Chinese Women’s Development Foundation Volunteer Han Kai

He, an ordinary plastic surgeon, has written the vows of the doctor’s benevolent heart with life, and makes up for the unintentional evil foro, and trimmed the big love of Yong Huai.

He is Han Kai, China’s first free to treat the Qingzhou Charity Specialist Hospital of the lip and palate, a messenger who loves to love with a smile. Since the first medical philosophy, the "China Smile Action" organization led by Hankai doctor has carried out more than 150 professional medical assistance charity activities in 26 years, and the poverty of more than 30 provinces (cities) is covered. Regions, millions of kilometers, the number of volunteers has accumulated more than 17,000, and 6 volunteer service sites have been established nationwide, providing free surgery and related supporting treatment for children in poor families.

In this game, there is no gun, there is no gun, there is no referee, only the sweat and blood; in this remedy, there is no flowers and applause, there is no glory and cheers, only one cavity Watch. 26 years of unforgettable performance, Han Kai doctor and his team extended a warm hand to countless poor families, giving a dignity, smiling and life dreams. Honor: 2012 China "Smile Action" won the Chinese Women Charity Awards Contribution Award 2013 Zhejiang Comprehensive Well-off Top Ten Contribution People 2014 China Women Charity Prize Award 2014 China Dream Show Most Welcome Dream People 2016 China Smile Action is "Medical Office, China].