The 6th Hebei Provincial Travel Service Key Project Construction Advances Promoting the Fusion Characteristics

People’s Daily News (Yang Wenjuan) On August 14th (Yang Wenjuan) At the beginning of the festival, he visited the Dongshan Range Rover Pavilion in Hebei Province. He overlooks the Qingxi River under the mountain, a giant color rice field painting exhibition in the theme of "Female Flying" is now in front of him. This rice field covers an area of ??more than 600 acres, consisting of green, yellow, purple, white and other color rice, plus the surrounding background, more than 1800 acres, looks magnificent.

This is one of the important landscape nodes of the 6th Hebei Provincial Tourism Industry Development Conference ("Provincial Travel General"). It is reported that after more than a month, the provincial travel conference will be kicked off.

So, what is the preparations for each node now? What is the progress of key project construction? …… Today, let us walk into the 邯郸, a peek.

Look at the red look at the industry: key projects such as Chi Chung, Tuanxian Park, stepping up the construction of the county is the revolutionary old area, with rich red tourism resources; also tourism county, ecological county, with national 5A scenic spots 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲 娲The former site of the Mr. One or Section, the Taihang Wuzhu Shan Scenic Area, Han Wang Jiuzhai Scenic Area, was rated as "National Ecological Demonstration County".

On August 13th, at the construction site of the Chi Lank, the project promotion person in charge of the staff is working hard, welding, handling, tipping bricks with workers, and many machinery are busy with the hanging pile, transport materials, and the site work is tight. . It is understood that the Chi Lings Park is the opening ceremony of the conference, located in the center of the eighth year of the Eighth Route, covering an area of ??more than 50,000 square meters, from a martial art memorial area, on-site teaching area, activity area Three parts composition.

After the park is completed, it can not only improve the visibility and influence of the memorial, but also meet the needs of daily education, patriotism education, and promote the development of red tourism, promote the economic transformation and upgrading of the old district. "The Chi Lings Park project is tight, the task is heavy.

Since starting, we are basically 24 hours stationed in the construction site. "Teacher Weining said that the overall progress of the current project has completed 93%, and it is expected to be built at the end of August.

Among them, the red flag sculpture completed 65%, which is expected to be completed on August 25; the overall completion of the square completed 90%, and the overall is completed on August 20; Shengli Road completed 85%, and the overall is expected to be completed on August 15; greening completed 75%, expected Finished on August 20.