Oupai Home (603833): Multi-channel + Multi-category consolidation leading faucet, large-scale home furnishing is expected to contribute a considerable increase

Oupai Home (603833): Multi-channel + Multi-category consolidation leading faucet, large-scale home furnishing is expected to contribute a considerable increase

[Event]Europa released its 2018 annual report and achieved 115 revenue.

09 million yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.

53%, net profit attributable to mother 15.

7.2 billion, an increase of 20 in ten years.

90%, an increase of 25 in the next ten years.


Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 revenue increased by 31 in advance.

6% / 21.

2% / 10.

7% / 18.

0%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 32 each year.

5% / 32.

9% / 22.

6% / 4.

The company’s 2018 performance is in line with expectations. It is expected that revenue will increase by 15% annually in 2019, total operating costs will increase by 15%, and net profit will increase by 20%.

  [Comment]1) The cabinet keeps stable, the wardrobe develops rapidly, and the wooden door bathroom grows rapidly.

On the income side, ① custom cabinets: income grows by 7 per year.

7% to 57.

700 million US dollars, although the industry penetration rate is high, the growth rate is the same as the land, and squeezed by hardcover, but Europe sent to adopt omni-channel marketing, a net increase of 126 stores to 2,276, force installation + e-commerce + bulkChannels: Improve the efficiency of traditional channels, improve products and services, empower dealers, and grow revenue steadily.

② Customized wardrobe: The income increases by 25 every year.

9% to 41.

500 million US dollars, although the industry competition is intensifying and hardcover assembly and diversion, the penetration rate and market share still have room for growth. The company has a net increase of 271 stores to 2,113, optimizing 杭州桑拿 whole house packages, enriching promotional methods, and draining hardcover projects., Seize the share and increase the value of customer orders, and rapid growth in revenue.

③European wooden door: revenue growth rate of 49.

5%, a net increase of 116 to 825 stores, upgrade products and storefronts, improve e-commerce / assembly / engineering channels, and drive sales of supporting products.

④ European-style bathroom: revenue growth rate of 47.

At 7%, investment promotion accelerated, with a net increase of 191 to 559 stores, strengthening research and development, and rapid growth in shower rooms and smart toilets.

Therefore, the corresponding leading drainage effect and channel realizing ability, the new category of Europa has grown rapidly.

⑤ Aubrey: Revenue growth rate is 32.

0%, the net increase of 96 stores to 935, transform terminal operations, improve package form, build Tmall platform, confirm the e-commerce O2O path.

  2) The effects of the large home furnishings are beginning to appear, and the conversion channels are fully drained.

① The large-scale home furnishings landed quickly. Oupai took the lead in adopting a model of direct cooperation with local decoration leaders and empowering brands, products and services to gradually flow into the entrance and quickly grab share. Currently, 22 cities have been installed in the whole furnishings.Yibin and Changsha have matured, and the overall order of cabinet assembly exceeded 3.

500 million.

② In the context of the traffic entrance, Europa developed its channels in an all-round way. In addition to the whole installation, it gradually strengthened its cooperation with large real estate developers, responding to the trend of accelerating the advancement of refined decoration, and its bulk income increased by 47.

0% to 14.

1.8 billion yuan, accounting for 12.

3%; Improve the perfect online layout, e-commerce drainage accounted for 20% of cabinet revenue in 18 years, and e-commerce drainage accounted for 23 of wooden door revenue.


In addition, new stores such as Gome stores, community stores, and shopping malls will be added to realize all-round drainage.  3) Strengthened cost control and significantly improved gross profit margin.

The overall gross profit margin of Europai increased by 3.

86pct to 38.

38%, in terms of products, the gross profit margin of cabinets / wardrobes / bathrooms increased by 3.



2pct to 39.

8% / 42.

0% / 26.

5%, the wooden door drops 2.

3pct to 13.

6%; by distribution channel, gross profit margin of distribution / bulk increased by 3.


5 points to 35.

7% / 49.

5%; in terms of brands, the European gross margin increased by 4.

6pct to 39.

9%, Opalin fell by 3.

8 points to 26.


Improved, the company strengthened cost control, increased production efficiency, labor and manufacturing costs decreased; replaced, the company’s marketing direction was upgraded from single category to full space, using the whole house package, kitchen clothes and clothing-wood integration sales model, and increased home accessoriesSales, thereby increasing customer prices and increasing profits.

  4) The expense ratio increased slightly during the period.

Selling expense ratio rose by 0.

5 points to 10.

2%, mainly due to competitive pressure, the company used promotions to allow profits to grab share, advertising costs increased; management expense rate rose 0.

4 points to 6.

7%, mainly due to the increase in employee compensation, as well as the increase in depreciation and office expenses at the production base; the R & D expense ratio increased by 2.

7 points to 5.

5%, mainly due to the company’s efforts in information production to improve profitability and large-scale home furnishing base.

Finance costs expense -0.

3% (0 in the same period last year).

03%), mainly due to the increase in interest income and exchange losses.

The period expense ratio increased and the non-operating income decreased (the government subsidy decreased by 69.

7% to 0.

25 ppm), the company’s net profit margin rose by only 0.

3 points to 13.


  5) Operating capacity has been slightly reduced.

Due to the continuous increase in the proportion of major businesses with the problem of account occupation, the company’s operating net cash flow increased for ten years.

5%, the growth rate has improved; the receivables turnover rate from 69.8 expected 53.

9, asset turnover rate from 1.

28 expected 1.

11, plus the equity multiplier decreases, so the ROE is 28.

5% interest rate 22.


  6) Looking ahead, the 19-year performance is expected to grow steadily.

① In the short term, the downturn in real estate demand in the early stage

8%) is expected to improve margins, the current second-hand housing and first-tier and second-tier new house transactions are picking up, and the improvement of the financing environment is driving the completion upward.

  Although custom homes are subject to the pressure of penetration increase and hardcover diversion, Oupai tried multiple formats (such as integrated marketing channels), developed multiple categories (such as bathroom wooden doors), and implemented large homes based on traditional big homes.It is expected to bring considerable performance volume.

The company expects revenue growth of 15% in 19 years to maintain steady growth.

② In the long run, the front-end and traditional channels are still sinking space. Bulk and e-commerce will continue to draw in (Opeli will deepen the e-commerce path), and through the release of brand effects, dealer optimization and terminal empowerment, channel efficiency will be further improved.Promotion.
Scale, the Chengdu base expands its production capacity base after it is put into production, at the same time, the company accelerates the advancement of informatization, improves profitability and operating efficiency, reduces error rates to improve service quality, and consolidates scale non-standard production capacity.

  Investment suggestion: We continue to be optimistic about the company’s endogenous growth capabilities and long-term competitive advantages, and judge that the assembly channel will mature in 19 years, and it is expected to contribute to a stable and substantial performance increase.

We expect EPS to be 4 in 2019-2021.



04 yuan, the corresponding PE is 26.



9X, maintaining “strongly recommended” rating.

  Risk warning: Real estate sales are sluggish, competition in the industry is intensifying, and big homes are less than expected.

Dongshan Precision (002384): Layout of the PCB’s Three Prosperity Tracks Hopes to Improve Profitability

Dongshan Precision (002384): Layout of the PCB’s Three Prosperity Tracks Hopes to Improve Profitability

We believe that the company’s FPC business is driven by Apple’s multi-product line business cycle and expansion is expected to continue to increase. The RPCB business benefits from the 5G smart terminal HDI upgrade demand and the 5G datacom industry boom. The company has optimized its balance sheet and reduced financial risks.

The first coverage was given a “careful recommendation-A” investment rating.

The extension of the layout of the PCB’s three major economic circuits has gradually reduced financial risks.

Dongshan Precision acquired MFLX, an Apple FPC supplier in 2016, and Multek, a PCB subsidiary of Flextronics, in 2018. After the acquisition was completed, the company became one of the top ten circuit board companies in the world with both high-precision FPC, HDI and high-layer PCB production capacity.

19-year performance report income of 23.7 billion yuan, 10 years + 19%, net profit attributable to mother 7.

1 trillion, -12% a year.

It is predicted that the revenue of FPC / Hardboard / LED / Communication / Others will be about 110/30/23/23/4 billion in 19 years. The growth of the company mainly comes from the layout of the PCB business in Apple, Datacom PCB, and HDI.
In 2019, the company also optimized the balance sheet, further reducing financial risks; FPC business is driven by Apple’s business cycle, and categories and distribution expectations are gradually improved.

Apple’s flexible board system mainly includes three categories of ultra-fine FPC, multi-layer FPC and RF FPC. Dongshan currently faces the advantages of multi-layer FPC overlapping Apple soft board procurement of about 10% -12% share, and the total share of more than 40%Japanese suppliers are gradually withdrawing. We believe that Dongshan will gradually inherit the layout of the two major tracks of radio frequency FPC (such as LAT + Dock, LCP, etc.) and ultra-fine FPC (display touch, etc.), which is expected to gain more and more increments.

  On the demand side, the iPhone is expected to usher in the recovery of 5G replacement in 2-3 years, and FPC demand for iPad / wearable products is also in the growth stage of volume and price. Apple’s multi-dimensional upgrade of soft board demand is expected to drive Dongshan’s FPC business revenue to continue to grow.

In terms of FPC profit margins, through iPhone sales recovery, introduction of high-value quantity material numbers, and considering the 20-year Yancheng factory depreciation cost, starting from 21 years, the cost cost is more efficiently controlled and the new material numbers received in 20 years are more stable, and the company’s FPC business profitsThe rate is expected to rise steadily.

The RPCB business card has a digital value + HDI boom track, and profitability is expected to 无锡桑拿网 pick up.

Multek was originally a U.S.-owned high-end multi-layer board + HDI supplier. In the early stage of the acquisition of Dongshan, due to insufficient profitability and poor management, the profit level changed. We reviewed the three operating cycles of Shanghai Electric Power and found that the product structure, turnover rate, and yield rate wereThe core driving indicators of the profitability cycle of multi-layer rigid board companies. Considering Dongshan’s ability and experience to integrate overseas PCB resources, there are successful examples of Mflex. We believe that Multek’s subsequent product structure, turnover rate, yield rate and other core indicators can be expected.improve.

From the perspective of industry trends, Multek hopes to benefit from the 5G smart terminal HDI upgrade demand and the 5G datacom 青岛夜网 industry boom. The company is expected to enter the HW flagship machine motherboard supply chain in the future. 20 years of datacom PCB revenue is also expected to continue to increase, and overseas customers ‘5G construction needsHope for recovery.

The first coverage was given a “careful recommendation-A” investment rating.

We are optimistic about the three major layouts of the company’s FPC, Datacom RPCB, and HDI to provide growth momentum.

The company’s 19-21 year revenue was 237/262/293 billion.



300 million, corresponding to 0 EPS.



21 yuan, corresponding to the current total PE is 72/34/27 times.

The first coverage was given a “careful recommendation-A” investment rating with a target price of 35 yuan; risk warning: major customer innovation was lower than expected, 5G gradually exceeded expectations, and the overall effect was lower than expected.

Watch out for these love laws to deceive you!

Watch out for these love laws to deceive you!

TOP1 There is always someone wrong for me!

Cherish the person in front of you in theory, but the world is so big, you and him may not be able to touch it; if the world is so big, even if you meet him, he may already have another company with her; the world is so fickle, even if you love each other, you may not goCome together.

  Therefore, when you meet someone worthy of your own cherishment, don’t always wait for the perfect person in the distance.

He is the moon, he is the star, just dream, you don’t need to fall in love.

  TOP2 likes don’t care if I dress up wrong!

Men like to be beautiful Although men will say that what they care about most is the temperament and personality of girls, but that is mostly used to show taste.

  A man is a visual animal. He loves his eyes only when he is in love. A well-dressed girl gives them the urge to interact eagerly. Even if they have been dating for a long time, they also hope that she can keep eye-catching dress.It’s pleasant; the second one also takes it away and wins the envy of others.

(Personal opinion, like decent and generous.

There are too beautiful.

) TOP3 tolerance can reflect my good and bad to him!

Don’t be taken lightly by him. It is a virtue when getting along. No matter how good people are, they also have the disadvantages of tolerance and compromise.

However, there is no tolerance for the bottom line, it will only spoil the person you like, fuel his arrogance, and finally become self and arrogant.

  You can accept his shortcomings, but also remind him that some areas need improvement, let him know the limits of your tolerance, and work to improve yourself.

If you blindly indulge and think that loving him is ignoring his bad faults, then he will have to take it seriously, treat you lightly, don’t care about you, and even think of your ideas transparently!

   TOP4 Tiredness is the proof of love death!

Every period of love in the relationship’s newborn period will change from passion to dullness.

At the beginning, electric shock-like excitement and infatuation slowly became gentle and calm, less impulse, and began to notice the shortcomings of the person in his heart, and he was also irritable to lose freshness.

Sometimes I ask myself: Are these all signs of not loving him?

  In fact, boredom, tiredness, inertia, and interference are all normal emotions in the quiet period of love. They are not only a necessary process for the emotions to fall from the climax, but also a sign that the relationship between the two sides is tending to be consolidated and stable.

Nothing new, but tacit understanding; less impulse, but more down-to-earth get along; seeing the shortcomings, but also beginning to understand the true counterparty.

Getting along peacefully and pragmatically can test the purity of the relationship between the two sides, and it is a new birth of love.

  TOP5 willfulness, he will always think to spoil me!

He is most afraid of troubles, bunting, playing with tempers, and is the favorite killer of girls when they are in love.

Many girls would find it dull and lonely to get along with each other and worry that the people around them would not feel as distressed as they did at the beginning, so they forced him to speak sweetly, watch him nervously confess his heartfelt, and secretly enjoy his true feelings.

  It’s true that it can add flavor to the indifferent relationship, but once it exceeds the psychological tolerance of the boys, it can be a big deal!

If willfulness becomes a habit, it will only make him feel that you are not sensible and will not take care of and consider his feelings.

Over time, small tastes become a big burden. Men, like stability, hate trouble. If you always make him uneasy, he will find another quiet place sooner or later.

(Personal experience: no trouble encountered) TOP6 sincere distance is not a problem!

Getting to know the true distance can increase thoughts and burn passion, but as the initial obsession fades away, the distance becomes the biggest obstacle to increasing communication with each other.

The differences in personality of the two people need to get close to each other to understand and adapt, the relationship from strong to weak, but also need to maintain through the topic of sharing the mood.

  Distance can only tell one’s thoughts and get along with each other truly and naturally.

If you think of a person, you should see him; seeing him more can you know whether you love him or not.

  TOP7 weakness can best keep his heart wrong!

He needs to smile, yes, the weakness and tears of the girl really make him feel pitiful, and the boy has the urge to protect and take care of her.

Her weakness allowed him to blend into the strength of the man and circle her under his wings.

  However, only weakness and tears can make men feel wasteful.

He would be upset, doubt his strength, and make up for the fact that he could never do what she asked.He even needs his sweet smile, encouragement and satisfaction to tell him: Thank you!

I’m happy with you around!

Weakness may make a man have the urge to love you, but happiness can really keep him and let him understand how important he is to you!

  TOP8 quarrel is necessary to communicate wrong!

Only when you are happy can you fall in love forever, quarrels cannot be avoided.

A couple who loves each other like glue is always arguing because of their different personalities.

Only after quarreling, did I understand the other party ‘s true thoughts. In the future, I learned to understand and tolerate each other.

  But quarreling, sadness and sadness, every time there is a shadow.

If you encounter unhappiness and vent, don’t know how to tolerate properly, it will cause the other party to get along.

After the quarrel, everyone must work hard to adjust their mentality, actively cultivate good emotions to get along, and keep arguing, destroying the emotions that have been hard to brew a little bit, after a long time, people are numb, too lazy to cultivate a good mood, thenOnly break up.

  TOP9 interests need to be consistent wrong!

One of the most fun things about mysterious love between different people is to discover the same hobbies. Once you realize that if you get the treasure, you feel more and more fate, and you can find more topics when you get along.

  But the beauty and longevity of love is actually not the same as interest.

Different hobbies, and sometimes more attract the curiosity of the other side, prompting him to understand his unknown world.

When a man finds that a girl is good at doing something unfamiliar to her, he will feel that you are full of freshness and mystery, and interest, which just arouses the urge to love men.

  TOP10 love should contact him every day wrong!

Give him space to like a person, the mood is always burning, always thinking about how to care about him, the mood is blowing, and I want to tell him the first time.

Phone, text message, msn . I want to be in touch with him every day.

  However, too close a temporary connection can be harmful to love!

Men need to be considerate and caring, but it is best to give him the appropriate space so that when he is in love, he can also take care of work, friends and family.

He cares about him too much, but he feels out of breath. A man will want to run away. It is better to get down and lower the continuous frequency. He will start to nervous you, and he needs to contact you!

5 questions to measure acne temper_1

5 questions to pinpoint acne temper

Send away puberty, acne is still unsolicited.
Especially now that the seasons are changing, acne comes out on my face from time to time, which is really bothering and helpless.
As the saying goes, knowing oneself and knowing one another is not a battle.
To get rid of adult acne, you must first understand it.
  Q & A.
1 Q: Why do I have adult acne?
  A: Although puberty has passed, with the increase of age, ultraviolet radiation, stress, and insufficient sleep can cause skin damage and the protection function is gradually reduced.
Acne spreads and spreads around the cheeks, forehead, and mouth regardless of the season. The most terrible thing is that you will repeatedly get acne in the same area.
In particular, problems with internal organs of the body can be reflected on the face through adult acne.
  Q & A.
2 Q: Why do I keep getting acne in the same place?
  A: Because the skin’s self-protection function is particularly low in that area, the stratum corneum must be thickened to protect the skin, causing blockage of pores, and naturally easy to develop acne.
Acne usually forms inside the pores where the sebaceous glands are well developed.
There are 800 pores in about 1 square centimeter of the face, but when the resistance of the stratum corneum is weak, the amount of pores will increase, resulting in a vicious cycle prone to acne.
  Q & A.
3 Q: Why do you develop acne when you are under a lot of stress?
  A: When you are bored, nervous, and unhappy, the stress hormones in your body are secreted.
The skin’s circulation mechanism is also disrupted, resulting in decreased immunity.
As a result, the skin’s resistance to bacteria is reduced, causing symptoms such as inflammation. At this time, the emerging acne is usually an external manifestation of poor functioning of a functional organ in the body.
Once you grow up, it will become difficult to treat, so it is important to live a regular life and ensure a good mood.
  Q & A.
4 Q: Why does lack of sleep cause acne?
  A: Hormones required for skin growth are secreted only when they enter a state of deep sleep.
During sleep, there will be a large amount of blood concentration in the blood vessels, nutrients and oxygen will enter the skin in large quantities at this time, and aging waste will be discharged.
Insufficient sleep will disrupt the skin’s mechanism, make the skin worse, and cause acne.
  Q & A.
5 Q: Why is it easier to get acne during the physiological period?
  A: Before the physiological period after ovulation, progesterone increases. At that time, the mood is usually not very good, even a little depressed, sebum secretion will increase, the body temperature will increase, and the skin will be in a state of restlessness.Will cause horny resistance to weaken, acne comes out at the opportunity.

Experts teach you healthy cooking methods

Experts teach you healthy cooking methods

Memory protection-Soybean oil health ingredients: Soybean oil replaces lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids, which is easy to absorb and absorb.

  Functional lecithin is known as one of the three major nutrients that are side by side with proteins and vitamins, which can strengthen brain cells, help maintain the structure of brain cells, and slow down memory decline.

It is very helpful to enhance your baby’s memory.

Unsaturated fatty acids can lower cholesterol and protect your baby’s blood circulation.

However, polyunsaturated fatty acids can also lower good cholesterol, and it is easy to produce oil fume and toxic substances at high temperatures. Therefore, you must master the correct operation method when eating, and pay attention to safety.

  Frying method: Low-temperature or low-temperature high-temperature cooking. Storage method: Avoid light and avoid direct sunlight. The most healthy ingredient in olive oil: olive oil. Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

  Functionally unsaturated fatty acids can lower low density cholesterol without harming other beneficial components of the body.

Olive oil is considered to be “the most suitable fat for human nutrition among the oils found today” and has very high nutritional value.

Its antioxidant ingredients can also prevent many chronic diseases, and because olive oil is not subjected to any chemical treatment during the production process, its natural nutritional ingredients are kept intact, which is just suitable for newborn babies.

  Diet: Low-temperature cooking Storage: Avoid light, avoid direct sunlight Mother and child health and love Tips for healthy cooking: Experts update, eating different types of oil can make the body obtain different fatty acids, achieve nutritional balance, but the oil is changedAfter all, it’s too troublesome. Choose scientifically refined and formulated formulas that have been on the market for many years, and the scientifically balanced proportion of edible blending oil can also be given to the baby in moderation.

  Method of using oil: Now the method of using oil is nothing more than cooking oil by adding oil and heating until oil is hot before adding vegetables.

For the baby, it is best to replace some other methods, not only to ensure that the nutrition in the oil is comprehensive, but also to ensure that the color and fragrance are good. Nowadays, a small watering can is popular. First put the vegetables in the pot, and then use the watering can to pour the vegetables.Oil can greatly control the amount of oil used. It is said that the resulting dish also tastes good, and the baby likes to eat it. The new mother does not prevent it from trying.

  Wen / Bai Zhenzhen oil is an essential condiment in daily life, so what kind of oil to eat can make your baby smarter, healthier, and more conducive to your baby’s nurturing and growth. It has always been a concern for new mothers. Here are some of them.An edible oil suitable for babies to facilitate the selection and deployment of new mothers.

  Nourishing and brain-building-Healthy ingredients of walnut oil: Walnut walnuts are listed as one of the world’s top four dried fruits. They have the reputation of “Hercules Food” and “nutrient-rich nuts”. They are not only rich in nutritional value but also have outstanding brain-building effectsAnd health functions.

  Walnut oil is rich in phospholipids. It is an essential and important nutrient for the brain. It is very good for promoting the baby’s intellectual development and maintaining the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and various trace elements, it is easy to digest and absorb and easy to store.

Walnut oil also contains anti-oxidants such as squalene and polyphenols, which can promote the growth and development of the baby, maintain bone density, thereby protecting the skin, preventing radiation and enhancing immunity.

For infants and young children, it has the effect of balancing metabolism and improving the digestive system.

  Best way: Low temperature cooking or direct storage method: Avoid light and direct sunlight. Oriental olive oil-tea seed oil. Healthy ingredients: camellia seed. Camellia seed oil is one of the traditional woody edible vegetable oils. It is called “”Oriental olive oil” is because camellia seed oil has extremely similar fat composition and nutritional content to olive oil.

  Camellia seed oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and unique biologically active ingredients squalene, tea polyphenols and other substances, which can not only lower cholesterol, but also improve the baby’s immunity, enhance the digestive function of the metabolic tract, and promote minerals.Production and calcium absorption are especially important for babies during the growing season.

In addition, camellia oil is a natural aunt that is closer to human milk and is an excellent food for babies.

Among them, vitamin E and antioxidant ingredients, but can prevent diseases, as well as the beauty effect of beauty skin care.

  Consumption method: Direct consumption Storage method: Avoid light and avoid direct sunlight High zinc-peanut oil Healthy ingredients: Peanut (also known as Changsheng fruit) Peanuts are high-protein crops that can be eaten, lecithin, vitamins A, B, E, K andZinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements are rich in nutrients.

  Peanut oil contains more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as a variety of unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid and other essential fatty acids, which are important for regulating human body functions, promoting baby growth and preventing diseases.Role.

The content of trace element zinc is also the highest in edible oils: it contains 8 zinc elements per 100 grams of peanut oil.

48 mg is 37 times that of salad oil, 16 times that of rapeseed oil, and 7 times that of soybean oil.

It can promote your baby’s brain development.

If your baby is deficient in zinc, symptoms such as stunting and mental retardation will occur.

The cerebral phospholipids, lecithin, and choline contained in peanut oil can also effectively improve memory and have a lot of intellectual development and metabolism.

  Deep-fried method: fried and fried French fries, high temperature below 200 ° C can be used as health oil-sunflower oil healthy ingredients: sunflower oil does not contain erucic acid, excludes aflatoxin, modern medical analysis, sunflower seeds canIt can cure insomnia and enhance memory. It is a kind of food oil with high health value.

  The content of linoleic acid is balanced with the content of vitamin E. Full linoleic acid transforms the role of scavenger in the blood vessels, while vitamin E helps the baby’s healthy development, and has brain health puzzles such as treating insomnia and enhancing memoryEffect.

If new mothers regularly consume sunflower oil, it can increase breast milk secretion.

And the “pregnancy diabetes” targeted at the mother also has the role of adjuvant therapy.

  Consumption method: Low temperature cooking using delicious and delicious-sesame oil healthy ingredients: sesame oil sesame oil has very high digestion and absorption capacity, excluding harmful components to the human body, especially rich in vitamin E and relatively rich linoleic acid.

  Regular consumption of sesame oil can regulate the penetration of capillaries and improve blood circulation, so that the nutrition in the baby’s body can be effectively absorbed and used.

In addition, the dishes prepared with sesame oil are delicious and delicious, which can stimulate the baby’s appetite.

The unique smooth bowel function of sesame oil is beneficial to the smooth metabolism of the baby.

  Cooking method: direct consumption, such as custard or vegetable puree, can be added in moderation.

Gourmet Food-Lemongrass Mint Chicken

Gourmet Food-Lemongrass Mint Chicken

Lemongrass Mint Hand Tear Chicken Gizzard Raw Ingredients: Chicken, Lemongrass, Mint, Peanut Kernel, Salted Gizzard Chicken Ingredients, Peanut Oil, Garlic, Ginger Mushroom.
  操  作:  1、薄荷先用淡盐水浸泡;  2、把花生仁炒香后去皮;  3、把香茅切碎,跟盐焗鸡料和花生油混和后,涂遍鸡身内外,涂的过程中You can massage the chicken body properly and leave it to stand for two hours before steaming it in the water; 4. After the chicken is allowed to cool, follow the structure of the chicken body and tear it into shredded chicken; 5. Heat the pan, fry the garlic and ginger, and thenAdd the original juice from the steamed chicken and cook it on a low heat. Add the chicken juice to the torn chicken and stir in peanut kernels and mint.

Beautiful tableware is an invisible killer that is harmful to health.

Beautiful tableware is an invisible “killer” that is harmful to health.

Are your bowls, chopsticks, spoons, plates, and pans “healthy”?
Perhaps you still don’t know that beautiful tableware can easily become an invisible “killer” that is harmful to health. Let us uncover the hidden dangers behind these beautiful tableware.
.hzh {display: none; }  陶瓷:拒绝内壁彩绘多新买餐具醋里泡  健康威胁:陶瓷餐具内壁上的彩绘虽然色彩鲜亮,但彩釉中含有铅、汞、镉等重金属元素.
Among them, cadmium and lead are prone to liver or other visceral poisoning, and mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis.
The more glaze of ceramics, the brighter the color, the more compounds such as lead and cadmium.
  Health Advice: Choose ceramic tableware and don’t pay too much attention to the pattern, especially don’t use the painted dish on the inner wall.
Newly purchased tableware can be soaked in vinegar for 2~3 hours to dissolve harmful substances in the glaze.
In addition, do not put the porcelain in the microwave.
  Stainless steel: Keep away from strong acid and alkali foods and need to be replaced in time. Health threat: Stainless steel is made of iron-chromium alloy and other metal elements.
It is very metallic and more resistant to rust than other metals.
However, if it is used improperly, the metal elements in the stainless steel will accumulate slowly in the human body, and when it reaches a certain amount, it will endanger human health.
  Health Advice: Be especially careful when using stainless steel cutlery. Do not hold strong acid or alkaline foods for long periods of time.
Stainless steel utensils should not be used to torment Chinese medicine.
Once the stainless steel tableware is found to be deformed or the surface is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
  Aluminum pan: excessive intake of aluminum can cause memory loss. Health threat: Aluminum is an element of intellectual aging, which can lead to memory loss and slow thinking response.
Excessive aluminum is not only an important cause of senile dementia, but also detrimental to children’s brain development.
Most of the aluminum in food comes from the pollution of cooking utensils (pots and shovel), especially iron and aluminum (such as iron pan aluminum shovel or aluminum pan shovel). Due to electrolysis and displacement, aluminum can be dissolved and the body can be increased.The intake of aluminum.
  Health Advice: Do not use aluminum pans for a long time. Do not mix cookware and tableware made of aluminum or iron.
  不粘锅:杜绝干烧不煎炸释放毒性损身体  健康威胁:不粘锅使不少家庭主妇摆脱了油锅难洗的困扰,但不粘锅的涂层在高温下会裂解,并释放出Two toxic substances, one is chlorofluorocarbon and the other is carbon trifluoride.
The former is harmful to the body tissues of animals and will accumulate in the body; the latter is toxic and can also damage the human body.
  Health advice: cooking in a non-stick pan, burning soup, etc. generally does not cause harm to the human body, but if used to fry food, there will be certain harm.
Because some people like to cook the pot after cooking, burn red and then add oil, so the temperature inside the pot must exceed 260 °C.
Therefore, when using a non-stick pan, it is necessary to put an end to this habit.
  Plastic: Plastic bottles should not be used as oil bottles. Health threats: The grease contained in plastic containers will produce chemical effects, which will decompose harmful substances and endanger human health.
  Health Advice: When selecting plastic tableware, try to choose colorless and tasteless, and the words “PE” (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) are marked on the product.
Normally, the oil should be avoided in ordinary plastic bottles.
  Bottle: See the brand’s small logo to get rid of the colorful flower pattern. Health threat: Some unscrupulous traders use scrap to make inferior bottles containing a lot of toxic substance bisphenol A.
Bisphenol A can cause dysplasia in the baby’s reproductive system and brain.
In addition, low-molecular compounds in inferior bottles can be dissolved even at room temperature of 20 °C, causing damage to organs such as the respiratory tract and lungs.
  Health advice: Inferior plastic bottles generally do not have manufacturers and brand small logos, the scale on the bottle is not accurate, the bottle is not transparent, there are spots of white impurities.
At the same time, it should be noted that there should be no color pattern inside the bottle to avoid the pigment being dissolved in milk or water.
  筷子:不要青睐油漆筷选用越天然越好  健康威胁:涂了油漆的筷子外表美观、耐用、好洗,可是油漆中含有铅、镉等有害物质,其中的苯更是公认的致癌物,颜色太After long-term use of chopsticks with deep or heavy paint coatings, heavy metals and harmful organic solvents in paints can cause chronic damage to the human body.
  In addition, even if it is a qualified chopstick, the surface will become rough and the surface will become rough. Many small grooves will appear, which will easily leave bacteria and detergent. If it is not disinfected or replaced in time, it will provide a breeding ground for bacteria.。  Health advice: Choosing chopsticks should not choose to paint. In addition, chopsticks should be washed and disinfected when they are bought home. After cleaning, they should be air-dried in time. At least one change of chopsticks should be done once a year.
Even between family members, chopsticks should not be mixed to avoid spreading bacteria.

Recommended: foreign elderly trendy supplies TOP16

Recommended: foreign elderly trendy supplies TOP16

Smart glasses A visual company in the United States has developed an autofocus electronic eyewear.

It can adjust the focus point of the lens at any time according to the distance of the person wearing the mirror.

In this way, the older person does not have to pick up the reading glasses, and this multi-purpose glasses can also be used as a sun visor.

  The old car, the United States and other Western countries have developed a special “old man car” in the field of family cars.

This car is designed according to the physiological characteristics of the elderly.

For the convenience of the elderly to move freely in the compartment, the body frame space is relatively larger than the average car.

The car is equipped with automatic shifting, so that the elderly do not have to repeatedly step on the clutch, repeatedly shifting gears, reducing the labor intensity of driving.

The chassis of the car is high, and the seat is comfortable but not too depressed, which is convenient for the elderly to get on and off.

Due to the emergence of “the elderly car”, it is common for foreigners over the age of 80 to drive abroad.

  An old night umbrella U.S. an umbrella factory in Philadelphia recently introduced an elderly night umbrella. There is a light bulb at the top of the umbrella. It is connected to the battery installed in the umbrella. Just press the switch and the light bulb will light up, and the old man at night and fog.Travel is very convenient.

  Anti-fatigue and pain-relieving shoes The United States has developed an anti-fatigue pain-relief shoe for the elderly. This kind of shoe has a magnetic piece on the sole, which corresponds to the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot, and has certain curative effect on headache and insomnia.

In addition, the elderly wear this kind of shoes to climb mountains and travel, which can eliminate fatigue.

  Positioning the mobile phone Recently, a Korean communication company designed a positioning mobile phone for the elderly, especially the demented elderly.

In addition to the functions of a general mobile phone, this mobile phone also has a “positioning” function.

As long as the elderly wear a positioning mobile phone, the family can use the help of the satellite positioning system to measure the position of the old man (within 10 meters), and become afraid that the old man is lost.

  Wrinkle-reducing mirrors Japanese experts have designed a wrinkle-reducing mirror for older women, which is characterized by the fact that the images in the mirror will hide facial wrinkles and look at least 10 years younger than I am.

Although this kind of mirror provides “false information”, it also helps to sigh the mental health and emotional stability of the lost old ladies, so that they are full of confidence in life.

  The robots of older robots are mainly designed as young people.

However, through the arrival of an aging society, Japan began to design robots that look like old people.

According to reports, “old-age robots” often help the elderly to deal with some daily household chores, often with the owner has more “common language”, and thus more trusted, and get along with the master is more harmonious.

Some widowed old people have tried this “old-age robot” and said: “They are more like my wife.

“Anti-riot cane Japan has developed a riot-proof cane that can help the elderly to walk steadily, and can also release high-voltage electric stuns when the elderly encounter a gangster attack to protect the safety of the elderly.

  Smart pets The robot pets developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. have cats, tigers, dogs, etc. When they are touched, they will smile and give greetings, and even save the owner’s life.

According to the pre-programmed procedure, when the room is quiet, the robot pet will start asking questions and help monitor the health of the owner.

The continuous silence of the owner will trigger the pet to pass the mobile phone and tell the owner’s relatives and friends that the problem may have occurred.

  First Aid Pager A new type of emergency pager used in the elderly for hypertension and hypertension in Japan has been unveiled in the market.

The aircraft is about 10 cm long, about 5 cm wide, and weighs only 40 grams. The elderly are always carried on the body. Once there is an unsafe factor, the button on the pager is pressed and the machine signals the rescuer.

  Blood pressure ring In the Swiss market, there is a blood pressure ring that is popular among middle-aged and elderly people. This ring can display different colors with the slight change of finger temperature. Patients with hypertension can observe the color difference of the ring, master the temperature change and fatigue, and rest in time.Relax and avoid the disease.

  The old man’s anti-collision suit Swiss developed anti-collision suits including anti-collision caps, anti-collision outerwear, clothes and hats are all inflated.

If the old man is dizzy due to high blood pressure, suddenly falls, wearing this kind of clothing, there is no danger of injury.

Because the computer bumper is installed in the hat, when the right side is tilted, the computer will command the bumper to open, so that the old man feels that someone is holding it.

Even if the tilting speed is fast, the bumper does not have time to react, and the old man will not be injured because the head has been supported by the spring tension of the bumper.

  The Augmented Phones have launched a special-sounding phone designed for the elderly in the German market. This phone can adjust the volume freely. It is especially suitable for the elderly who have different degrees of hearing. The drunken glass is used in the UK market to introduce a drink suitable for the elderly.After the wine glass is immersed in the wine glass, it will react with certain chemicals on the surface of the cup. Finally, the spirits will be softened and will not be intoxicated after drinking.

  Leisure table tennis in Sweden, a “leisure table tennis” that is twice as large as ordinary table tennis has emerged, which is designed for the elderly fitness.

In essence, the size of the table tennis ball is large, and the speed of the back and forth is slow, so that the elderly can calmly hit the ball and exercise.

  Automatic Massage Bed Canada produces a bed with a built-in automatic massage device for the elderly. When you use the switch on the bed, the massage device will automatically massage the person’s buttocks and waist.

It is convenient and comfortable to use, and is loved by the elderly.

  Tourism TV Russia is a portable travel TV developed for elderly travel enthusiasts. It weighs only 3,000 grams. It is suitable for both AC and DC. The images are clear and easy to carry. Old people can watch TV programs at home like they are at home.