Isn’t it curing people,For him,Not just a piece of cake。

If you want other treasures,Sorry,Pauper。
“I,you,This……”The fat old man really didn’t expect,Qin Feng just agreed,Follow the momentum just now,I shouldn’t have a good argument?
Say so now,He didn’t react for a while,So I can only say angrily:
“Wait,Wait until the five elders come to make a decision。”

fair enough。”Qin Feng nodded,No longer say anything。
Here,Gu worm and Wulao have already connected,So when the Gu worm unlocks Yang Yinyin’s Gu,But it sends out a unique signal。
Wu Lao Jieyin again,A cloud of purple gas floated to Yang Yinyin’s hand,The purple bug comes out immediately,And then returned to Wu Lao’s hands。
“Little girl,Your Gu has been unlocked,You look,Is your body much better?”
Wu Lao said with a smile,Under this gu,The side effects for him are actually not small,As long as Yang Yinyin died suddenly or something,His Gu worm will be weak for a while。
right now,But also solve this hidden danger。
“thank you。”Yang Yinyin’s slight gesture,Express your gratitude,Then turned and left。
This,Just a deal,The favor here,Naturally counted on Qin Feng’s body,For this old man,Naturally, no more words。