What do men rely on to attract women

What do men rely on to attract women

What do men rely on to attract women?

What is the gravity of the husband?

In the wife’s mind, a certain kind of husband can attract his wife to love and follow, and to make a woman give up her life for love?

After reading some information, there are ten main points in summary: First, the truth.

  The truth is best to say, without thinking, how to express it really; lie is the hardest to tell, how to compile it is not strict, and accidentally say it is missing.

It is also very difficult to deliberately pretend, and how to do it is not true.

Therefore, the husband does not have to find his own sins, embarrass himself, and loses his wife’s trust in the end.

Therefore, men must be true, true, the most powerful performance, the most confident performance.

  Second, profound.

  Many intellectuals and young men and women share my feelings: It is because of the rareness of profound men that they cause the deepest charm of men.

“Deep thinking” is better than 1.

The big man in the 80s is more reasonable than the postgraduate academic ability, the title of the director and the minister, and the ten thousand yuan banknote.

  Third, mind.

  Husbands who have a heart make their wives feel relieved and appreciate safety, so usually life is easier, they rarely fear anything, and can fully show their inner world, because they are confident and even think wrong and do wrong, the husband will notHold on, don’t forgive me.

  Fourth, dare to.

  The most important quality of a man is to dare to do it.

A man’s philosophy is a philosophy of action. Well, men must dare to put their ideas into action. They can’t be surrounded by cripples — sitting and shouting; they can’t be like scholars, they can only talk on paper.

Dare to think, dare to speak, dare to do, dare to win, dare to defeat, dare to love, dare to hate, dare to fight, and be particularly able to fight.

  Five, grace.

  This is also very important. No matter how good the character is, if the style is correct, if the inner world is noble, it will be difficult to impress a woman’s heart without grace, but grace does not hinder her personality.Yes, it represents a person’s personality tendency, and it has a lot to do with occupation.

For men, grace is a mature beauty, and women appreciate men’s maturity most.

  Six, smart.

  Good women like “bad men”.

The more Ga, the more clever, the more people love it.

Isn’t there a traditional saying “man is not bad, woman is not love”, the charm of “bad” boys lies in their mystery, they do strange things and do not explain too much.Gives the final truth.

Such a clever husband makes his wife feel esoteric. This “ghost elf” strength of men, coupled with their good qualities, will be attractive to women.

  Seven, humor.

  British Prime Minister Churchill has a famous saying: “Unless you understand the funniest thing in the world, you cannot solve the most difficult problems.

“Humorous husbands are mostly very optimistic people.

With a positive attitude towards life and an unwavering spirit, such a husband suffers setbacks, encounters adversity, and never frowns. He is still joking, teasing others, making people not feel the pressure of adversity, and making heavy life showMake it easy and reduce worries.

  Eight, aggressive.

  As the saying goes, people go to higher places and water flows to lower places. This is also a question of enterprising.

When people live in the world, they always have to do something, especially men.

A great philosopher once said: Smart people create more opportunities than they find.

The aggressiveness of a man should be manifested in every moment of life.

Three words are written on each of the bricks that paved the avenue of life: the starting point.

Man, it’s not too late to start, the key is to be aggressive.

  Nine, romance.   In Carnegie’s “Road to Success”, there is a famous saying that many romantic dreams have broken the world by more than 50%.

Is n’t it often said that “marriage is the tomb of love”? The big difference between married life and love is romance. I think a good husband should be romantic. This kind of romantic husband attaches great importance.

  Ten, adventure.

  Some people say that there is only one successful model: adventure.

The ratio of women to men, women are more generally adventurous, but they want themselves and their husbands to be adventurous, and wives like adventurous husbands, because there will be a kind of mystery, danger, exploration, and fascination.”Curiosity” is satisfied, and it will feel “sufficient enough” to entice women.

Stewed Black Chicken with Ginseng


Stewed Black Chicken with Ginseng

Ingredients for stewed black chicken with ginseng: Main ingredients: 1000 grams of black bone chicken, 15 grams of ginseng: 20 grams of asparagus, 200 grams of quail eggs Seasoning: 10 grams of ginseng stewed black chicken with white wine

Wash the chicken, then completely separate the chicken head and feet, and place the chicken in a large bowl.


Put sliced ginseng and sliced asparagus on the chicken and add an appropriate amount of water.


Stew for two hours under water and fire, then add an appropriate amount of wine, add cooked shelled quail eggs, and simmer for another half an hour to forty minutes to drink soup and meat.

  Health Tips This soup has a tonic and strong effect.

  Food with gram of ginseng: Ginseng should not be taken with tea, anti-leaf reed, Acanthopanax senticosus, acacia, halo, black beans, moving purple quartz

How to choose a summer mask_1

How to choose a summer mask

In summer, because of a lot of air dust, strong ultraviolet rays, and long-term air conditioning cool air, these unavoidable factors make oily skin more greasy, dry skin more dry, and there are various skin problems such as pigmentation, blackheads, acne.
The mask is the most effective and deepening treatment.
Today I will teach you how to choose a mask suitable for summer.
  一、控油祛痘型面膜  夏季的高温会促进肌肤里皮脂腺的分泌,造成油脂分泌过旺,肌肤水油不均,正常情况下水油的比例是4:1,而多数中性或油性肌肤的人群In summer, the ratio will turn into water.
In this way, the skin will look greasy and dirty, more serious is the people who are oily skin, the water-oil ratio imbalance is more serious, too much oil accumulates around the pores, clogging the hair follicles,The skin cannot breathe normally, and the invasion of bacteria and dust from the outside world will cause blackheads and acne.
To treat this kind of skin problem, it is not enough to simply clean it, because at this moment the barrier on the skin surface has been damaged. To solve it fundamentally, it is necessary to replenish the skin deeply, repair the barrier function, and then let the oil-control and anti-inflammatory ingredients treat the oil and acne.The acne treatment is directed to solve the problem that oily skin brings us.
  二、补水保湿型面膜  夏天,总感觉呆在空调房里是最舒适不过的,白天在办公室里被空调吹着,晚上睡觉也不停,身体是感觉舒服了,可是肌肤确是一天比一天干燥Because the wind of the air conditioner is very dry, it will take away your skin’s moisture, and once the skin is dehydrated and dry, the whole person will lose vitality, and those annoying small fine lines will also come out.
Pay attention to dry and normal skin. At this time, you must quickly rehydrate, especially those with dry skin. If you do not hydrate the skin, the skin aging speed will really accelerate a lot.
  Everyday we use moisturizing toners and lotions.
However, in the hot summer, the sweat that comes out often takes away these hydrating ingredients, and the skin is still very dry, so deep hydration is needed 2-3 times a week.
Make a hydrating mask at night, relax your body and let your skin drink enough water!
  三、美白嫩肤型面膜  一到夏天,人们不自觉的就打乱了自己的作息规律,晚上通常会睡的很晚,白天又要对着电脑紧张的工作,这种不健康的生活方式,会Makes our skin sub-healthy, regardless of skin texture or complexion.
  In addition, summer is the season with the strongest ultraviolet rays in the year. Strong ultraviolet rays irradiate UVB, which will cause melanin to deposit on the skin, while UVA will penetrate the surface layer of the skin to reach the deep layers of the skin, destroying the cell structure, not only making the skin tone dull, but alsoSpeeds up skin aging.
There are also make-up and dust, which are factors that can cause skin pigmentation. In the face of so many unavoidable objective problems, what you need is a deeper and more effective whitening method. It is recommended to use a whitening mask.
  Three masks to care for your delicate skin!

7 lemon facial masks for supple skin


7 lemon facial masks for supple skin

Lemon has a lot of beauty effects.

Teaches you how to make a lemon beauty mask so you can beautify at home.

Do you know how to use lemon beauty?

Lemon mask is the simplest type of lemon beauty.

The so-called lemon mask, as its name implies, is a mask made with lemon.

So, do you know how to make a lemon mask?

Let’s take a look together.

  Seven kinds of lemon beauty masks apply moisturizing skin 1. The lemon whitening mask cleans and peels one fresh lemon, puts it into a wide-mouth bottle, adds white wine to immerse the lemon, and soaks the liquid overnight.

The next day, the surface was coated with sterilized absorbent cotton soaked in liquor, and washed with warm water after 15 minutes. After 1 week, the face was smooth and white.

  2. Take 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice into lemon firming and moisturizing mask, add 1 chicken yellow, and mix well.

Add two tablespoons of oat flour, two tablespoons of olive oil or peanut oil, and stir together to form a paste.

Apply face mask after washing your face every night, remove it after 20 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

Once a night, after 1 week in a row, the dry, loose, wrinkled face becomes rosy and shiny.

  3, Lemon Refreshing Skin Mask Lemon contains lemon vinegar, which has the beauty effect of diminishing dark spots, freckles and whitening. With powder application, it can help the skin to be refreshed, moisturized and delicate.

First add the lemon to the blender to squeeze the juice, then add 100ml of water and powder and stir to make a paste, apply to the face for 15-20 minutes, and then wash.

Apply 2 to 3 times a week.

  4, lemon delay aging mask lemon unique citric acid and lemon vinegar juice, directly applied to the face, long-term use can achieve the effect of delaying skin aging.

Just slice the lemon and apply it directly to the face. After about 15 to 20 minutes, wash it with water and apply it 2 to 3 times a week.

  5, lemon oil control whitening mask with two large spoons of yogurt, half a spoonful of honey, mixed with two coffee spoons of lemon juice to make a mask, avoid eye opening and gently apply on top for 15 to 20 minutes, followed by washing with warm water, you canCleans grease and whitens skin.

  6, lemon wheat flour whitening skin mask with lemon juice ditch wheat flour as a mask, can bleach without tightening the skin.

Use about three teaspoons of wheat flour, add some lemon juice and clear water ditch, avoid the skin around the eyes, and leave on for 15 minutes, then wash with water.

After doing it for 1 week, the skin turned white immediately.

  7, lemon anti-wrinkle mask, squeeze a fresh lemon juice, add twice the water, then add three tablespoons of flour to make a paste and then apply to the face, remove about 15-20 minutes, wash the face.

Once a day for 7 days.

  With these easy-to-learn lemon DIY mask skin care methods, as long as you can stick to it for a long time, it won’t be long before you will have unexpected surprises.

Tips for baby’s navel and umbilical cleaning

Tips for baby’s navel and umbilical cleaning

1. As long as your baby’s belly button is full, you can bathe in water.

Because the baby has been in the water from birth to birth, moms, rest assured!

  2. If you are using a baby shower bed sold on the city surface during the bath, it is best to put a dry soft towel on the baby’s navel.

  3. It should not be too long for the baby to take a bath, 15 to 20 minutes is appropriate.

Immediately after washing, use a cotton swab dipped in warm water or disinfected alcohol (or disinfected water, as long as it is medically acceptable) to clean the navel of the baby.

  4, it is best not to breastfeed for about an hour before and after bathing.

  5, usually pay special attention to the warmth of the navel, it is best to wear a small bellyband for the baby.

  6, pay attention to observe the baby’s daily poop, if the phenomenon of thinning persists for three days is not good, you must quickly see a doctor!

  7, if the baby’s navel is completely good, and the room is above 22 degrees, you can often parent-child caress the baby’s navel.

Be sure to moisturize your hands before caressing and gently massage your baby’s belly clockwise with your palm.

This one dish, one flower, one fruit, heat and dampness to nourish liver and kidney!

Summer health

This “one dish, one flower, one fruit”, heat and dampness to nourish liver and kidney!
Summer health

Speaking of the health of this period, it covers all aspects of clothing, food and shelter.

Today, we will focus on the aspect of “eat”.

Often eat “one dish, one flower and one fruit”, heat and dampness to nourish liver and kidney!

One dish: There are three dishes of bitter vegetables, one of which is the bitter dish show.

It means that in the small full day, bitter vegetables grow prosperous and gleaming, and they also have small yellow flowers.

Bitter vegetables, also known as borage, bitter leeks, is a kind of edible and edible wild vegetables (drug name sorrel).

In fact, from the point of view of eating goods, the bitter vegetables of the small full season have blossomed and seeded, a bit old, and the taste is not the best.

However, although the taste is almost the same, but after eating a bitter dish, it is good for the body.

Since the beginning of summer, the temperature in various places has gradually increased, and it is easy for some people to have appetite and lack of energy.

At this time, eating bitter vegetables with bitter taste and bitterness can prevent problems before they happen: First, bitter food can stimulate bile, secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, help digestion and absorption; second, bitterness can be refreshing; third, Chinese medicine believes thatBitter taste has the effect of clearing heat and removing trouble.

In this sense, it is simply bitter vegetables. When you are young, you can eat some vegetables with bitterness in a broad sense, such as bitter gourd, cilantro, etc. It is also a good choice.

Note: bitter taste food is cold and cold, and those with bad stomach should not eat more.

One flower: When the flowers are small, the flowers are exhausted.

In addition to the strong ornamental, fragrant and pleasant, it is also a kind of health care products with the same medicine and food.

Silk flowers, bitter taste, slightly cold, have been considered by the doctors of the past to “cool blood to medicine”, have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and moistening the lungs, and reducing blood pressure.

For example, the steamed fish, the home-cooked dish, has the power of heat and dampness.

Note: When the flower is open or the flower bud is formed, it is harvested and dried.

The former is called “槐花” and the attachment is “槐米”.

Here are 2 recommended 槐花养生方.

槐 饮 饮 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 原料 槐 槐 槐 槐
15 grams of practice: add boiled water for 30 minutes, on behalf of tea.

Health effects: This drink has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. It can be used as an auxiliary implant for blood in the stool, blood in the urine and blood stasis.

槐花清肝 Drink ingredients: 槐花 (or glutinous rice), Prunella, chrysanthemum each 10?
15 grams of practice: add boiled water for 30 minutes, on behalf of tea.

Health effects: This drink has the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, clearing away heat and purging fire, and can be used to assist in the treatment of redness and swelling caused by liver fire and dizziness and headache.

One fruit: Cherry is in full bloom in early summer, and cherry is on the market.

It is not only rich in nutrients, but also a good medicine. It is one of the “small full three fresh”.

Chinese medicine believes that cherry is sweet, slightly acidic, and warm, with benefits such as spleen and stomach, nourishing liver and kidney, phlegm and rheumatism, and phlegm.

According to modern nutrition, cherries can supplement iron and contain iron in the first place. It is suitable for women and patients with iron deficiency anemia.

Note: 1.

Cherry can not eat too much, it is recommended to consume no more than 150 grams a day, which is equivalent to the amount of an adult hand.


Cherry is warm, too hot and too hot, should not eat too much, otherwise it is easy to nausea and vomiting, get angry, there will be symptoms of nosebleeds.

In addition, diabetic patients are also best not to eat, hot sexually transmitted diseases and those with fever and cough should not eat.


Cherry can not be put for a long time, very afraid of heat, it is best to put the cherries in the refrigerator for storage, fresh cherries can generally be stored 3?7 days.

In addition to eating directly, cherries can also be made into desserts.

Cherry Longyan soup ingredients: 10 grams of longan meat or 15 grams of fresh longan, 10 grams of hazelnuts, 30 grams of fresh cherries, white sugar amount of practice: wash longan meat, wolfberry, add water, put in the pot to cook fullySwell; add fresh cherries to boil, add sugar to taste.
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Keep your cockroach away from your spring weight loss method

Keep your cockroach away from your spring weight loss method

Spring is coming, is your weight loss plan ready?

Spring is the day of weight loss, and the excess meat that is hoarded in winter can be reduced to meet the enthusiasm of the summer.

What is a good way to lose weight in spring?

The following small series to recommend 10 weight loss methods for you, so that you can easily get rid of the excess meat to become a skinny beauty!

  1. Shortening the interval by 10 minutes every hour will increase your metabolism and allow the digestion of the food in your stomach.

If conditions permit, it is better to have a week around the room, or even a small dance.

  2, there is a proper place to place If you are used to eating while watching TV, when your focus is not concentrated on food, you will eat more.

Therefore, for the time being, you should concentrate on it. It is best to sit at the table and eat.

This will reduce your eating speed and reduce your food intake.

  3, choose a low content of food can choose to shop online once a week, so it is more convenient to check the trace content of the food you buy.

As long as you don’t have a high-migration food stored in your home, you will feel that it is too much trouble to go out and eat it.

  4. Check that your drink is a very important part of a healthy diet.

Some drinks drink more to help lose weight, some green tea, drink more can help increase metabolism, help to lose weight.

Drinking three cups of low-fat milk a day can help you lose weight.

However, some high-energy drinks should be carefully chosen.

In many juice drinks, extra sugar is added, which will make you repeat too many transformations.

The carbonated beverages add artificial sweeteners that break down the brain’s control of the transfer.

Drinking these carbonated drinks regularly will make you more eager to eat sweets and easily cause obesity.

  5, only eat eight minutes to eat and eat only 8 points full, the benefits are too much.

This will help you control your food intake so that you won’t get thicker and thicker because of too much rice.

Too much obesity will cause you to eat more in the next meal, and always eating too much will lead to hoarding.

Therefore, 8 points is a very suitable amount, which can make the dieters maintain a better state.

  6, choose a healthy snack to replace your usual desserts and other high-concentration snacks with fresh fruit slices, you will find that you lose weight after you re-establish it.

Excessively high transient snacks are also a cause of weight gain!

  7, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are rich in rich cellulose, and converted into, eat more can increase your satiety, effectively reducing the intake of other foods.

Ensure that vegetables account for one-half of the remaining amount, which reduces calorie intake.

  8, shorten on time Do not think that excessive diet can lose weight, excessive obesity can even damage your health, and will let you eat more.

Disperse on time according to healthy eating habits, do not eat at will, which will reduce the replacement of some extra volume.

If you are hungry before you have time to stay, you can drink a glass of water to increase your sense of fullness.

  9, drink water to choose more time to drink water to help lose weight, but the right time to drink water is more beneficial to lose weight.

Drinking a glass of water before breakfast in the morning can speed up the gastrointestinal motility, replace the metabolites in the body, and reduce the chance of small intestines. Drinking water before meals can alleviate obesity and reduce food intake. In the afternoon tea,It is a time when people feel tired and tired, but at this time, the fragile time that overlaps because of emotions easily leads to an increase in excess meat. You can reduce your appetite by drinking a glass of water.

  10, carry a small pedometer with a pedometer at any time, it can be said that it is a portable treasure for fitness weight loss, bring it, insist on walking every day, you can easily lose excess meat.

Studies have shown that the pedometer user’s exercise volume has increased by an average of 27%, and body weight has generally declined.

Carrying a pedometer with you makes you want to walk more, and you even choose to take the stairs without taking the elevator.