Recommended: foreign elderly trendy supplies TOP16

Recommended: foreign elderly trendy supplies TOP16

Smart glasses A visual company in the United States has developed an autofocus electronic eyewear.

It can adjust the focus point of the lens at any time according to the distance of the person wearing the mirror.

In this way, the older person does not have to pick up the reading glasses, and this multi-purpose glasses can also be used as a sun visor.

  The old car, the United States and other Western countries have developed a special “old man car” in the field of family cars.

This car is designed according to the physiological characteristics of the elderly.

For the convenience of the elderly to move freely in the compartment, the body frame space is relatively larger than the average car.

The car is equipped with automatic shifting, so that the elderly do not have to repeatedly step on the clutch, repeatedly shifting gears, reducing the labor intensity of driving.

The chassis of the car is high, and the seat is comfortable but not too depressed, which is convenient for the elderly to get on and off.

Due to the emergence of “the elderly car”, it is common for foreigners over the age of 80 to drive abroad.

  An old night umbrella U.S. an umbrella factory in Philadelphia recently introduced an elderly night umbrella. There is a light bulb at the top of the umbrella. It is connected to the battery installed in the umbrella. Just press the switch and the light bulb will light up, and the old man at night and fog.Travel is very convenient.

  Anti-fatigue and pain-relieving shoes The United States has developed an anti-fatigue pain-relief shoe for the elderly. This kind of shoe has a magnetic piece on the sole, which corresponds to the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot, and has certain curative effect on headache and insomnia.

In addition, the elderly wear this kind of shoes to climb mountains and travel, which can eliminate fatigue.

  Positioning the mobile phone Recently, a Korean communication company designed a positioning mobile phone for the elderly, especially the demented elderly.

In addition to the functions of a general mobile phone, this mobile phone also has a “positioning” function.

As long as the elderly wear a positioning mobile phone, the family can use the help of the satellite positioning system to measure the position of the old man (within 10 meters), and become afraid that the old man is lost.

  Wrinkle-reducing mirrors Japanese experts have designed a wrinkle-reducing mirror for older women, which is characterized by the fact that the images in the mirror will hide facial wrinkles and look at least 10 years younger than I am.

Although this kind of mirror provides “false information”, it also helps to sigh the mental health and emotional stability of the lost old ladies, so that they are full of confidence in life.

  The robots of older robots are mainly designed as young people.

However, through the arrival of an aging society, Japan began to design robots that look like old people.

According to reports, “old-age robots” often help the elderly to deal with some daily household chores, often with the owner has more “common language”, and thus more trusted, and get along with the master is more harmonious.

Some widowed old people have tried this “old-age robot” and said: “They are more like my wife.

“Anti-riot cane Japan has developed a riot-proof cane that can help the elderly to walk steadily, and can also release high-voltage electric stuns when the elderly encounter a gangster attack to protect the safety of the elderly.

  Smart pets The robot pets developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. have cats, tigers, dogs, etc. When they are touched, they will smile and give greetings, and even save the owner’s life.

According to the pre-programmed procedure, when the room is quiet, the robot pet will start asking questions and help monitor the health of the owner.

The continuous silence of the owner will trigger the pet to pass the mobile phone and tell the owner’s relatives and friends that the problem may have occurred.

  First Aid Pager A new type of emergency pager used in the elderly for hypertension and hypertension in Japan has been unveiled in the market.

The aircraft is about 10 cm long, about 5 cm wide, and weighs only 40 grams. The elderly are always carried on the body. Once there is an unsafe factor, the button on the pager is pressed and the machine signals the rescuer.

  Blood pressure ring In the Swiss market, there is a blood pressure ring that is popular among middle-aged and elderly people. This ring can display different colors with the slight change of finger temperature. Patients with hypertension can observe the color difference of the ring, master the temperature change and fatigue, and rest in time.Relax and avoid the disease.

  The old man’s anti-collision suit Swiss developed anti-collision suits including anti-collision caps, anti-collision outerwear, clothes and hats are all inflated.

If the old man is dizzy due to high blood pressure, suddenly falls, wearing this kind of clothing, there is no danger of injury.

Because the computer bumper is installed in the hat, when the right side is tilted, the computer will command the bumper to open, so that the old man feels that someone is holding it.

Even if the tilting speed is fast, the bumper does not have time to react, and the old man will not be injured because the head has been supported by the spring tension of the bumper.

  The Augmented Phones have launched a special-sounding phone designed for the elderly in the German market. This phone can adjust the volume freely. It is especially suitable for the elderly who have different degrees of hearing. The drunken glass is used in the UK market to introduce a drink suitable for the elderly.After the wine glass is immersed in the wine glass, it will react with certain chemicals on the surface of the cup. Finally, the spirits will be softened and will not be intoxicated after drinking.

  Leisure table tennis in Sweden, a “leisure table tennis” that is twice as large as ordinary table tennis has emerged, which is designed for the elderly fitness.

In essence, the size of the table tennis ball is large, and the speed of the back and forth is slow, so that the elderly can calmly hit the ball and exercise.

  Automatic Massage Bed Canada produces a bed with a built-in automatic massage device for the elderly. When you use the switch on the bed, the massage device will automatically massage the person’s buttocks and waist.

It is convenient and comfortable to use, and is loved by the elderly.

  Tourism TV Russia is a portable travel TV developed for elderly travel enthusiasts. It weighs only 3,000 grams. It is suitable for both AC and DC. The images are clear and easy to carry. Old people can watch TV programs at home like they are at home.