Blogger in Shanghai Costco supermarket photo "pretending in foreign" experts: there is no need to go online foreign cultural confidence – News

Extreme Journalist Yao Yu "Super Simple Foreign Near Sight" "" Friends I thought I was in LA (Los Angeles) … Recently, some bloggers took pictures near the Costco Supermarket, and attached "pretending In foreign "labels, many netizens spit. Some netizens said that he is in Shanghai, but it must pretend to be abroad, and there is a suspicion of Chongyang Mei.

In this regard, there is a blogger reply that the photo is personal freedom, it is recommended to be rational. The supermarket door pretending to pretend to be abroad, there are many blogbooks to take pictures in Shanghai Costco supermarket, and hit "pretending in la" "pretending in foreign" label, causing many netizens to follow the wind. Net photo shows that most of the bloggers are sitting in the lawn outside the supermarket, on the road, or shopping cart, the background is red "Costco" logo.

There is a blogger share photo Raiders: Push a shopping cart, the most softness of the light, the light is the most soft, you can buy a box pizza and cola props in the supermarket, there is a feeling in La (LA). Xiao Hong Book Screenshot Little Red Book Screenshot Press Reporter noted that there is a photo of a blogger, a license plate marked for Washington is stacked on the license plate starting at the "Shanghai" word.

Some netizens questioned, this is P and a foreign license? The blogger replied in the commentary area that this license plate was brought back in Washington’s friends, because sometimes reading the time of reading. Netizen screenshots with netizens spit "pretending in foreign" series has the suspicion of Chongyang Mei and vanity.

There are also netizens questioned that the supermarket is a place of shopping, but it has become a net red card, and the cart has been stepped on, how can the customers can use? On November 6th, a netizen filmed a group of photos in "pretending in Shanghai" in the door of the foreign Costco, and it is said that it is simply sent to Shanghai … suspected ironic Shanghai Costco take pictures. Many netizens tricks. Disclosure, Costco is the largest chain of the United States, which has more than 500 branches in seven countries in the world, most of which are located in the United States.

Costco official website shows that there are currently two stores in Shanghai and Suzhou, and Suzhou store has not yet opened.

Costco official website diagram expert said there is no need to go online, I am going to openly in Shanghai, but you must pretend to be abroad. What do you think? In this regard, a small red book responded to a blogger, netizens don’t have to go online, and the Costco photo is her personal freedom, others are not qualified to evaluate.

Another blogger said that she was sent by the network after sending a photo sitting in the Costco shopping cart. She explained that she was allowed to get the supermarket staff to sit into the shopping cart, and after the experience was completed. The shopping cart wiped clean, I hope everyone can rationally.

The blogger responded to a screenshot of a netizen told the extreme news reporter, she passed the photo on the small red book, and she saw the things inside the Costco supermarket very good. She will take the time to see, and take pictures, record the shopping experience.

But for "pretending to foreign countries", she believes that it can’t understand.

She also added, many netizens will deliberately look for "pretending in foreign countries" when they take pictures, but they may be just simply imitated.

Because some buildings are landmark, such as "Costco" logo, once foreign netizens take a good photo in Costco, they will trigger the heel imitation of domestic netizens. 21st Century Education Research Institute, Xiong Cri, said in an interview with an extreme news reporter that we have to have cultural confidence. Since the netizen’s literary case has been marked in foreign countries, it will not talk to Chongyang Mei, this is just a kind of ridicule.

In addition, there is no need to pay too much attention to the private life of netizens, there is no need to go online.

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