Chinese Women’s Development Foundation Volunteer Han Kai

He, an ordinary plastic surgeon, has written the vows of the doctor’s benevolent heart with life, and makes up for the unintentional evil foro, and trimmed the big love of Yong Huai.

He is Han Kai, China’s first free to treat the Qingzhou Charity Specialist Hospital of the lip and palate, a messenger who loves to love with a smile. Since the first medical philosophy, the "China Smile Action" organization led by Hankai doctor has carried out more than 150 professional medical assistance charity activities in 26 years, and the poverty of more than 30 provinces (cities) is covered. Regions, millions of kilometers, the number of volunteers has accumulated more than 17,000, and 6 volunteer service sites have been established nationwide, providing free surgery and related supporting treatment for children in poor families.

In this game, there is no gun, there is no gun, there is no referee, only the sweat and blood; in this remedy, there is no flowers and applause, there is no glory and cheers, only one cavity Watch. 26 years of unforgettable performance, Han Kai doctor and his team extended a warm hand to countless poor families, giving a dignity, smiling and life dreams. Honor: 2012 China "Smile Action" won the Chinese Women Charity Awards Contribution Award 2013 Zhejiang Comprehensive Well-off Top Ten Contribution People 2014 China Women Charity Prize Award 2014 China Dream Show Most Welcome Dream People 2016 China Smile Action is "Medical Office, China].

Blogger in Shanghai Costco supermarket photo "pretending in foreign" experts: there is no need to go online foreign cultural confidence – News

Extreme Journalist Yao Yu "Super Simple Foreign Near Sight" "" Friends I thought I was in LA (Los Angeles) … Recently, some bloggers took pictures near the Costco Supermarket, and attached "pretending In foreign "labels, many netizens spit. Some netizens said that he is in Shanghai, but it must pretend to be abroad, and there is a suspicion of Chongyang Mei.

In this regard, there is a blogger reply that the photo is personal freedom, it is recommended to be rational. The supermarket door pretending to pretend to be abroad, there are many blogbooks to take pictures in Shanghai Costco supermarket, and hit "pretending in la" "pretending in foreign" label, causing many netizens to follow the wind. Net photo shows that most of the bloggers are sitting in the lawn outside the supermarket, on the road, or shopping cart, the background is red "Costco" logo.

There is a blogger share photo Raiders: Push a shopping cart, the most softness of the light, the light is the most soft, you can buy a box pizza and cola props in the supermarket, there is a feeling in La (LA). Xiao Hong Book Screenshot Little Red Book Screenshot Press Reporter noted that there is a photo of a blogger, a license plate marked for Washington is stacked on the license plate starting at the "Shanghai" word.

Some netizens questioned, this is P and a foreign license? The blogger replied in the commentary area that this license plate was brought back in Washington’s friends, because sometimes reading the time of reading. Netizen screenshots with netizens spit "pretending in foreign" series has the suspicion of Chongyang Mei and vanity.

There are also netizens questioned that the supermarket is a place of shopping, but it has become a net red card, and the cart has been stepped on, how can the customers can use? On November 6th, a netizen filmed a group of photos in "pretending in Shanghai" in the door of the foreign Costco, and it is said that it is simply sent to Shanghai … suspected ironic Shanghai Costco take pictures. Many netizens tricks. Disclosure, Costco is the largest chain of the United States, which has more than 500 branches in seven countries in the world, most of which are located in the United States.

Costco official website shows that there are currently two stores in Shanghai and Suzhou, and Suzhou store has not yet opened.

Costco official website diagram expert said there is no need to go online, I am going to openly in Shanghai, but you must pretend to be abroad. What do you think? In this regard, a small red book responded to a blogger, netizens don’t have to go online, and the Costco photo is her personal freedom, others are not qualified to evaluate.

Another blogger said that she was sent by the network after sending a photo sitting in the Costco shopping cart. She explained that she was allowed to get the supermarket staff to sit into the shopping cart, and after the experience was completed. The shopping cart wiped clean, I hope everyone can rationally.

The blogger responded to a screenshot of a netizen told the extreme news reporter, she passed the photo on the small red book, and she saw the things inside the Costco supermarket very good. She will take the time to see, and take pictures, record the shopping experience.

But for "pretending to foreign countries", she believes that it can’t understand.

She also added, many netizens will deliberately look for "pretending in foreign countries" when they take pictures, but they may be just simply imitated.

Because some buildings are landmark, such as "Costco" logo, once foreign netizens take a good photo in Costco, they will trigger the heel imitation of domestic netizens. 21st Century Education Research Institute, Xiong Cri, said in an interview with an extreme news reporter that we have to have cultural confidence. Since the netizen’s literary case has been marked in foreign countries, it will not talk to Chongyang Mei, this is just a kind of ridicule.

In addition, there is no need to pay too much attention to the private life of netizens, there is no need to go online.

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1 case of a case infected infection in Xinze County, Shijiazhuang City

People’s Daily Nijiazhuang October 31st According to Shenze County to respond to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic work leading group office news, October 31, 2021, 1 case of new coronary pneumonia in Shenze County, 1 case of involescent infection.1, Wu Mou, female, 73 years old.On October 30th, I arrived at the Provincial People’s Hospital to the medical treatment. On the 30th, the nucleic acid was positive. In the early morning, the nucleic acid in the early morning is positive. After the consultation of the city expert group, it is determined as a case (light type).

2, Wang Mou, male, 46 years old, with Wu Mou as mother and child relationship.On October 30th, a certain visit to the Provincial People’s Hospital, the hospitality, the 30-day nucleic acid was positive, the nucleic acid in the early morning, the nucleic acid was retrieved as positive, and the consultation was confirmed by the city expert group.

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The overall entry of this round of the country

The picture shows November 23, in the Huimin District, Inner Mongolia, Huimin District, the medical staff, vaccinated the vaccine. Xinhua News Agency reporter Pengyuan’s joint defense mechanism has made a research judgment, and the national wheel epidemic will enter the sweeping stage, the number of border cities such as Nija, Heihe, Dalian has been quickly and effective, and many provinces are controlled in an incubation period. .

What experiences have been accumulated in this round of epidemic prevention and control? What are the enlightenment for the next winter and spring epidemic prevention? Relevant persons have learned.

Wu Liang, deputy director of the Division Control Bureau of the Ministry of Disease Control Bureau, is introduced, and the relevant departments will use the experience of the epidemic in Shanghai. Equal measures have been taken.

Strengthen the monitoring and information reports, implement "Fengyang will report, Fengyang is a report, accept the report".

The State Council’s joint defense mechanism completion group sent a working group to the province to go to the province to spread the risk of epidemic, and discovered the epidemic. I found it early. Take more scientific precision prevention and control measures, effectively exert multi-department synergies such as the stream trace and regional investigation projects.

"The National Center for Entrance Administration, with the National Disease Control Bureau, selected more than 300 experts in the epidemiological survey, epidemic analysis, laboratory testing from the Chinese CDC and various local disease control institutions, experts in practical experience, high experience experience, The national strengthening team has established a working mechanism for the slide area on the mouthpiece. "Wu Liang has introduced that once the epidemic, the state issued an order, according to the principle of" support, from the speed, ", the epidemic situation is located For the national circulation of the mouth, the expert team is immediately assembled, and the scene is arrived at the fastest time. It combines the province and the city’s strength, rapid judgment, investigation and control of close contact, secondary contactors and other risk people, strive to basically in 24 hours The epidemic dissemination chain is effective to prevent excess of epidemic.

In-depth meticulous traceability and dissemination chain survey analysis work, and timely discover the source of the epidemic input source and case infection, quickly troubleshoot potential infection, and cut off the viral propagation chain. Strengthen various measures for "external prevention input", systematically investigate the risk of risks, ports and aviation ports, and improve the land-port prevention and control initiatives bordering the epidemic from the epidemic, and reduce the entry of the epidemic.

Timely, take the initiative, fully release the relevant information related information, play the advantages of group control group, guide the masses to strengthen the awareness of protection, improve the history of risky venues and the active treatment, active testing, active testing, active detection, and effectiveness of the suspicious symptoms Epidemic concealment risk. "In addition, this epidemic can be controlled in a short period of time, benefiting from the vaccination rate of higher new crown virus vaccines in my country.

"Wu Liang has introduced, as of November 19, my country’s vaccination has covered billions of people, completing the whole journey, and the coverage rate of people reached% and% respectively, strengthening the immunization of 6.5.73 million, to block new crown viruses, Preventing the occurrence of severe diseases play an important role.

Fast improvement of nucleic acid detection capabilities in the epidemic "" In the shortest time, high quality, high-efficiency completion of large-scale nucleic acid detection tasks in the defined regional range, is of great significance to the early control of the epidemic.

Guo Yanhong, the National Health Administrative Department of the National Health Administration, said that the total number of nucleic acid tests must be implemented in four aspects: I’m practical, the department, the unit, and the individual "four-party responsibility"; find out the base of the target population; reasonable division Point area; relying on informationization means to increase the quality and efficiency of nucleic acid detection work, and use nucleic acid detection to support the prevention and control of epidemic.

In this round, the original nucleic acid detection capacity of Inner Mongolia, only 1440 tubes / days, through the adjustment, the detection capacity increased to 20,000 tube / day, so that the Riger flag can complete the whole person in less than a day Nucleic acid detection is locked in the infection range in the shortest time.

"Dalian is also true.

"Guo Yanhong said that by promoting the detection power of Wani / day from the national and provinces, Liaoning has increased nucleic acid detection capacity to 600,000 tube / days in a short time, providing more precise support for local epidemic prevention and control.

"In terms of nucleic acid detection, an important experience is to play the strength of the country and the province, where the place where the epidemic can improve nucleic acid detection ability, and achieve the efficient completion of nucleic acid detection tasks, providing an important support for epidemic prevention and control." Guo Yanhong pointed out.

The community defense is cut off and spreading.

"Deputy Director of the grassroots department of the National Health and Justice Committee, Zhu Hongming, the first-level inspector, pointed out that in the extraction of the epidemic prevention and control of the NJ, Heihe and Dalian, the community prevention and control is" fast, real, fine ", as fast as possible Cut off community communication channels, implement the measures measures for community management, and the community health monitoring is more refined. "The community should strengthen mobilization, once the epidemic, community workers, grassroots police, floor leaders, mens, volunteers Further launching, do a good job of packing protection, do a good job in prevention and control, nucleic acid detection, health monitoring and other preparations. "Zhu Hongming said that the grassroots medical and health institutional sent post should effectively play the early warning mechanism, and strengthen the pre-examination and first check responsibility system, strengthen the risk warning and verification, and increase the integration of the participation data. Pass. "Precision fast isolation control is also a basic experience.

"Zhu Hongming pointed out that the risk group should be isolated as soon as possible, closed-loop management, the relevant area should be divided into sealing zones, control area, prevention zone, and carry out corresponding community control, while doing relevant living security and basics Medical security. As of the morning of November 20, there have been more than 40% of patients in this round of epidemics.

"Medical treatment is concentrated on experts, centralized resources, centralized patients, and concentrating the treatment is an important experience.

Guo Yanhong said.

"For example, the local medical resources are relatively lacking. We first adjusted the national expert group in the past. After assessment, local medical conditions were not able to meet the treatment of patients with new coronal pneumonia, and at the time, they decided to use the train train, and concentrated the patient to Hohhot City. The comprehensive ability of the comprehensive ability to treat it.

"Guo Yanhong introduced that the relevant departments were divided into 164 infected people to transfer 164 infected people to the designated hospitals of Hohhot. They jointly formed the Group’s treatment patients with experts. After full treatment, as of November 20, 164 There were 161 patients in patients who have been cured. In order to meet the needs of local people’s daily medical services, the relevant departments have quickly rushed to the Ejina flag, the medical rescue team, from Shanxi Province. After the development, it is equivalent to a level of a secondary hospital. "Next, we will summarize the lessons learned in this epidemic, and go all out to do a good job in the winter and spring and the upcoming New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control work. "Wu Liang said.

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China Construction Huaxi PC Factory: Assembly Building Intelligent Construction

In early November, the kingdom in which 10,000 installed prefabricated concrete (PC) plates is completely completed, and immediately put into new product production. If you put it in the past, the sheet is once a time, he will repeatedly inventory for half a month.

"The assembled sheet has a specific specification data, and the manual entry is more difficult to make mistakes, and the production efficiency is also reduced to some extent.

"Zhongjian Technology Guizhou Co., Ltd. Huaxi PC Factory" Wang Guoqun said that after relying on the "cloud" to build an assembled intelligent construction platform, the factory is not only simplified, but the capacity is also greatly improved.

In 2019, China Construction Huaxi PC factory is the first installed industrial base in our province. On the huge pile of 30,000 cubic meters of the China Construction Huaxi PC factory, the various assembled components have not been stored by the production side. A piece of QR code is hung by each pile of sheets, through scan code, board product number, type, and project name, and information on the project number, and the information, etc. are on the phone.

"This QR code has solved the trouble of finding the goods in the yard.

From thousands of components, it is precise to find one of them, just open the smart plant management background, entering component encoding to display positioning.

Hou Kukui, the technical quality department of China Construction Huaxi PC Factory. At present, Zhongjian Huaxi PC factory intelligent construction platform integrates informationization, BIM, IoT, cloud computing and big data technology, facing multi-equipped project, multi-component factory To achieve design, procurement, production, construction, operation and maintenance process, interactive delivery, 100% accurate data, real-time dynamic update, and achieve integrated engineering construction.

At the end of October, Guizhou Province Assembly Green Building Observation Club was held in Zhongjian Huaxi PC factory, from more than 200 people in the province to obey the intelligence from production, transportation, and combined with production, transportation, combination into the factory by using intelligent construction platforms Production process.

For production managers, smart manufacturing is far from flowing. "All data in the platform can analyze the product demand and development direction through the system, and make a pre-judgment next year’s market." "In the construction materials industry, the development and management platform of smart factory construction, let management Efficiency is increased by more than 50%, and the work efficiency is increased by 30%.

Next, China Construction Huaxi PC Factory will conduct R & D upgrades in smart plants, smart buildings and intelligent buildings, and promote the development of information management technology and system platform products to a broader market.

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The real thing! Rectification of Changsha High-tech Zone "Sword" traffic ills

People Changsha, July 3 electric parking spaces are "zombie car" long-term occupation, waste of public resources! "Green card" by converting your tractor to pull the goods on the road, an accident how to do? The door has become a "street market" is like out in the "fair" …… these common life "small problems", but often "heart disease" residents, not only eyesores, but also hidden a great security risks.

Thorough investigation "sick" on the road against multi-sectoral linkage "problem" tractor year, Changsha High-tech Zone Lei Feng streets implement people-centered development ideas, in strict accordance with the chronic miasma stubborn area traffic problems of concentration and control operations work requirements, carefully organized mapping exercise to actively implement the rectification of the problem, setting off a stubborn traffic problems of concentration and control of malaria ills boom in the whole street range. Through innovative grassroots governance model to enhance the people’s sense of well-being obtained. "Pull over for inspection ……" Recently, Changsha High-tech Zone joint social Utilities Board Wangcheng District Agricultural Station, Lei Feng traffic police squadron to carry out tractor safety special rectification stubborn chronic disease malaria joint law enforcement operations in the Lei Feng Street area. Operation, law enforcement teams heavy rain, the focus on tractor Wupaiwuzheng, respect inspection cases, illegal modifications, speeding overload to carry out inspections, at the same time, law enforcement officers take full advantage of the opportunity remediation, patient education tractor driver to drive civilization, safe driving to ensure road safety.

Day 8 tractor has dealt with the problem, traffic police handed over central processing units 2. Next, Lei Feng streets will continue to strengthen law enforcement, and severely punish violations, push forward the traffic problems of concentration and control chronic disease malaria stubborn work effectively maintain road traffic order within the jurisdiction of a stable, effective protection of life and property of the people.

Rectification "real thing" strike ban "street market", "street market", street vendors, Jeeves has been the urban management problems, both caused by environmental pollution, and bring traffic safety problems.

To build a harmonious home and the local village (neighborhood) people live and work, this year, Lei Feng streets undertake a comprehensive ban of work for the case of street market Jeeves. By the early organization villages (neighborhood) thoroughly investigated, Lei Feng streets quickly grasp the number of the area street market, location, size and operating hours, set up a "street market concentration and control leading group", a joint industry and commerce, police, traffic police squadron, safety supervision , Murai and other departments within the jurisdiction of five street markets were conducted several remediation enforcement action.

To prevent a rebound after the renovation happens, the staff of the street market point after the ban again carried out rectification work "look back", and clearly the latter part of the village is responsible for the daily supervision, arrangements and Management Office is responsible for Pingshan arch dam two villages co-management team to carry out daily patrols for each time point and found a rebound in time to report to the streets.

Through the efforts of recent months, Lei Feng streets successfully banned five points of the area street market, the current renovation work has entered the late stages of regulation.

The street market will continue to strengthen road management and control, so make sure remediation objectives measures are in place, the effect is in place.

To increase traffic safety hazards investigation, enhance public safety capacity building efforts to protect the streets of Lei Feng holiday road traffic safety management and control work to ensure that no accidents; in collaboration with other departments to 20,000 m dangerous road to conduct a comprehensive rectification; rectification section to complete the provisional cliff near the water more than 20; actively carry out "a helmet along the" security guard remediation, campaigns to persuade electric car occupants wear safety helmets norms for the life and property of people on a re-insurance.

Think what they are thinking, anxious people are anxious, the solution trapped masses. Next, Lei Feng streets will effectively protect market order to address the strong response from the masses, obstruct road traffic, affect the life of the masses of the outstanding problems, establish long-term mechanism to implement long-term management, strengthen supervision, consolidate the results of rectification, to prevent the resurgence of repeated .

(Ke Huang Yao Ming).

The 15th National Supervision Group of the Central Committee under Shenhai Sino-Communist Rura Political Law Team Education

  From October 9th to 11th, the National Political and Legal Team Education and Masheng Ma Zhengqi’s deputy head of the 19th National Supervision Group led the team to the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to carry out the supervision guide, in detail the first batch of political and legal team education rectification results, Promote education and rectification. The supervisory group listened to the education of the Haixi Police and Legal Team Education, and held a symposium to listen to the grassroots people’s representatives, the CPPCC members, the township cadres, school principals, lawyers, corporate representatives, etc. Site serving the masses, the proposal of justice justice. In-to-see the Haixi Public Security Bureau, Golmud City Public Security Bureau Char Khan Branch, with grassroots political and legal police and cadres and masses to understand social governance outstanding issues, the desires and needs of the people, and the difficulties and problems of the grassroots.

  Mazheng is fully affirmed by the effectiveness of the Hairy State Political and Legal Team Education.

He stressed that we must always adhere to the party loyalty, continue to strengthen political construction, strengthen "three education", enhance "four awareness", and firm "four confidence" to achieve "two maintenance". To do a good job in the first batch, the second batch of education rectification has a combination, do a good job of coordinating, the clues should be cleared, and the loop verification should follow up, and "see the evidence of the people" to ensure that the verification conclusions can stand test. We must conscientious performance, focus on the main business, and reflect the results of education and rectification and improve the political and legal work.

To take measures, improve the system rules, improve the quality and precision of the establishment of the chapter. We must carefully serve the people, deepen the practice activities of "I do practical things for the people", and try to solve the people of the masses "urgent expensive". To continue to strengthen the construction of political and legal teams, establish a good image, build a diligent, pragmatic, integrity, and efficient political and legal organs, and create a political and legal iron army who is loyal and clean.

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Shanxi Province identified 10 rule of law for civil corporation

  Original title: Our province determined 10 rule of law for the civil code June 16, the reporter learned that the provincial party committee is closely related to the legislative, law enforcement, judicial and law-abiding field and the people’s production and life in accordance with the rule of law. The system research has been combed and has been widely collected, and 10 pieces of rule of law are elected to civil corporation.

At the same time, the responsible units such as the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Approval Service Administration, jointly grasp the effects of practical projects.

This 10 provincial-level rule of law is: Combating the governance telecommunications network fraud crime, adhere to the "playing" "anti-" "management" "control" integration, comprehensively enhance the people’s people’s knowledge and defrauding awareness, and promote the establishment of the new pattern of "all police anti-fraud, allocation of anti-fraud". Concentrate on re-registration of conflict of petitions, resolve the special work of the letter of information, adhere to people’s mediation, administrative mediation, judicial mediation, one case, one person, one person , Solve the rational demands of the masses according to law. Carry out the "100-day action" to investigate "100-day action", and strictly crack down on various types of drug violations, and improve the long-term mechanism, improve the working targeted and risk resolution capacity of drug supervision departments at all levels. Carry out "free legal advice and special group legal aid Huimin project", through 117 counties (cities, districts) public legal service centers, 1410 townships (streets) public legal service workstations, at least the year Free legal consultation is 300,000, providing free civil agent and criminal defense for special groups. Introducing the theme "one-time" integration service, thinking that the enterprise and the masses have a "one thing" as the standard, changing multiple matters is a matter, change multiple approvals as an approval, providing full chain in the integrated window Approval service. Revision and improve the "Shanxi Animal Epidemic Prevention Ordinance" to promote the improvement of animal epidemic prevention capacity in our province, improve the prevention and control level of infectious diseases in human livestock, effectively block control of disease infection, and safeguard the health of the people. Actively prevent the exploitation of medical disputes, establish and improve the medical dispute prevention and treatment system, urge medical institutions to set up a unified complaint management department or equipped with special (and) staff, encourage medical institutions to participate in medical damage compensation liability insurance. Deepen the "Zun Laoguan, and Dream" to serve the public welfare legal service action and the rule of law publicity action, form 100 volunteer service teams, in-depth grassroots and construction sites, facing the province’s millions of migrant workers with legal publicity and consultation, and live Undertake the infringement case reflected by migrant workers.

  It is widely carried out in the 12355 hotline and new media platform, providing "one-stop" comprehensive service for young people. Improve young people’s rights protection mechanisms, form 12355 exclusive volunteer teams, and improve the service and case disposal ability of youth rights protection lines. (Reporter Yang Wen).

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Ouyang Hong is the deputy mayor in charge of agriculture,I come to Pingdu to invest,Most of the projects invested in agricultural projects,This is also known to everyone。We have more frequent contact with each other because of the business relationship,I don’t know where to start?”

Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian,Suddenly laughed,She smiled like a quaver。Even laughed out of tears,It took a long time for her to calm down,I just heard her breathe out:“Everyone only looks at the surface phenomenon,Some things are only clear to the parties,But this hat is a bit big”
“Everyone is just guessing,Politics in Ouyang City,I am in business,You said how do we go together?”Xia Jian asked Hu Huiru back。
Hu Huiru nodded and said:“you’re right,Unless Mayor Ouyang gives up her great future,Otherwise, it’s really hard for you to go together。Hey!A question,This part of the park,How did you think of such a good plan”
Xia Jian is a smart man,He has heard what Hu Huiru said。So he smiled and said:“Hu always thinks too much,Ouyang Hong in charge of agriculture,She never asked about this。Why do I have such a good plan,Because i amGZDid this project when,It should be said that there are successful cases first”
“what!You still hereGZMake a project like this?”Hu Huiru asked in surprise。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Of course it was not done by our startup group。I worked in Guangzhou a few years ago,I helped a company do this project,Very successful”
“Oh!I remembered,No wonder which license plate you are driving。I’ll understand this when you say this,Because most people don’t think about this”Hu Huiru said,Chong Xiajian gave a thumbs up。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Everything is people-oriented,Pingdu is just such a leisure place,I hope you can give the citizens a good explanation”Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian,I can’t help but nodded。
First1155chapter Struggling woman
Warm water dragon。
Wang Youcai’s arrested horses were released after three days,Wang Youcai didn’t expect this。He thought,Even if such a thing is no longer pursued,I have to wait for ten days and a half to release people。
When Wang Youcai received Wu Wu’s call,So happy that I almost jumped up,He also escaped,The heart that I held these days just let go。
Ni Xiaoli, who was basking in the sun on the balcony, gave a white glance and asked Wang Youcai:“You won the jackpot?See how happy you look,Be careful“
This woman has changed a lot in recent times,But she started talking to Wang Youcai,Still weird,An upset look。Don’t be afraid of Wang Youcai,He just likes her,If you don’t trouble him,This marriage goes down slowly like this,After all, Ni Xiaoli’s belly is carrying his seed。
If this woman doesn’t know what to do,Wang Youcai is not easy to mess with,Even if it’s a bloodshed,His marriage is also divorced。
Look at Ni Xiaoli like this,Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“You can get something to eat later!I want to go out,Meet a few people,Maybe go back to the mine at night“
“up to you,I give you freedom,Otherwise you will divorce me again,I’m scared now“When Ni Xiaoli said this,,Crying。Look at her like this,Wang Youcai feels a little sad,He walked over,Opened his phone。

“Nothing,What we do,Without breaking the law and discipline,I’m afraid they won’t make it。Stay calm about this,I see who this person is”Xia Jian said calmly。

Xiao Xiao thought about it:“We run the factory,The dust has settled。So you are willing to stand up,Can’t dodge anymore”
“Also,you are right,I can’t play anymore and disappear,Otherwise, it’s a bit too much.。I want to visit Hu Huiru in the provincial capital”Xia Jian said,Suddenly the topic changed。
Xiao Xiao frowned,Asked a little displeased:“What are you looking for?This woman is an old fox。Our entrepreneurial group is giving her a good deed”
“Hu Huiru is a bit snob,But she is not bad-hearted。I want to leave the building of the factory to her people,One is that their team is sure to have this ability,Second, I want to ask her for help,Work first and then pay”When Xia Jian said this,,Serious face。
Xiao Xiao heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help but froze。She thought for a while before she said:“I’m afraid she disagrees,If she can do that,We don’t have to worry about our funds”
“I can talk to her about this,If profitable,She can do it。Also you know,These builders in Bucheon,One is that I don’t believe them,The second is to advance so much as soon as the construction starts,Most people really can’t do it”Xia Jian gave his reason。
Xiao Xiao stood up,She walked back and forth in the room twice and said:“Maybe you are right。There is no permanent enemy,No friends forever。Hu Huiru, this woman only has money in her eyes,She is the real businessman”
“You have agreed,That’s it。I will go to the provincial capital to do these things tomorrow,You have to hurry up。Set the start date,Then estimated the progress of the project,Speak with data。You do these jobs,Let Lin Wei do it”
“and also,It’s almost the end of the year。How much blood do we get,Give me a Spring Festival condolences or something。Good relationship,Our later work will progress smoothly”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Xiao Xiao nodded and said:“Ok,I will discuss this with Miss Jin。Don’t worry!It is best to go back to Pingdu when you have time”
“Ok!I’ll go down and prepare”Xia Jian finished,Finish the tea in the teacup,So he got up and went downstairs。