5 questions to measure acne temper_1

5 questions to pinpoint acne temper

Send away puberty, acne is still unsolicited.
Especially now that the seasons are changing, acne comes out on my face from time to time, which is really bothering and helpless.
As the saying goes, knowing oneself and knowing one another is not a battle.
To get rid of adult acne, you must first understand it.
  Q & A.
1 Q: Why do I have adult acne?
  A: Although puberty has passed, with the increase of age, ultraviolet radiation, stress, and insufficient sleep can cause skin damage and the protection function is gradually reduced.
Acne spreads and spreads around the cheeks, forehead, and mouth regardless of the season. The most terrible thing is that you will repeatedly get acne in the same area.
In particular, problems with internal organs of the body can be reflected on the face through adult acne.
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2 Q: Why do I keep getting acne in the same place?
  A: Because the skin’s self-protection function is particularly low in that area, the stratum corneum must be thickened to protect the skin, causing blockage of pores, and naturally easy to develop acne.
Acne usually forms inside the pores where the sebaceous glands are well developed.
There are 800 pores in about 1 square centimeter of the face, but when the resistance of the stratum corneum is weak, the amount of pores will increase, resulting in a vicious cycle prone to acne.
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3 Q: Why do you develop acne when you are under a lot of stress?
  A: When you are bored, nervous, and unhappy, the stress hormones in your body are secreted.
The skin’s circulation mechanism is also disrupted, resulting in decreased immunity.
As a result, the skin’s resistance to bacteria is reduced, causing symptoms such as inflammation. At this time, the emerging acne is usually an external manifestation of poor functioning of a functional organ in the body.
Once you grow up, it will become difficult to treat, so it is important to live a regular life and ensure a good mood.
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4 Q: Why does lack of sleep cause acne?
  A: Hormones required for skin growth are secreted only when they enter a state of deep sleep.
During sleep, there will be a large amount of blood concentration in the blood vessels, nutrients and oxygen will enter the skin in large quantities at this time, and aging waste will be discharged.
Insufficient sleep will disrupt the skin’s mechanism, make the skin worse, and cause acne.
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5 Q: Why is it easier to get acne during the physiological period?
  A: Before the physiological period after ovulation, progesterone increases. At that time, the mood is usually not very good, even a little depressed, sebum secretion will increase, the body temperature will increase, and the skin will be in a state of restlessness.Will cause horny resistance to weaken, acne comes out at the opportunity.