It was the first time he saw a formal mountain gate,Even though this mountain gate looks a bit dilapidated long ago,But at least let Qin Feng know,They used to be just playing。

Qin Feng now needs time to control his own power,It’s best to have a higher level of exercises to allow him to practice。otherwise,Maybe he will always be at the bottom of these schools。
To know,Qin Feng used to think that the aristocratic family was very
Great。But since I learned that this world still exists beyond human limits。Suddenly Qin Feng wanted to pursue stronger power like those fighting madmen before.。
As for why it feels like this?Because he met!
This time is good luck,There was no battle with the members who were back together,But if you meet other players again?Can you really make money with harmony??
Although Qin Feng doesn’t think he deserves to be valued by others。But since it was troublesome before, I came to my door automatically,Qin Feng feels that he still needs to become stronger。At least that will make you feel more secure。
“Don’t go,Don’t go yet!”Seeing Qin Feng leaving their Su family,Su Chengxu is a little worried。Even though he understood what Qin Feng said,But it’s still hard to digest。but no matter,He felt that once Qin Feng left,The final ending is resignation,He doesn’t want this!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty One Mouth escape?
Qin Feng didn’t leave in the end,At this moment he frowned,Feel very uncomfortable。Because he didn’t stay because of Su Chengxu,But Su Rou asked him to stay。
But he really didn’t want to!Although it seems selfish to say this,But Zhang Lili has nothing to do with Qin Feng, right??
Desperately for an irrelevant person?Is it really necessary?
“Qin Feng,Don’t you have a master?Can’t you let your master help??”Su Rou said。