on the basis of, and actively explore the "public Internet +" new model. During the "520 Tencent public season" 2020 "Tencent public 99 days" and in 2021, two online fundraising are fruitful, and further expand the "hope hut" social influence and awareness.

  On the mountain trails snaked, sleepless night prodigiously in the sleepy, sun exposure spread the news …… in the province more than twenty thousand cadres, thousand volunteers, ten thousand loving clan, in September this year months and completed a ‘wow’ public feat. Million people participate in a wide range of 10,000 yuan love money, ranking first provincial public offering institutions, fund-raising total public platform Tencent single project first in the country, which is the Shandong Provincial Communist Youth League in 2021 "Hope house" project "99 day public "surrender when the event ending" report card. " Looking at the province in full swing online fundraising, offline activities equally heart-warming. In "Song of youth in their prime-party" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, Shandong Province Youth Art calligraphy exhibition event, more than 40 Provincial Youth Federation, calligraphy and paintings donated by young entrepreneurs meaning to buy, has donated 3.32 million yuan funds all to support "hope cabin" construction.

  "Look forward circle of friends everyone involved in ‘hope hut’ online fundraiser, feel quite meaningful." September 6, Weifang Shouguang caring people to help the elderly plum sprint, Alibaba was awarded the "positive energy every day special Award "and received positive energy bonuses 5,000 yuan, in May the first time they put the full amount donated her prize most trusted" I hope hut. "

  October 29, the port of Qingdao Port, Shandong Weifang Port-linked warehousing company after three Ju 90 employees Slim, Liu and Li Shunhao former super generous attempts to rescue two shots scene of an accident victim, positive energy to get 10,000 yuan bonus. The trio decided to donate the prize money to "hope hut" Child Care Program. In loving community brought together, eventually trickle into the sea, starlight to illuminate the sky.

  Excitation forces charity and write a chapter common prosperity "as a social association of fund-raising organization, has donated ‘hope hut ’11, to undertake the construction of 23, while relying on’ grass partners’ youth volunteer service teams, ‘Loving Mother’ service brigade, accompanied by supporting volunteer tracking, help the plight of children transition from ‘hut Renewal’ to ‘Revitalizing the spirit’ of. "in recent years, and president of the Association of Rizhao City sun Xin Wei disabled volunteers join together to build" hope cabin " this social forces and individual welfare card list goes on. Each raised a fund will be able to build more than a "hope hut", you will be able to deliver more than a love of precision.

"I hope hut" is not only people who participate in public service to become a reality, but also served as a bridge of corporate philanthropic work. Located in Hedong District of Linyi City catering to every enterprise group, it has been widely involved in social welfare undertakings. In addition to contributions 240,000 yuan contract plum Jiabu street three village of Hedong District, "Hope house", but the company has also set up millions of Charity Fund to help the plight of children. In October, the good news from the distant city of Shigatse, Tibet, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province after another came.

  "We hope hut for kids and a great help, Gyatso have their own learning space, sincerely thank everyone for their support of our family.

"This is the heart and soul of the plight of children when ngamring county in Tibet Gyatso’s uncle in an interview.

A few months ago, 9-year old Gyatso’s uncle also helped workers to take care of 80-year-old grandmother.

  Haiyan County, Qinghai plight of children Tong Xiaoxin’s father in 2017 due to accident paralyzed, the plight of the family to let 10-year-old Xin become withdrawn and academic excellence of his desire to have his own little world.

Today, he became the first among Haiyan County "hope hut" little master. This year, in order to allow ethnic areas, like the young people of Shandong child feel the party care and warmth, in addition to the Shandong provincial group donated two million yuan funds and materials to support the two counterparts, will also "hope house" construction standards, use management, volunteer service and so the whole mode of operation purse. Currently, the two "hope house" construction tasks have been completed, the plight of children in more than 140 ethnic Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Mongolian and other admitted his new room, really enjoy common prosperity the fruits of development. Up to now, the Shandong provincial group 1 and a half years with funds raised a total of more than billion, has been built in the construction of "hope hut" 15036, thousand plight of children in school has its own independent living space, with more social care caring people care. Zhongguo Qingnian Bao-China Youth Net reporter Xing Ting Source: China Youth Daily.

“Damn!So sleepy,I have not got up yet“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said,He is on someone’s kang,In case it is heard by Zhao Hong’s parents in the front yard,How bad is that。

Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“are you idiot!It’s past eight now,Sleeping in the sun will really get your ass。Hey!its not right!Your voice is so small,Where are you?“
Ouyang Hong of the ghost spirit seems to have found something,Suddenly asked such a question,But this time,Zhao Hong turned over,Bai Rulian’s arm came over,Then he kissed Xia Jian on the cheek。
“Xia Jian!you’re so boring,Actually listen to me,I tell you,Pingdu Daily,There are also a few small local newspapers that are all about you,I’m afraid this is a bit troublesome“Ouyang Hong shouted angrily on the phone。
Xia Jian hurriedly pushed Zhao Hong in his arms,But this woman is like chewing gum,Stick to him,No matter how hard he tried,She just won’t let go。
Ouyang Hong shouted impatiently on the phone:“Are you listening“
“I am listening,I was thinking,It’s a new year,They don’t have a good New Year,Why can’t you make it to me“Xia Jian facing the phone,Said hurriedly。
Ouyang Hong paused and said:“Things are already like this,Just let him go!The most important thing is to let the wounded recover as soon as possible,Don’t let the villagers have opinions on you,The rest,Let’s talk about it when I officially go to work!”
Ouyang Hong finished,Hung up the phone,Xia Jian still wants to say something,But it’s too late。Zhao Hong lying in his arms,Suddenly opened his eyes and asked:“Shall we go to the hospital today?”
“you’re awake?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Zhao Hong turned over and sat up,Talking while wearing clothes:“I woke up long ago”
Xia Jianyi listen,Dumbfounded,This woman really has her,She just pretended to be,Let him make a fool of himself in front of Ouyang Hong。Woman’s heart with needles,Really unpredictable。
What happened on the fourth night,Quickly faded by the taste of the year,The villagers are busy visiting relatives and friends,Few people mentioned it,But Xia Jian knew,This matter is not over yet,Should have just started。
First0197chapter East wind is coming
The eighth day of the first lunar month,General administrative units work on this day,Ouyang Hong is no exception。
Just finished the morning meeting,Assigned work tasks,When Ouyang Hong was preparing to call Xia Jian,Secretary Li of the town committee opened the door and walked in。