Say goodbye to thick yoga and thick legs

Say goodbye to thick yoga and thick legs

The Sunday style is composed of a group of yoga postures. It is generally used for yoga warm-up exercises. For the practitioners, there is no special requirement for the practice time, which is suitable for most yoga practitioners.

At the same time, the sun worship yoga has a strong body shaping effect, so it is very helpful for girls with thick waists and thick legs.

  Friends who often practice yoga know that sun yoga is a very important set of yoga moves, because sun yoga can effectively stretch the spine and strengthen the muscles in each part.

At the same time, practicing an overall sun-dance yoga movement can also effectively thin waist and legs. MM with thick waist and thick legs must be practiced.

  Japanese style 1 In essence, your feet are close together, your hands hang down naturally, your thumbs are raised, you breathe naturally, and you relax your body.

  2 Stretched out your head, put your hands in a praying position, and looked up at your hands, straightened up, and straightened your tail.

  3 Lower the value and bend your upper body downwards until your hands can be flat on the floor and your legs straight. If you feel a defect, you can bend and align slightly, and look at the feet.

  4 Raise your head, lift your palms off the floor, but keep your fingertips touching the ground, stretch as far as possible forward, and look forward.

  5 Lower your body, straighten your legs backwards, stretch your legs straight on the floor, keep your body away from the floor, and lift your heels off the floor to keep your body straight.

  6 Continue to lower your body near the floor, bend your elbows, and hold your palms to the ground. Try to make the dark color stick to the floor, keep your body on a line, and make it flat.

  7 Lower your legs so that your thighs touch the ground, lift your upper body away from the floor, and try to lift the top in a neutral position to lower the dog.

  8 Lower your chest to the heels of your feet. Bend your upper body downwards until the right side touches the upper side. Keep pushing straight forward and downward.