A new round of air pollution hits Zhengzhou will "follow up" single double number limit?

Original title: A new round of air pollution hits Zhengzhou will "follow up" single and double number limit? On December 8, Zhengzhou landmark building "big corn" shrouded in the top of "gray", the first reporter of Henan Business News Chen Peng Chong / Wen reporter / map one to winter, heavy pollution weather, each pollution process Both affect the hearts of all parties.

From December 8th to 11th, the province will encounter a round of pollution weather, and multiple areas are expected to occur in moderate or even severe pollution.

  How to generate this round of pollution? How to deal with each place? Under pollution pressure, Zhengzhou will start the mobile vehicle single double number limit? From December 8th to 11th, there will be medium to severe pollution on December 8th, and the air quality of the province has experienced a change from good to poor.

Data from the Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center, 11 o’clock on December 8, in 18 provinces (demonstration zone), the air quality is good, 6 air quality is lightly polluted; At 15 o’clock, mild pollution cities rose to 10; when 18, the number of mild polluted cities climbed to 15. On the same day, the relevant staff of the Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center told the top news · Henan Business Daily reporter, is affected by unfavorable meteorological conditions, from 8 to 11, our province, is expected to have a moderate to severe pollution process. The above staff analysis, "On December 9th, most of our provinces have emerged in moderate and severe pollution period; December 10th to 11th during the day, weak part of the North wind affects our province, early Beijing-Guangzhou line There is a foggy weather, local accumulation overlay foreign transmission, there is a risk of severe pollution in the north of the province; on the afternoon of December 11th, with the new round of cold air, the air quality of China and Western China Other regional pollution has also gradually weakened. "Action launched more yellow warnings in the province to understand that the warning response should be launched for the pollution weather, the province has launched the warning response, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xuchang and other places have started heavy Polluted weather yellow III response. For example, Zhengzhou implements industrial shift measures, dust source emission reduction measures, mobile source reduction measures.

Including: industrial enterprises, according to the "one factory,", "Zhengzhou City non-road mobile machinery stops use (except for enterprises, construction, except for construction, except for pure electric), the non-road mobile machinery allowed Dacted national three emission standards or use pure electric non-road mobile machinery. On the afternoon of December 8, the relevant staff of the Provincial Ecological Environmental House told the top news · Henan Business Daily reporter, according to the current pollution development situation, all provinces will increase the control of industrial enterprises, site dust and other pollution sources.

  Many places to launch heavy pollution weather warning response, how much effects on reducing pollutants accumulation? In this regard, the above staff said that after the overall appearance, after the early warning response, through different degrees of measures, the pollution level can reduce the pollution process.

  Q & A questions, let’s ask questions about the pollution weather, some questions about the public, the top news · Henan Business Daily reporters contact environmental, meteorology and other departmental answers. Q: Why is the weather in winter? Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center: The weather conditions such as static days in winter are relatively stable, and the atmosphere is relatively stable. These are not conducive to the spread of pollutants, causing pollutants to have varying degrees of accumulation.

In general, unfavorable meteorological exacerbates the accumulation of local pollutants, pollution transmission, weak wind, diffusion, terrain conditions, etc., is a common factor in the process of heavy pollution weather.

  Q: On December 8th, Zhengzhou has a lot of time, can the sky have been gray? Zhengzhou Meteorological Station Forecitors: 8th, Zhengzhou Yin Tian, ??visibility is about 6 kilometers, the light transmission is poor, and the air humidity is not high.

The sky "grays" is not a fog, but more the feelings of cloudy sky. On the 9th, Zhengzhou weather turned to sunny day, the temperature increased, the light permeability was enhanced, and the "gray" situation will be reduced.

  Under pollution pressure, Zhengzhou will start a single-double number limit? Top News · Henan Business Daily reporters have discovered that there is currently a single-double number limit in multiple regions in our province this year.

The Nanyang Municipal People’s Government issued a notice, decided to implement a motor vehicle restricted limit in the central urban area from 9 December 2021, and the end time is not announced, the limit is 8 o’clock to 19 hours to 19, and the holiday is not limited. Fuyang City implemented motor vehicle single-double number restrictions on December 4th, limited time to 8:00 to 20:00 every day (including public rent), release time another announcement, single-double number, increase bus shift, city area The bus is free to ride.

Anyang City launched a single and double number on November 15th, limited to December 31 this year, 8:00 to 19: 00 daily, the legal holidays and public holidays are unlimited, and the urban bus is free to ride during the urban bus.

Xinyang City, Luoshan County, Fuyang County, Fuyang City, Qingfeng County also launched a single-double number limit in early December.

  Previously, Zhengzhou launched a single-double number of the motor vehicle for more than 4 consecutive years. The longest period is in 2018, the limit is 41 days, the shortest is 2019, limited to 5 days. Under air pollution, Zhengzhou will implement single-double number this year? In this regard, the top news · Henan Business Daily reporter contact Zhengzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau related personnel, is told that there is currently not to master (Zhengzhou single-double limit) news, ask the public to pay attention to the Zhengzhou Municipal Government.

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