Lu Haocheng hangs the phone,Throw phone on the couch,Put on the shoes,Lying in a soft bed。

I haven’t been in the past.,At that moment, he feels that he is full of blood.。
But this moment he feels that he is cold.。
He looked at the ceiling,The impetuous mood suddenly appeared。
He slowly pulled the mouth,He is really poisoning too deep.。
Blue-blue,Is his antidote。
He has always thought that he is a calm and sophisticated millennium fox.,But face Blue Xin,He is still just a young man in the sinus。
NS658chapter:I am not very suitable
Lu Haocheng has been in the middle of the night.。
Night for him,Always difficult。
Early next morning,Is the company fashion show。
These days, Blue Xin has been busy with this matter.。
And today,There will be many partners to participate.,Journalists in Jiangyou,I also came to the five floors of Lu Group in the morning.。
Blue Xin is in the parking lot Just open with Lu Hao,Going directly to the fifth floor。
Enter the site,Already come up with many people,Everyone is looking forward to this fashion show.。
Blue Xin is condensed overlook luxuryttower,Internet age is the era of enterprise changes,Today’s fashion show is also a live show。
The Bo Group is integrated,Do very in place。
The sales of companies are no longer traditional sales model,Doing business online has become a normal state。
In addition to managing your own business,Also improve the competitiveness of the overall supply chain,This change is,The demand for informationization has not only stayed in the standardization process,Increase management,Also continue to business,Let everyone are satisfied。
More channel marketing management,Also let her become busy。
Blue Xin, a white casual suit,Still combing heads,About deep mature charm,Beautiful and beautiful。
Bright eye,It’s like a bright moon,Glittering gloss such as water,The whole person is full of mature practitioners.。
She walks through the background of the model to rest.。
Bright dress,The models are ready。
“Blue Director,You came。”
Ning Feifei is happy to look at Blue Xin。
Yang Jing and Liu Shan have come.。
Blue Xin smiled slightly,The red lips of the Queen’s red lip glaze,Glamorous。
Yang Jing, not far away,A flash of stunning。
“Yang Jie,Did the models eat early??”
Blue Xin asked。
She has seen reports before,Something in order to work without eating early,Faint on the stage。
Their company can’t happen this problem.。
and,I can’t have a little problem today.。
Yang Jing Xiao:“Blue,I know your worried,Early very nutritious,I have stared at them.,Today’s fashion show is very large,They must eat。”
“That’s good!”