How to use on the toilet for health

How to use on the toilet for health

Today, people can live without a TV, refrigerator, computer or car without a toilet.

The well-known British “Focus” magazine also invited 100 of the most authoritative experts and scholars and 1,000 readers to vote for the world’s greatest invention, and the toilet topped the list.

Its appearance makes the toilet problem of human being convenient and hygienic.


hzh{display:none;}  在中国,马桶也作为生活品质的象征,被越来越多的家庭和公共场所采用.

According to the British “Daily Mail” recently reported that the British who once invented the toilet, after 150 years, began to replace it.

In Rochdale, a well-known commercial city near Manchester, from this week on, it is preparing to replace faeces for shopping in major shopping centres, replacing monolithic toilets.

With people’s attention to life, the toilet is no longer a simple sanitary ware. The famous singer Andy Lau even sang a song specifically for the “toilet” to describe its close relationship with humans.

  Public toilets: The emergence of panic toilets that “sit out”
has not only made people ‘s toilets hygienic, but also made many people aware of the construction of urban water and sewage systems.It reflects the history of human civilization and health.

  However, the toilet that should have been convenient for people has also brought unexpected troubles.

“When going to the toilet outside or around the toilet, everyone would wait in line at the door even if there was a squat toilet.

In an interview with reporters, Miss Li was lining up in front of the women’s toilet on the second floor of a famous shopping mall.

If you don’t have a squat toilet, you have to rely on your own skills.

Miss Li said that she could only try to prevent her skin from coming into contact with the toilet, just like “squatting.”

“Some people don’t talk about public morality, they squat directly on the toilet, and they all step on foot and mud.

Better toilets will provide toilet seat pads, but some people still feel unsanitary.

Dirty is the only consensus on public toilets.

An online survey showed that nearly seven adults encountered the toilet in a public place with the attitude of “stepping on the top, or stepping on the horse”, and nearly 20% of the respondents “would not choose a toilet”, only one adult choseAn An sat firmly on it.

  Dr. Yuan Yiming, Department of Urology, Peking University First Hospital, said that to a certain extent, it shows everyone’s distrust of the cleanliness of public toilets.

“Theoretically, the chance of STD transmission is not high.

Only when the STD patient leaves the bacterial secretion on the toilet ring when going to the toilet, and the genitals of the subsequent user accidentally get infected, they will be infected.

As long as someone cleans the seat frequently, or sits with a tissue paper, wipes and sits, it can be avoided.

“In fact, it is extremely difficult for a person to clean the seat often in public.

Aunt Liu, the cleaner who cleans the mall, said: “We definitely can’t do it after every customer has finished using it.

“And the use of public toilets may cause contact dermatitis, skin fungal infections, and more need to beware.

  It is a completely public place, and the toilet in the home has hidden dangers.

It is said that a public health authority survey found that 32% of the toilet seats have bacillus ulcerans, one of which has a flu disease called “Song Nei” that can survive up to 17 days; another experiment shows that there will be 1 billionThe polio virus cleared the toilet, and there were 3,000 viruses splashed onto the seat cushion.

  Pissing toilets are hygienic but unsafe. Pissing toilets are found to be a more sanitary choice because they do not come in direct contact with the skin.

But there are also disadvantages to squatting pans-elderly people are prone to accidents.

“Sometimes I squatted down and couldn’t get up for a long time, and I became dizzy.

The squatting panties annoyed Grandma Zhang, who lives in Guanzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

As she grows older, she particularly hopes that toilets can be installed at home.

  Yu Zhenqiu, director of the Department of Hypertension, Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, said, “When squatting, the degree of arterial tube flexion in the groin and popliteal fossa is less than 40 degrees.A heart with a disadvantaged function worsens the blood vessels, especially in the case of patients with dry stools. The patient needs to hold their breath to exacerbate the pressure of obesity, and a series of symptoms such as facial hyperemia and increased heartbeat appear instantly., Shortness of breath, swollen head, severe cases will appear cerebral hemorrhage, angina pectoris, etc., thus endangering life.

“Some elderly people also have knee osteoarthritis all year round. Due to the destruction of the knee bone surface and the formation of osteophytes at the edges of the joints, it is often difficult for the elderly to squat.

On the contrary, using the toilet to use the toilet is relatively labor-saving, the leg’s load-bearing capacity is not large, and the weight is transferred to the toilet, so it is very convenient for the elderly and the weak.

  Guarding the health of the toilet is small and healthy.

Therefore, the experts also taught a few tips on toilet health from the aspects of hygiene, health and the use of chronic diseases.

  Try to choose a squatting pan in public places.Since it is not yet guaranteed that public toilets are disinfected after each use, experts suggest that public places should choose squatting toilets as much as possible.

Yuan Yiming suggested that if it is not convenient for the elderly to squat, wipe the gasket with toilet paper when using the toilet.

“Designers should also understand the concerns of everyone and add more user-friendly designs, such as adding safety handrails to the toilets in public toilets.

“Cardiovascular patients choose the toilet.

Patients with protrusion of Yu Zhenqiu, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. should try to avoid using the toilet.

When going out, it is best to bring a portable toilet stool, you can change the squatting pan into a simple toilet, to reduce the accident caused by the sudden rise in upper body blood pressure due to squatting position; if you do not bring a toilet stool, it is best to have a family member。
If you use the toilet at home, try not to plug in the door. When an accident occurs with your armor, your family can find it immediately.

Family members should also often ask the elderly about toilet use. If there is no response for a long time, special attention should be paid.

  The constipation has a small footstool.

Yao Wei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Peking University Third Hospital, said that patients with constipation or hemorrhoids should choose a toilet, as this can reduce the squatting position of the digestive system such as inhalation.

In people with hemorrhoids, the vein wall of the anus is very thin and can easily break during defecation.

Squatting and sedentary can easily cause blood clots in the anal cecum and cause disease.

Yao Wei suggested that you can put a small footstool next to the toilet at home, and raise the foot pads 8-10 cm when using the toilet to help defecate.

After finishing the row, you should stand up slowly to avoid cerebral hemorrhage and even cerebrovascular accidents.

  Reading and smoking are taboo.

Reading a book and smoking while using the toilet can distract you, easily lead to poor bowel movements, and even induce hemorrhoids.

Yao Wei said, “Elderly people squatting in the toilet, smoking while holding their breath and defecating, will increase the chance of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

It’s best to be wholehearted when you defecate, and don’t use too much force.

“Close the toilet lid when flushing.

New York University Dr. Philip Ternault pointed out that if the toilet cover is opened during flushing, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can throw bacteria or microorganisms up to 6 meters in the air and suspend in the air for several hours, and other items.

Therefore, the habit of covering the toilet lid when flushing should be developed.

  Three days a brush, both inside and outside.

Yuan Yiming said that many people will wait for the toilet to be dirty before cleaning, in fact, at this time, the inside and outside of the toilet are already densely packed with bacteria.

“It is best to clean it once every three days. If there is a urinary infection in the home, it is best to disinfect it with a household disinfectant.

“It is best to wipe the outside of the toilet, and use a rag, and do not mix with other rags.

  Elderly toilet with a handrail.

Tao Liqun, an expert at the China Ageing Science Research Center, said: “If there are elderly people in the house, it is best to open the toilet door. If you open it in, it will be difficult to open the door after the elderly accidentally falls to the ground.

“If conditions permit, handrails and easy-to-use bells should be installed in the toilet, and the elderly can inform their families in time if there is an accident.