This week, the company disclosed that its interim results doubled, Guangyu Development’s net profit increased by 523%.

This week, the company disclosed that its interim results doubled, Guangyu Development’s net profit increased by 523%.

The performance of these three companies disclosed in the disclosure this week has doubled Guangyu Development’s net profit by up to 523%. The companies that are expected to be replaced this week are lossy, namely Nanning Sugar, which has continued to lose, and Jinyi Technology, which has lost the first.

  Zhang Yi Picture Source: Visual China According to statistics, 64 A-share listed companies plan to disclose their 2018 interim reports this week, and 35 companies have released semi-annual report performance forecasts.

Among them, 28 companies pre-increased (including 4 companies that turned losses), 5 pre-decreased, and 2 pre-lost.

  Excluding turning around losses, there were three companies with the highest pre-doubled performance: Guangyu Development (000537).

SZ), Western Mining (601168.

SH), Huaren Pharmaceutical (300110.


  Guangyu Development of the real estate sector completed a major asset reorganization in October 2017. The operating income before and after the reorganization was attributable to the net profit of shareholders of the listed company, and the average income increased compared with the previous reorganization.

In the first quarter, the company’s operating income increased by 135.

40%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by 589.


In the first half of the year, the company gradually realized a sales area of 96.

760,000 square meters with a sales value of 105.

8 billion yuan, and expected net profit at 16.

60 billion-18.

Between 4 billion, the highest annual increase is 523%.

  The company is the only listed real estate development platform under the Luneng Group. There is also an expectation of asset injection in the future, especially a large number of Hainan real estate resource injection expectations.

The actual controllers of the company each have two real estate development platforms, namely Luneng Group and Capital City Weiye. Luneng Group is the controlling shareholder of the company.

Luneng Group promised to inject its residential development projects in Hainan, Dalian, and Zhangqiu into the listed company after deducting non-returned net profit for two consecutive years when the assets were injected in 2017; Metro Capital Group promised to invest it in Hainan, BeijingThe residential development projects in Tianjin and Haiyang were injected into listed companies after meeting the injection conditions.

  Western Mining is expected to realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first half of 2018.

USD 7.6 billion, an increase of about 122% per year.

The increase was due to the increase in the market price of the company’s main products, and more importantly, Sichuan Huidong Daliang Mining Co., Ltd. 82.

The 96% equity acquisition is completed, and the consolidation will be achieved in the first half of the year, contributing to the company’s profit.

  It should be noted that, because of the existence of mergers and acquisitions in the first half of the year, the excessive addition of mining in the west also increased significantly.

As of June 30, 2018, the company’s loan balance was 164.

5.8 billion yuan, compared with 110 at the end of 2017.

$ 8.9 billion increased by 53.

690,000 yuan, gradually increasing borrowings to account for 41% of net assets at the end of 2017.


  Huaren Pharmaceutical’s preliminary performance base is low, so the increase is continuous. The company expects to achieve a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 15 million to 17.5 million yuan in the first half of the year, which will increase by 77.

18% -106.


  In the first half of the year, the company encountered seven consecutive daily limits. Shareholders faced the shareholding risk of shareholders, and relevant shareholders repeatedly pledged to cover positions.

During June, the controlling shareholder Guangdong Yongyu Hengfeng Investment Co., Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Yongyu Hengfeng Investment Management Co., Ltd. increased their holdings by 208.

590,000 shares, increasing the amount of 1,000.

560,000 yuan.

However, increasing holdings by controlling shareholders can also save survival. The cumulative decline in the first half of the year was as high as 65%, which has been up to 16%.

30 yuan fell to the latest price of 4.85 yuan.

  At the same time, Harbin Intelligent (000584).

SZ), Imicom (300249.

SZ), Tianhua Ultra Clean (300390.

SZ), Ed Bio (300685.

SZ) and other four companies are expected to increase their interim results by more than 50%.

* ST Baoding (002552.

SZ), Qingsong Jianhua (600425.

SH), Qunxing Toys (002575.

SZ), Fengle Seed Industry (000713.

SZ) Turnaround in the first half of the year.

  In addition, this week it is expected that the expected companies will have mergers, respectively, Nanning Sugar (000911) which continues to lose money.

SZ) and the first loss of Jin Yi Technology (002869.

  Following the forecast of nearly 2 trillion in 2017, 四川耍耍网 Nanning Sugar is expected to expand to 4 in the first half of 2018.

8.5 billion to 5.

0.5 billion.

The fundamental reason is that the average market price of the company’s main product mechanism sugar has fallen by 1,000 yuan / ton, while the sugarcane purchase price set by the government price department has remained unchanged, and the gross profit margin of mechanism sugar sales has gradually decreased.

At the same time, the company made a substantial provision for the inventory impairment of mechanism sugar, and the drop in sugar price also caused the company’s goodwill to acquire equity in Guangxi Huanjiang Yuanfeng Sugar Co., Ltd.

  Jin Yi Technology, an engineer in ETC-related business, turned a face when it went public within one year.

The company entered the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2017. In 2017, the company realized a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 8941.

790,000 yuan, at least 26 a year.

49%; Net profit in the first quarter of 2018 was less than 7 million yuan, an annual extension of 83.


The company also expects net profit in the first half of the year to be between 0 and 16 million.

  At the same time of outstanding performance, shareholders and senior executives took turns to reduce their cash holdings.

The company’s major shareholder Shenzhen Zhizheng Investment Enterprise (Limited Partnership) reduced its holdings by 12 from May 29 to June 13.


Company executive Liu Houjun also planned to reduce the company’s shares 13 from June 14 to December 13.

20,000 shares, 7 has been reduced on June 14.