Watch out for these love laws to deceive you!

Watch out for these love laws to deceive you!

TOP1 There is always someone wrong for me!

Cherish the person in front of you in theory, but the world is so big, you and him may not be able to touch it; if the world is so big, even if you meet him, he may already have another company with her; the world is so fickle, even if you love each other, you may not goCome together.

  Therefore, when you meet someone worthy of your own cherishment, don’t always wait for the perfect person in the distance.

He is the moon, he is the star, just dream, you don’t need to fall in love.

  TOP2 likes don’t care if I dress up wrong!

Men like to be beautiful Although men will say that what they care about most is the temperament and personality of girls, but that is mostly used to show taste.

  A man is a visual animal. He loves his eyes only when he is in love. A well-dressed girl gives them the urge to interact eagerly. Even if they have been dating for a long time, they also hope that she can keep eye-catching dress.It’s pleasant; the second one also takes it away and wins the envy of others.

(Personal opinion, like decent and generous.

There are too beautiful.

) TOP3 tolerance can reflect my good and bad to him!

Don’t be taken lightly by him. It is a virtue when getting along. No matter how good people are, they also have the disadvantages of tolerance and compromise.

However, there is no tolerance for the bottom line, it will only spoil the person you like, fuel his arrogance, and finally become self and arrogant.

  You can accept his shortcomings, but also remind him that some areas need improvement, let him know the limits of your tolerance, and work to improve yourself.

If you blindly indulge and think that loving him is ignoring his bad faults, then he will have to take it seriously, treat you lightly, don’t care about you, and even think of your ideas transparently!

   TOP4 Tiredness is the proof of love death!

Every period of love in the relationship’s newborn period will change from passion to dullness.

At the beginning, electric shock-like excitement and infatuation slowly became gentle and calm, less impulse, and began to notice the shortcomings of the person in his heart, and he was also irritable to lose freshness.

Sometimes I ask myself: Are these all signs of not loving him?

  In fact, boredom, tiredness, inertia, and interference are all normal emotions in the quiet period of love. They are not only a necessary process for the emotions to fall from the climax, but also a sign that the relationship between the two sides is tending to be consolidated and stable.

Nothing new, but tacit understanding; less impulse, but more down-to-earth get along; seeing the shortcomings, but also beginning to understand the true counterparty.

Getting along peacefully and pragmatically can test the purity of the relationship between the two sides, and it is a new birth of love.

  TOP5 willfulness, he will always think to spoil me!

He is most afraid of troubles, bunting, playing with tempers, and is the favorite killer of girls when they are in love.

Many girls would find it dull and lonely to get along with each other and worry that the people around them would not feel as distressed as they did at the beginning, so they forced him to speak sweetly, watch him nervously confess his heartfelt, and secretly enjoy his true feelings.

  It’s true that it can add flavor to the indifferent relationship, but once it exceeds the psychological tolerance of the boys, it can be a big deal!

If willfulness becomes a habit, it will only make him feel that you are not sensible and will not take care of and consider his feelings.

Over time, small tastes become a big burden. Men, like stability, hate trouble. If you always make him uneasy, he will find another quiet place sooner or later.

(Personal experience: no trouble encountered) TOP6 sincere distance is not a problem!

Getting to know the true distance can increase thoughts and burn passion, but as the initial obsession fades away, the distance becomes the biggest obstacle to increasing communication with each other.

The differences in personality of the two people need to get close to each other to understand and adapt, the relationship from strong to weak, but also need to maintain through the topic of sharing the mood.

  Distance can only tell one’s thoughts and get along with each other truly and naturally.

If you think of a person, you should see him; seeing him more can you know whether you love him or not.

  TOP7 weakness can best keep his heart wrong!

He needs to smile, yes, the weakness and tears of the girl really make him feel pitiful, and the boy has the urge to protect and take care of her.

Her weakness allowed him to blend into the strength of the man and circle her under his wings.

  However, only weakness and tears can make men feel wasteful.

He would be upset, doubt his strength, and make up for the fact that he could never do what she asked.He even needs his sweet smile, encouragement and satisfaction to tell him: Thank you!

I’m happy with you around!

Weakness may make a man have the urge to love you, but happiness can really keep him and let him understand how important he is to you!

  TOP8 quarrel is necessary to communicate wrong!

Only when you are happy can you fall in love forever, quarrels cannot be avoided.

A couple who loves each other like glue is always arguing because of their different personalities.

Only after quarreling, did I understand the other party ‘s true thoughts. In the future, I learned to understand and tolerate each other.

  But quarreling, sadness and sadness, every time there is a shadow.

If you encounter unhappiness and vent, don’t know how to tolerate properly, it will cause the other party to get along.

After the quarrel, everyone must work hard to adjust their mentality, actively cultivate good emotions to get along, and keep arguing, destroying the emotions that have been hard to brew a little bit, after a long time, people are numb, too lazy to cultivate a good mood, thenOnly break up.

  TOP9 interests need to be consistent wrong!

One of the most fun things about mysterious love between different people is to discover the same hobbies. Once you realize that if you get the treasure, you feel more and more fate, and you can find more topics when you get along.

  But the beauty and longevity of love is actually not the same as interest.

Different hobbies, and sometimes more attract the curiosity of the other side, prompting him to understand his unknown world.

When a man finds that a girl is good at doing something unfamiliar to her, he will feel that you are full of freshness and mystery, and interest, which just arouses the urge to love men.

  TOP10 love should contact him every day wrong!

Give him space to like a person, the mood is always burning, always thinking about how to care about him, the mood is blowing, and I want to tell him the first time.

Phone, text message, msn . I want to be in touch with him every day.

  However, too close a temporary connection can be harmful to love!

Men need to be considerate and caring, but it is best to give him the appropriate space so that when he is in love, he can also take care of work, friends and family.

He cares about him too much, but he feels out of breath. A man will want to run away. It is better to get down and lower the continuous frequency. He will start to nervous you, and he needs to contact you!