Li Haihu thought to himself:“Incapable,These grandsons don’t even know how great the ancestors are!”

His name“grandson”It’s really not a curse。
Said to Luming:“Lu Ming,The scream on the tree outside is annoying,Chop it to me!”
Lu Ming understands what Li Haihu means,More deliberately,Lightly,People are already floating in the yard,Li Zexuan was stunned,Rubbing his eyes vigorously,I just thought I was dazzled。
Luming walked to the tree,Straight off,Right hand down,Turn upside down;But he pulled his left hand up,Take advantage of the waist,Uproot that green poplar tree。
That green poplar tree is more than ten meters high,Waist thickness,Without roots, it’s more than ten thousand catties,Can’t be lifted easily with a crane,Not to mention manpower! “puff!”
Li Zexuan himself is kneeling on the ground,Kowtow and shouted:“Li Zexuan, the 28th generation grandson of the Li family, pays homage to the ancestors!”
Kowtowing even more,Is knocking on the floor“boom、boom……”Direct sound,Li Haihu laughed even more,Proud of:“A mortal, I said I can’t shock you!”
“okay,Get up。”
Li Haihu raised his hand,Li Zexuan only felt that an invisible force supported him,Can’t help myself,The waves in my heart are more shocking than seeing Lu Ming。
Li Jiacheng was naturally delighted when he saw that his grandson could make an exception to join the fairy sect,Even more:“I saw the true face of our ancestors today,It’s my father and son,I am willing to spend one billion……Do not……Ten billion,Spend 10 billion to establish a Lee family clan director fund,Let everyone who lives outside the Li family have books to read、Everyone Practices,Provide more qualified children for our Li Family Zhengtong!”
“it is good!”
Li Haihu is even more overjoyed,In this way,I also have more information on the clan assembly,Said with a smile:“What else you have come from a long way today will be mentioned together,I did it, you do it!”
Li Jiacheng hastened to thank you,Tell me about the conflict between Li Zekai and Chen Xiu again。
In addition to the ancestors of each family in Shennongjia, Chen Xiu,Others don’t know Chen Xiu’s real name。
Li Haihu didn’t take it seriously,I thought that Chen Xiu was just a son of a family,Said to Luming:“You send a disciple to follow Jiacheng back to Hong Kong Island,Kill that person。”
Lu Ming responded。